House Cleaning Tips

I have always said that housework is not my life occupation profession business career “job description”.  I like to refer to myself as the president of this corporation I run, where from time to time the dreadful house cleaning must. be. done. Now this isn’t going to be a list of actual house cleaning tips…but…

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The Drive Home

The other day I was telling someone this story and I decided that I must share with all you  readers the funny, but not so funny story about a certain drive home I had one time. My husband used to work out-of-town, in an itsy bitsy teenie weenie little town called Ely, NV.  Look it…

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My First Red Sox Game

About 2 or 3 months ago my husband decided that since the Boston Red Sox were playing the Oakland A’s (we live 5 hours from Oakland, CA) that he decided we were going to spend our Labor Day weekend going to the game. To say he was as excited as a child on Christmas would…


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