Girl’s Night Out

images-4 I am happy to announce that I finally had my first “girl’s night out” since moving here a year ago!

I also discovered a wine bar, “Bella Grazia” here in my lovely little town that I didn’t even know existed!  And guess what?  Yep you guessed it….I will be returning there.  The atmosphere and the people were fantastic!  If you happen to be reading my blog and live in Winnemucca, NV I highly recommend that you get your ass there and check it out.

As I have blogged before “here” I have had a rather rough time transitioning myself to moving to northern Nevada.  So of course when I was invited to meet a small group of girls on Saturday evening I eagerly accepted. Now I actually consider myself a shy person.  Until of course I get a couple drinks inside me, and then I turn into quite the social aristocrat.  I will talk about anything and everything and usually do!  So imagine my delight when all the girls in our group, and even the ones who weren’t, were so willing to strike up a chatty conversation.


The surprise of the evening was upon walking to our next destination, when a cop swooped into a parking lot to greet us.  My first thought was “hey, we are walking, why are you pulling over?”  my second thought was “are we swaying too much while walking that we could possibly look intoxicated in public?”  Luckily the ladies I were with work and write for our local police department…it was simply an officer friend stopping to say hello.  Onward hoes!

Now I am usually not one to get too intoxicated these days…cause hell has no fury like 3 toddlers and the dreaded hangover which follows such intoxication.


And of course they never sleep in on these mornings.  It’s like as soon as my foot hits the floor to use the bathroom, their mommy tracking system is enabled and the day has begun.  Luckily at some point during the night I started drinking a lot of water and also stopped and got a bite to eat.  This is when I learned that daylight savings time was in effect and I had lost an entire hour!  It was time to go!  My pumpkin carriage was eagerly waiting by the phone and answered on the first ring.  And 20 minutes later I was passed out, sound asleep in my bed.

images-3((what I “think” I look like))


ae7108ca7f5366a7f2ec7c4ef9c680c8((what I “actually” look like))


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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

9 thoughts on “Girl’s Night Out”

  1. “Are we swaying too much while walking that we could possibly look intoxicated in public?” I just died. 😀

    Glad you have fun and love the vodka image. That’s so me, too–very quiet until I have the alcohol. A friend told me I go from Amy Farrah Fowler to charming Raj when I drink. (And if you don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, ignore that part.) 😀

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  2. One pre-kid summer, Hubby and I went on vacation with another couple. The other gal and I sat and chatted in the hot tub while the guys brought us frozen margaritas (I know, not supposed to drink in the hot tub…and here’s why).

    The guys got tired and went up to our condo, but we girls were having fun and stayed. Half an hour later, Hubby told his friend, “The girls must be on their way.” His friend asked how he could tell. “Just listen,” said Hubby.

    Ten floors up, they could hear me singing loudly (on key, mind you), “Put One Foot In Front of the Other” as I made my way across the pool area. (If you’re not familiar, it’s the song from the classic movie Santa Clause is Coming To Town…the song starts at 1:40 on the link below)


    1. Oh the pre-kid days….I remember them like they were yesterday…that movie, by the way, is one of my Christmas favorites 😀 I used to love drinking cocktails in the hot tub even though it would always give me a headache.


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