Favorite Quote #4

Favorite Quote #4

I felt this was the perfect quote to sum up my weekend full of family and fun!  I am proud to say that there weren’t any tv’s or tablets present.  We planted trees, and did yard work.  We had a fire in the fire pit and roasted smores and lots of marshmallows, and visited with friends.  The kids had a camp out on the trampoline with lots of blankets and pillows.  We discovered a beautiful place called “Water Canyon” which is literally 10 minutes from our house.


We bought a slip and slide and it will probably be the best $30 we spend this summer because the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.


And I finally got our garden planted with the help of my 5 year old who has informed me he wants to be a gardner.   It was a great weekend to say the least and I am so happy to have spent such quality time with my family and friends!  And officially Summer has begun.




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38 thoughts on “Favorite Quote #4”

    1. I just love his enthusiasm about it. My two younger daughters are interested as well but he was all about getting in the dirt with me and being so hands on. And this morning as soon as we were done with breakfast he reminded me that we needed to go out and water the garden. I love being able to do stuff with my kids that is fun for all of us and something to learn. Thanks for popping over and saying hello Gary! And what memories you have with all those pictures!

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    1. I am always reading about “don’t let your kids use iPads, etc. too much”. I don’t limit mines activity on them which in turn I think works in my favor because they would just rather be outside. I think both of their tablets have needed recharging for about a week now. But yes it is amazing how great the outdoors does for little and big peoples souls.

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      1. That is so true,, I’m the same with tv with my little one,, you tube is fantastic ,,for just dancing on the living room mat together, when it’s raining out,,, but giving the choice she would rather be outdoors xxx

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  1. What a fantastic weekend you had! Full of family love and fun. I’m so jealous of the slip and slide right now, I loved that when I was little and would happily hop on one now! I’m sure you had a slide down it too 😉 Great quote, kids learn so much through play! Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles x

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  2. It sounds like a wonderful weekend and I would love to take a ride on the slip and slide haven’t done that in years. Maybe I will get one for when the grandkids come this summer and the water guns love them too.

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  3. So true, Trista. I’m a huge believer that play is the best form of education. A lovely quote 🙂

    Angela recently posted “my parenting quote”http://wp.me/p5XRN6-1yF

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    1. My teenage step son had never been on one either. And they have come such a long way since my days of a kid on one. Use to be just a plain yellow strip of plastic. Now they have ones with lanes and pools at the end and little boogies to jump on so you don’t bash your front a gazillion times.


    1. I have been trying to think of an idea to do with the kids 🙂 I will come up with something. Thanks for hosting and I will get my commenting done over the weekend 🙂 don’t want you to think I post and ran …just had a busy week. Thanks for hosting 🙂

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