Mommy Has Left The Building

I am sure that any mother can relate to the constant use of the word “mommy” “mom” “ma” “mother”and “mama”  in which our children like to use over and over and over again…

I remember when my first baby was born and I could not wait to hear that word.  From the time he started babbling I started tying to get him to say mama…of course he said dada first…but patiently I waited and finally one day that life changing word braised across my ears…”mama”

Now it’s years later… and 3 toddlers and the use of that word have become as common in this household as the air in which we breath.   And quite frankly has lost it’s lusteur.  If there is one thing my kids are consistent at it is the use of that word.  Sometimes to the point that makes me want to run to the very back of my closet and hide…only they would still find me there or call out the word until finally I had no other choice but to answer them.


I have tried, on many occasions, to tune then out with no avail…ignoring them has yet to work either because they just become little monuments of loudness and the sound literally pierces my eardrums. (And I used to be the lead singer of a punk rock band in which my eardrums withstood nightly beats of loud music) But nothing compares to the screeching sound of a child screaming out “MOMMY” when they think mommy isn’t paying attention.  As I sit here in this very moment writing this blog and trying to concentrate I have been interrupted so many times that I have lost all hope of finishing a thought let alone this blog entry.

To only add to the madness my 3 year old prefers to call me just “mom” which wouldn’t be a problem other then the fact she sounds like a 13 year old referring to her mother instead of the sweet innocence of a 3 year old saying it.  Did I just put sweet innocence and 3 year old in the same sentence?

Now you might be one of those mothers or fathers or however you refer to yourself to a child, that thinks the sounds of little ones voices are like magic tones of colors bouncing off rainbows and well good for you…I am a mother who rarely hears the sounds of silence in my crazy house of 7 people.  Sometimes, when on trips to the local grocery store by myself I don’t even turn on the radio because these days those short trips in the car are about the only sounds of silence this mommy gets to enjoy.

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9 thoughts on “Mommy Has Left The Building”

  1. I get it! I even have the t-shirt that says “excuse me while I stop what I’m doing and take care of your problem.” I knew a woman once who told me her son used to stand outside the bathroom door when she was in there, and pound on the door. I always took that as a cluetor why she drove like a mad tow-truck driver when she was on the highway, intimidating everyone who dared to pull into the passing lane. 🙂

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  2. I tried the ignoring bit too – it backfires!! Sometimes I just crave silence though. Then the other night, my parents took toddler for a sleepover. And the house was so damn silent I couldn’t even stand it! Haha backfired. #thetruthabout

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    1. I am a person who likes background noise. But hearing mommy from 3 toddlers in different intervals and sometimes even in unison is just like teeth scraping on a fork sometimes. Love my minis but man…there are some days I just wish I had a mute button. lol

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  3. Love this post!! S said mama at 8 months and then didn’t really speak until he was a little over 2 years old…for months I loved when I heard “mama”, it put the biggest smile on my face. I have to admit where I hear “mama, mama, mama, mama, MAMA!!!” it doesn’t quite put that smile on my face like it used to!
    Oh and silent car to the supermarket here as well! #thetruthabout

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