The “M” Word Has Lost It’s Lusture


There isn’t 5 minutes in my house that pass without me hearing the “M” word.  It comes in all forms.  Mom, mommy, mama, mom, ma…yes my middle little calls me ma.


It’s funny that as parents we spend so much time, after our babies are born, wanting them to say their first words.  Then we spend the next several years trying to get them to shut the fuck up be quiet.   Of course when mine are all being quiet I know that shenanigans are well in the making.

As they become teenagers we try once again to get them talking.  By this age they want nothing to do with us.  Parents are antiquated and “uncool”.  And no matter how “young” we think we are…they think we should already be considering ourselves senior citizens and taking stock in depends and tennis balls.

I have started answering my children’s overuse of the word mom with statements like “at your service”, “that’s my name…you’ve wore it out”, and “WTF do you want now!”  They don’t even skip a beat…they just keep on rambling whatever form of information they were prepared to give me.  These days it usually consists of tattling.


Am I a bad mother because there are times I literally cringe when I hear the word “mommy”?

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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

20 thoughts on “The “M” Word Has Lost It’s Lusture”

      1. Don’t feel bad, being everything to everyone is exhausting and everyone needs a break sometimes. Gotta put yourself first every now and then, you’ll be a better Mom for it!

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  1. Oh heck no. My kids used to drive me crazy with their Mums, Mummies. Now it’s Mother this, Mother that. Not as much as used to be when they were little, but it did drive me crazy. One time I took the little fellas face in my hand, and got really close to him and said Daddy, D-A-D-D-Y. Try that on for size (that’s what I said to the child). Then I went on this tirade about how last time I checked I was NOT a single parent and if they kept it up I was going to go on strike and not do anything. Then if that didn’t work I would threaten to drop them off at the Church so the church people could take care of them. I also used to make my kids address me as “the Great and Wise One”.

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    1. Oooh I like “The great and wise one” idea …I’m always telling mine that there’s a whole daddy that lives here…especially if they are all 3 sitting on me at once and he’s over there enjoying his chair all to himself.

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      1. Oh that used to irritate me so much. I tried all kinds of passive aggressive moves – non of them ever worked. Dad got to relax, I busted my butt. Oh well. I even had to teach them to drive – manual and automatic.

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  2. Hahaha ur funny, ur not a bad mommy… I can’t stand the word “coocoo” which is what Ethan calls me since he informs me that I’m only his step mom, but the best mom. Lol… drives me crazy. If I’m tuning him out he does yhe stewie thing, “coocoo, coocoo, coocoo, melissa, melissa, mommy mommy, mom, momma..
    .” I usually respond with “that’s not my name my name is Bob” or fred… coocoo ran away… I don’t understand y little kids feel the need to say your name at the beginning and end of every sentence!

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    1. Matthew and Bryan have always called me Trista so the littles sometimes think it’s funny to call me Trista…😣 …just wait until you have one of your own my friend, I can’t even begin to explain the love you will experience 😊


  3. We’re still trying to teach him to say it. At this point anything would beat the whining. But check back with me in a year and I’m sure I’ll have changed my tune!

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  4. Yes it seems at first you cannot wait until they say momma and then it gets old really fast. Especially when it is constant but it is nice they can talk. I do not miss those days when I want to hide away for a little alone time to save my sanity. LOL

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  5. Not bad or crazy – just normal! Agree especially when three are doing at the same time (no. 3 hasn’t quite formed the word yet but get’s the point across!) and when daddy’s not getting a mention!

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