In Search Of Another Mommy

In Search Of Another Mommy

I have always been quite the outgoing gal.  Always made friends really easily growing up and even in my early adulthood.  Granted, a lot of those friendships were made through my work but easily made just the same.  After I had kids some of those friendships changed because when you are single and have no children you have a tendency to flock with birds of the same feather.  So after my first child was born I joined mommy groups and even started one of my own and from those I made friendships that are still in existence to this day, even though the distance between us now is a six hour drive.

We moved here to the northern hemisphere of Nevada in March of 2014.  I have met a few people but mostly I just hang out with my husband and his friends from work (which are usually all men). I have tried starting a mommy group and several people say they want to get together but never do.  I can be a total hermit sometimes, but I am still willing to make the effort if someone else is willing to meet me half way.

During the summer time I noticed that my across the street neighbor was going to the same soccer practice that I was taking my (at the time 4 yr old) to.  I have only noticed older girls playing in the yard though and never any toddlers.  Then today I noticed that she left at the same time I left to go get 2 of my 3 littles from preschool but I couldn’t tell when I pulled into the parking lot of the preschool exactly what car may be hers or if her child/children even attend preschool there.  Then after I get home I am sitting here in the office typing up this blog and I have the window open to see if I can see her pull into her garage.  I almost feel like a STALKER!  So I ask myself…why don’t I just trot my happy ass across the street and knock on her door and introduce myself?  Because in my mind that would just be weird…that’s why.In Search Of Another Mommy  I try to think what my reaction would be if someone were to do that to me but quite honestly I would most likely be happy just to meet another mommy!  Especially if they lived in walking distance!  And if they liked to drink wine in the afternoon well then that would just seal the deal!!!  **motions wine glass at the computer screen**

In Search Of Another Mommy

When we moved into our house I payed attention to some of the kids on the street but all are older then my littles.  One of the neighbors stopped by while she was on her way out to say a quick hello and welcome us to the neighborhood.  Her kids are older but she seemed super nice ….plus she drives a jetta….really cool people drive jettas…I know this because I used to drive one. **smiles to herself** Not to mention her and her husband have a ton of dirt toys and just look like they would be fun people.  They even tried to help me chase down my escapee German Shepard one day and if I wasn’t so frazzled at the time I probably would have realized that it would have been a perfect opportunity to stop and possibly strike up a conversation with them.  But I didn’t.  Damn dog.

In Search Of Another Mommy

I know that everything takes time but I have always been an instant gratification type of person.  I am hoping that now that all of my kids have will be in school this fall,  that maybe this will give me the opportunity to meet some other mommies.  And as I wrap up this blog post, my neighbor has yet to have pulled into her garage or I am not very good at stalking and I missed her.  **sighs**

In Search Of Another Mommy

Searching For Mrs. Right,

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12 thoughts on “In Search Of Another Mommy”

  1. I used to be the social/outgoing person in my marriage. Then we moved 400 miles away from home/family. It took me almost two years to find myself again. Go ahead….cross that street, and introduce yourself. You may be surprised. Bonus – there may be carpool opportunities involved! 😉

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  2. Loved this post. We recently moved (over a year ago) to a new community. I didn’t want to be strangers with my neighbors so I made myself go and meet them. Best thing I ever did! What a support! GL I will be following!!!


  3. Hard to find someone on your wavelength isn’t it.I thought I’d found a great Mum friend with kids similar age to mine,for a while it was great but then she started sending her kids over to mine at 9am and wouldn’t call them home til teatime.Awkward and I was too nice to confront her about it!She moved out.I had a party! #snotallaboutyou

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    1. Lmao! I have had a few “mommy” **beep** like that. I had one where I used to live that lived really far away and she would call and ask me to pick her and her kids up and take them places. I just started not answering the phone. Guess she finally got the hint…cause she stopped calling. Thanks for popping over from #snotallaboutyou

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  4. Aww I hope you have managed to settle and find a mommy friend. I really struggled with my daughter. All my friends were singletons and didn’t want to know me when I had a baby. I often cried because I felt so lonely shut in my house and was too scared to go to groups on my own. I have really enjoyed the friendships I found with my son. My confidence has grown and we all seem on the same wavelength. Thank for linking with #snotallaboutyou. I love your blogs, I can really relate to them.


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