Is It Snack Time?

I hear “Is it snack time?” at least 30 times a day.  My children could eat a meal and then 10 minutes after getting up from the table, ask if it’s snack time!

Now I understand that their little metabolisms are burning fast but I kid you not, if I left out a buffet of snacks all day long they would graze…all…day…long!


I try to keep healthy and “toddler friendly” snacks on hand all the time.  Meaning it’s easy for them to open or get to without mommy having to help all the time.  Such as string cheese, various fruits, veggies, granola, yogurts, and of course various crackers.  I have even tried to get in the habit of washing the fruit before I put it away so that it is very easily accessible to them.   Sometimes I just say f**k it…a little pesticide won’t hurt…just makes us stronger right?

My littles aren’t too picky either.  My son loves radishes.  Yes, you read that right….RADISHES.  Will eat an entire bowl of them.  And broccoli?  I can’t make enough steamed broccoli….there is never any left over!  Where do my kids hail from you ask?

Of course they are just like any other child who loves the effects taste of sugar.  Especially at 7pm at night when daddy persuades them with candy.  (My daughter was literally chewing candy and brushing her teeth at the same time)  **shakes head**


As I have sat down to write this blog they have come in at least 5 times in 20 minutes asking what time is it? (I told them snack time will be at 4)  And of course because I went to the store today they want a little bit of everything for a snack.  They keep opening the refrigerator door in anticipation of what they will have next.  Oh look at the time….here they come….

Soon To Be Mother Hubbard,

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8 thoughts on “Is It Snack Time?”

  1. I hear you! I have two kids who eat me out of house and home. Of course, their eating is mostly healthy (which sounds like your kids are as well!). It’s my own eating that I am terribly ashamed of at the moment. I suppose I need a mother. To buy me healthy snacks and tell me to wait until 2pm to eat them. Why can I have willpower for everyone else but myself? Who knows. I enjoyed your post, came across it under the “humor” tag. Good luck with the snacks!

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  2. Hah! It does improve, but only in the fact they’re gone all day at school and know snack time is when they get home. I do still have to call them off when dinner is approaching. And forget about it on the weekends.

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