To The Gene Pool Of My Stepsons:

Let me just start this lovely blog rant off by saying how ridiculously FATUOUS  you are.  You can’t even make a Facebook post without at least 10-15 grammatical errors.  And your posts are always some depressing analogy of how you interpret your life.  Like somehow anyone is listening. I would like to know how someone can complain so much about their life when they are responsible for every choice they have made.  We all make bad choices but let’s face it…the majority of us try to learn from our mistakes and not keep repeating them over and over and over again.

You complain that I have never bothered to get to know you? Really? I am raising your blood line and I am somehow supposed to reach out to you?  Make the effort?  Excuse me while I laugh my ass off at that.  Based on the facts I have gathered in the last seven years, I don’t want to get to know you.  The two boys I have been raising in those same seven years are almost grown…one foot out the door to adulthood and now you think that I need to have a relationship with you?

Here’s an idea…maybe you should have been building a better relationship with your blood line.  Talking to them on the phone is not having a relationship with them.  And I am sorry to say but kids aren’t raised on emotional support alone.  It takes a lot of financial support to raise them as well.  But how would you know since you have never raised any from birth to adulthood.

Over the years I have seen you make promises to them that have been repeatedly broken.  So much so that now when you “promise” them something I see them just roll their eyes and carry on having no faith in your “promises” what-so-ever.  You like to refer to me as “being judgmental” I am a MOTHER…therefore I have the right to be judgmental about someone who gave birth to children and then left them to be raised by others.  And your excuses of “I was young and stupid and an addict” don’t fly with me.  We were all young and stupid once.  But the day I decided to become a mother was the day that “being stupid and selfish” was no longer a choice.  Maybe if you weren’t ready to get your life in order then you should have taken means to not get pregnant.


My husband and I have been raising those boys without ever asking for a single penny from you and yet you want to make us out to be the bad people when we won’t “pitch in” to help finance their trip to see you?  Like somehow that’s our responsibility?  Here’s another idea…why don’t you get a job and pay for something yourself for them, for once!  Could you please explain to me why you don’t work?  You don’t have any kids at home.  You are a 30 something adult.  And yet you just sit at home and do nothing.  But then need financial help to buy a ticket for your blood line to come visit.  According to you “love is all you need”.  Well love doesn’t buy gas, plane, or bus tickets.  News flash there.

Now you think that you want to give me parenting advice?  That’s hilarious coming from someone who has never had to actually BE a parent.  Even for the extremely short and most crucial time that you were in their lives you were an addict and on drugs and never had to deal with any REAL emotion.  They were so young then and like sponges and maybe in your warped mind you think that they don’t remember but let me assure you that they do.  And it’s like somehow you don’t seem to realize that I have been around for the last 7 years and watched enough of your bullshit to form my own opinion of what type of mother aunt person you are.   And quite frankly I have never had such a despise for anyone the way I have for you two.  You want to send me messages talking about how to raise your blood line but then can’t take the lashing back of truth that I spit back.  You have no right what so ever to tell me how to raise a turnip let alone a child.  So please stop wasting my time with that.  Matter of fact just stop wasting my time at all.  Nothing you ever say to me will change how I feel and I have no desire to have any kind of relationship with either of you…EVER!

Not a single fuck given,

domesticated momster


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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

25 thoughts on “To The Gene Pool Of My Stepsons:”

  1. Thank you…I can’t even say that she is a mother…she literally popped them out and someone else has raised them. She doesn’t have custody of any of them and even signed over parental rights. Therefore the fact that she would even try to contact me is absurd to say the least. I feel much better now that I vented it. 😉


  2. You hit the nail on the head when you said that becmming a mother was the day being selfish went out the window. That’s for sure! Angela xx

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  3. Well said! It takes a fair amount of audacity to tell someone how to raise their child when they themselves are not raising them. Good on you for being the kind of mother you are

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  4. What a total nightmare! My brother’s ex is a pain in the ass too. His son just turned 18 so he doesn’t have to deal with her as much anymore (they shared custody) but I always questioned her mothering skills. Sorry you have to deal with that. Sounds like you’ve done the right thing for your stepsons though. That takes a special person, so pat yourself on the back!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Unfortunately shortly after writing this the oldest boy, who was either of ours biologically decided that he didn’t want to live by our rules and decided to go live with his mother. Thanks for reading and commenting ….truly appreciate it.


  5. That’s such a hard situation, Trista, I really feel for you. Someday he will realize how much you guys have done for him. Being a great parent is putting the kids first, just like you said! Visiting from #AnythingGoes today x

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    1. She has 3 kids and doesn’t have custody of any of them. And does nothing financially to help take care of them either. Women like her should have never been privileged enough to bare children. ooooh I need some coffee. lol Thanks for popping over and saying hello 🙂 I love #effitfriday


  6. Wow Trista,what a story and I hope that you feel better now you’ve ranted it out!

    Hope all is going well with the eldest and he isn’t just cutting his nose off to spite his face (been there done that crawled back to my mum when it was over….) #effitfriday

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    1. Unfortunately he is no longer living with us. He made a choice and now he must live with that choice. He is not mine nor my husband’s biologically so there is just no reason for us to push and push and push. He is almost 18. He will learn what adulthood is very soon.


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