Survival Tools For My Daughters

1.  Never let what other people think, change who you want to be. ((as long as you aren’t  a menace to society then what they have to say, doesn’t matter))

2.  Boys are exactly that…boys…until they are men which usually doesn’t hit them until about 30.  Therefore, regardless how much you “think” you are in love with that boy…if it’s true love, it will wait until you are done becoming an adult and becoming who you want to be without worrying about another human being.

3.  I can’t stress enough to ALWAYS be confident.  Own who you are and be responsible for what you do.  Believe in yourself and be brilliantly in love with yourself. ((keep away from being narcissistic though like your father))

4.  Never wear too much make-up.  Keep it simple and remember that less is more.  Your true beauty is what should always be seen.

5.  Travel.  Do a lot of it before you settle down and have babies.  It’s so much easier to book a trip without having to think about what you are going to do with the little one/ones.

Survival Tools Daughters Parenting 6.  Live your twenties.  They are yours to discover who you are.  And it’s so much easier to do that when you only have yourself to think about.  ((remember that I didn’t have you two until I was 38 and 39))

7.  Always lead…never follow.  Set trends.  Be an “individual“.

8.  If you are ever on reality television….don’t get drunk!  This is very important.  Drunk people on reality television look like trash.  And inevitably they will edit it to make you look like the worst… drunk… ever!

9.  Have lots of friends but always remember that it’s best to have a handful of truly great friends then a box full of trolls.  Choose your friends wisely for who you hang out with is a reflection of who you are.  And if you don’t hang out with bad influences then you are less likely to make their same mistakes.

10. I know every girl dreams of this big fancy wedding that costs thousands of dollars but take it from your mother who has been there and done it that it is not what it’s cracked up to be.  The planning is so much stress and it’s over so fast.  I married your father in a drive-thru in Vegas and it meant so much more to me and has lasted the longest. Getting Married Survival Tools Daughters Parenting 11. Get an education.  This probably should have been in the top 3 but I am really not going in any order.  Having a brain and using it is so important.  Study.  Read lots of books.  Do the best you can in school and go as far as you can.  Never stop learning.

12. Please oh please I hope you have great common sense.  Book sense is wonderful but having both is truly a gift.

13. Take care of your “who-ha  You only have one.  Protect it and treat it with above all respect.  Go to the doctor regularly and get it checked.  Keep it trimmed or waxed or if you live in an era or have a man that loves bush ((not the band)) then by all means, lucky you, much less maintenance.

Betty White Survival Tools Daughters Parenting

14. When old enough to attend spring breaks and there are all these girls showing off their ta tas…..don’t be those girls…your ta tas are sacred and should only be seen by yourself and your lover.  Leave things to the imagination and don’t just put it on display.  It’s right up there with respect yourself and others will follow in respecting you.

Survival Tools Daughters Parenting

15.  When you get pregnant with your first child (after the age of 25 of course)….SLEEP…Take long naps and sleep every time you get a chance.  Don’t take it for granted because once babies get here your sleep never belongs to you again.

16.  If you are having problems growing into adolescence…remember I was there once too….talk to me….please always know that you can talk to me about ANYTHING…I am your mom and I will always love you and want whats best for you.

17.  Never walk in anyone’s shadow for you are the light.  You shine and anyone who is lucky enough to hold your heart should treat you like a goddess.

18.  If you find you are good at something and you love doing it…pursue it with everything you have.  Never stop dreaming.  Never stop achieving.  If something makes you happy then keep doing it.  Even if it only turns out to be a hobby.  Money isn’t everything but it does make things a little less stressful.

19.  Don’t use credit cards.  Unless you are gaining points and can pay them off every month before interest.  And always make sure you get the lowest interest rate possible.  Always pay your savings first.  Saving for retirement is crucial.  I can’t stress it enough.  Your great grandfather was a brilliant man when it came to investing and I wish he was still here so I could pick his brain.

20.  Don’t eat yellow snow….haha I just had to throw that in there for a giggle.

21.  You have 3 older brothers and a very protective father…use this to your advantage when it comes to dating.  Of course according to your father, dating won’t be acceptable until you are 30.  And let’s face it…whoever you choose has very big shoes to fill.

22.  Exercise.  Get in the habit of it.  Healthy body leads to healthy mind.  You don’t need to look like Barbie…that is a delusional f*@ked up idea for how a woman should look.  Exercise to be healthy and beat all the health history you are already going to be faced with.  Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure…all run in your bloodline.

23.  Don’t do drugs.  This is an obvious one but needs to be said.  Addiction ruins lives.  It’s better to “just say no” from the get go…regardless of how much you “think” you can handle it.

Survival Tools Daughters Parenting

24.  Remember that character isn’t about what material things you have or how popular you are…character is about how you treat people and how you carry yourself.  Be nice to those who deserve it and for those who don’t ….just tell them to fuck off.  I know this is a contradicting statement but there are going to be people in life who will try to bring you down…don’t let them. Stand up for yourself.  Speak your mind.

Survival Tools Daughters Parenting

25.   High School will be a place where you think that everything that happens is so important…let me just tell you there is so much more important life after high school.

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30 thoughts on “Survival Tools For My Daughters”

  1. This post is chock full of good advice for your daughters and for all young women. I truly hope your daughters and also other young women will take this to heart. Of course certain points resonate with me more than others but you hit so many important things from not using credit cards to getting an education to respecting yourself…on and on. I am finished with raising my daughter and fortunately she has adhered to all of these things, but I did not have such a concise list to provide her.

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  2. I love all of these pieces of advice! I LOLed at the don’t get drunk on reality TV one. You hit on a lot of really good points, I’m going to keep this post in mind for when my daughter is old enough to talk to about things x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s funny cause I literally wrote this post on a whim one day. I don’t even think I edited it much and then it got featured on #TwinklyTuesdays and I was like OH CRAP I better make sure it looks good! lol It’s actually now a piece that I am proud of 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting lovely!

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