“American Sniper” The Movie


If you haven’t seen the movie yet I highly advise that you do.

Movies about war are always so hard for me to watch but also a need for me to see the reality of what goes on during war.  My husband and I had a date night last night and on our agenda was to go see this movie.  Most I have talked to say it was a love story between a man and his wife which was partly true.  But the biggest knowledge I took away from it is how much our soldiers suffer when trying to blend back into the society that they left behind to go on these tours of war.  I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like to have to endure the mental turmoil that our soldiers experience being in the middle of a war.

The movie starts out with this particular soldier, Chris Kyle, played by actor Bradley Cooper, having to make a split decision when an Iraqi mother sends her child in the street with a grenade.  He had to shoot that boy to save his comrades.  That is the reality. Makes me understand that my life, no matter how broken I feel some days, could never compare to that.  He was doing what he was trained to do and I support our troops 100% and if you don’t, and you live in America, then you don’t belong here.  Hate war not our soldiers.  Because while we are home enjoying our freedoms and hugging our children there are so many sacrificing their lives for us to continue that freedom.  But I am not one to talk much about religion or politics since I am not an expert of either.

Back to why I started this post in the first place…

The movie painted a picture of PTSD.  And it’s not a pretty picture.  It is commonly experienced by soldiers of war and unfortunately there is not a lot of help for them.  Which means they are forced to deal with it or overcome it which then can lead to a lot of pain or death.  It’s because of this very disease that Chris Kyle is no longer alive today.  I am sure you all know the story of the trial that is trying to take place.  If you don’t then you must not watch the news.  News is depressing but still need to turn it on sometimes.

I left the movie theatre feeling very disturbed by the “based on true story” events that unfolded on the screen before me, but I also have a better understanding that the kind of strain not only on our soldiers but their families as well are put through.  I can only hope that they all come home to their families and that they are able to overcome any tragedy that they had to experience while being away and that at some point our government realizes that they need more help then what they are getting.  How much life has to be lost on our own soil because of this disease?

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