10 Things I hate- about everything

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Flip Flops Every day

Trista, at Domesticated Momster, participated in one of those many writing challenges, but changed it up a bit to make it more realistic and amusing.  I loved her list so much and laughed and could relate… I’ll just reduce me to 10.

I send the challenge to my blogger friends.  Let me know  if you do, because I want to read!  My first 3 pet-peeves has to deal with bathrooms.  Apparently, I have issues… (soooo, many issues)

Push lever and Flushy-Flushy

1.)  What is the deal with people not flushing the toilet?  My entire family, when it’s mellow-yellow, it’s not that big of a Deal.  However, neon yellow and turds or big logs.  Seriously, stop and flush.  Flush again if you have to.  Today, just before the post, I walk in “oh, come on!”  It’s been sitting there all day since this morning.  Lovely.

2.)  You walk into the restroom…

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