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A Housewife’s Wardrobe

As I was hanging up my clothes today I started to think to myself that my wardrobe is just not as cute as it used to be.  Yes I have managed to hang onto some of the cute stuff but rarely do I find myself wearing it.  The majority of my laundry consists of sweats (Old Navy sweats are my favorite), t-shirts that are dated back to the pregnancy with my first child…not to mention they look even older after being washed and warn what seems like a gazillion times, and sweatshirts…the ones that I throw upon myself to rush to the grocery store.  Oh and lets not forget my lovely go to yoga pants…comfy doesn’t get any comfier then a washed and warn pair of yoga pants.  Unfortunately they have never seen the light of day of a yoga class.


I have also found a love for cameos.  Nothing fancy, Kirkland brand from Costco.  But I wear them under everything.  Sometimes I feel like it’s just one step closer to wearing “spanx”.  Although I just don’t see something squeezing every ounce of cellulite could be anywhere near comfort. And where does all the fat go?  And what happens when you take it off?  Isn’t that kind of like false advertisement?  Like the wonder bra and wonder jeans where one wonders what happened when they are removed.  Of course that only applies to people who are dating I suppose.  As “married with children” women we have had everything on display already.


I complain to my husband about my wardrobe and of course he tells me to go out and buy some new clothes.  But for what? I don’t go anywhere that requires anything more then my current “mommy wear”.  And for our occasional date nights I have a few pairs of jeans and “nice” tshirts for those outings.  I mean seriously am I going to clean the house and attend to the children in fancy clothes?  I am sure there are mothers that do so but as for me I have never been much of a fashionista so why start now?  Leaves me more money to spend on wine. ((smiles big))


We live in a small town…you know the kind where some people can’t even get out of their pajama bottoms to go to the grocery store.


I have some really cute pajama pants but I am not about to wear them out in public…unless of course I don’t need to get out of the car…then it’s acceptable.  I say this because once my kids start school I know that I am going to be one of those mom’s dropping my kids off with my pajamas and slippers on.  I am NOT a morning person what so ever and the fact that I will have 3 of them to get ready at the crack of dawn, that just doesn’t leave time for me to worry about what I look like.

images-4((even at 10am I still look this crazy))

I have also started hating to wear bras…mind you I will not go out in public without one on but as soon as I get home it’s the first thing to come off.  My “girls” don’t like to be all bunched up in a wad.  I mean could you imagine if men had penis bras?  Or had to go everywhere wearing a jock strap?  We would never hear the end of how uncomfortable that was.  Well I feel the same way about my boulder holder.  Therefore when I am home, it is off.  ((feels sorry for the random people who come to the door))


Truth is I am a stay at home mom/housewife and I enjoy dressing the part.  Let’s face it…who wouldn’t like to be able to go into work everyday with messy hair and comfy clothes?  My kids don’t care what I look like.  All they care about is that mommy is here to take care of their every need.  The only thing they notice is when I have morning breath and they tell me to brush my teeth.  My son tells me I am beautiful even when I look like a train wreck.  And lucky for me my husband likes the “natural” me.  Meaning a little eyeliner and mascara and although I have long hair it is usually up…and I am ok with it.  I am more comfortable with me now then I was in my younger years.  So to all you moms out there who wonder if your wardrobe has gotten a bit on the frumpy side just remember that as long as your kids are happy who cares if your shirt has a hole in it?

The “not so fashionista”,

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20 thoughts on “A Housewife’s Wardrobe”

  1. Yet again you nailed it! I laughed so much when it came to the part with pajama pants in the car, I have actually done that a few times – NOT worth it though, i just worried so much about being stopped by the police or something… Would have been typical 😀


  2. I firmly believe that wearing pajama pants and slippers in completely acceptable when dropping off or picking up children, anything drive-thru related, or in any situation where you do not actually leave your vehicle. (Although I am guilty of dropping by my parents’ house after dropping off at school in pajama pants as well, but I lived there once so I am okay with it)


    1. Thankyou so much for nominating me for this award :)) I have been sick since Christmas and just not finally getting back to normal and catching up…not quite sure how to post the award but will surely figure it out :)) THANKYOU so much again!!!


    1. I have been slowly losing weight and trying to get to the gym….it’s a slow process but I’ve been steady at it and have felt better about buying some new clothes…although I still love my sweats with the holes in them. They are just so damn comfy!


  3. One of the best things about being a freelance writer, I get to dress like a mom. No bra, no shoes…heck, no pants. Every time the doorbell rings I just hide until they go away. Then I mosey on out to collect my Amazon packages from the stoop while praying my neighbors don’t look out their window at that exact moment.

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