Green Eggs And Hair

I happened to be glance at an email that I got today with a list of writing prompts.  One of the prompts listed was entitled “10th grade memory”.

Now let’s face it.  High school for me was quite a blurred fuzzy obscure foggy knowledgeable experience.  And to think back into the 10th grade is quite the strain on my brain.  But there was one incident in particular that I remember as if it was yesterday.

I was a cheerleader.  Don’t laugh, I won’t laugh with you but rather slap you upside the head for making fun of me.


It was the night before we had to go away for state championships or something to that nature.  I also used to dye my hair blonde…from a box…purchased at the local drug store.  So the night before this big cheerleading event…I decided that I needed to get my shitty ass hair roots under control.

hair dye high school

I opened the box and followed the directions carefully.  I set the timer and I waited.

hair dye high schoolI rinsed, washed and wrapped my hair in a towel.  But when I removed the towel…to my surprise…my hair was GREEN!  My first thought was that it had to be the light in the bathroom.  In a frantic panic and screaming “WHAT THE FUCK HECK IS GOING ON WITH MY HAIR!” I ran down the hall to locate my mother in the kitchen. I remember my exact words to her were “Please tell my that my hair is NOT green!”.  She had no words.  Oh wait…yes she did…she said…”well it is almost St. Patrick’s Day.”  So not funny mom.

This was a time before having green hair was “cool”.  And it wasn’t the lovely shade of green hair color that so many dye their hair today….it was a putrid green.  And it was my entire head.

My mom phoned a friend of hers who’s mother owned a salon.  She said to bring me in first thing in the morning and she would fix it.  I went to bed with some relief that my hair could actually be fixed.  But the nightmare continued the next morning when upon visiting this hairdresser she informed me that the only thing we could do was chop off all my hair.


I went from past my shoulder length hair to something the lines of this…only with green…


Guess it was better then looking like this…


The learning experience here was that when bleaching your hair to blonde…it is best to do let a professional do it.  Lesson learned.

The green haired momster,


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37 thoughts on “Green Eggs And Hair”

  1. I colored mine one time and it came out purple. Was totally not what I was expecting. I just colored mine the other day to get rid of the 6 inches of roots I had going on. Turned out pretty good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Ah! What a disaster. I can only imagine how upset you were – but it makes for an amazing story now!! I’m not mentioning the cheerleader bit ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s fun to learn more about you!! A friend of mine had her hair turn green. She had it dyed professionally, but it turned green at home. She was told it was something in her water, a mineral or something. I bet you had a similar chemical reaction! x

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      1. Ah I remember this post – I think it was one of the earlier posts of yours that I had read. The beginning of our blogger friendship ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing with blogger club uk x

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  3. I was always terrified my hair would turn green so I have been going to a salon since my teenage years (it never did, though it did turn brassy yellow at points!). Sounds like you had similar teenage years to me … minus the green hair and the cheerleading, no such think in New Zealand (thankfully or I may have been tempted to give it a go and that would have ended very badly considering how uncoordinated I am!).

    Visiting for the first time on the recommendation of Kelly (Yes Peas Mumma).

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    1. Thanks for popping over to say hello. New Zealand is on my bucket list of places to visit. I wasn’t all that coordinated either as a teenager. I tried out because my friends begged me to and then I was the only one out of my group of friends that actually made it. But I stuck it out for a year before deciding it just wasn’t for me.


  4. Oh no!! That was a disaster!! How unlucky!! I have always been scared to put anything to my hair! Even now I only go to the hairdresser when I need a highlight. I love the idea that you were a cheerleader!! I’m not laughing at all I genuinely love it!! How fun must have been those years cheerleading at your school!! We need photos now!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

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  5. How terrible Trista, I used a wash in wash out in 6 washes colour once & my hair turned orange. I’ve never used a colour since. Love it that you were a cheer leader x

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  6. I was never allowed to dye my hair when I was a teenager (though I did manage to sneak some sun-in to brighten my dirty blonde locks) but when I was 21 I thought I’d go jet black because I was in my goth stage and I thought I could pull off Morticia Adams. Yeah, as it turns out, black hair against my pale, polish white skin DOES NOT look good on me, LOL! In certain lights, it somehow looked purple and while I love that color, at that time, crazy colors like purple and green weren’t the thing. Oh, and don’t feel bad about the cheerleading thing. I was a cheerleader in the 8th grade so you’re not alone:-) Popping over from #bloggerclubuk

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    1. I actually didn’t want to try friends begged me and then I was the only one who made it. It’s cause I’m loud …imagine that. The judges said they could hear me over everyone. That was the last time I ever messed with my hair without a professional.

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      1. I get complimented on my own dye jobs because my ex mother-in-law was a hair stylist bed for she retired so she taught me how to do it. So now I do it myself but that dye job I did in my 20’s was one of my first tries and I failed miserably lol!

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  7. I loved that you were cheerleader! In Britain we never got the chance for such things, I have severe arthritis so I probably couldn’t be a cheerleader anywayโ€ฆ But one can dream! Sorry to hear that You had to chop off your lovely locks! Greenโ€ฆ What a lovely colour lol xxx #BloggerClubUK

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    1. It’s funny how I came about being a cheerleader. I didn’t want to try out but my friends begged me to since they were trying out too. I was the only one that made it though. I stuck it out as long as I could but by senior year the lead girl and I really didn’t get along and she made everything not fun anymore.


  8. Oh dear that doesn’t sound good! I can’t say I’ve ever suffered with that kind of issue, but then I’ve never braved colouring my own hair. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Ohh that is a lesson learnt the hard way. I had an experiwnce where I turned my hair an amazing peach colour by accident when I was a teen. I was going for a subtle blond, but it disnt quite go right, however unlike your green, I actually loved my accidental colour. I never managed to recreate it though #bloggerclubuk

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