blogging tips domesticated momster

Blogging Tips With Domesticated Momster Part 1

blogging tips domesticated momster

When I first decided to start a blog, I had no clue where to start.  Along the way I have learned A LOT.  This would actually be an understatement for I am still learning stuff everyday and I have been blogging for over 6 months now.  Over the course of this time with my blog, I have been asked by others how they might go about starting a blog.  Therefore, I have decided to share some of my blogging tips for anyone wanting to start a blog or for those of you who have been blogging for some time now.  Below is the first part of a series of tips that I will be adding to in future blogs.

Part 1~

Think of a clever name.  Your name is so important.  The catchier it is…the better.  I thought of my name in approximately 30 seconds and it stuck.  Think of key words that describe you or what you plan to blog about. Think “simple to remember” so that when readers want to find you they can type the name easily into any search engine.

Research a blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger and decide which platform will suit your needs the most.  I had only ever heard of WordPress so I set up my account with them.  Wordpress is great for beginners and very user friendly.  You can get a free domain or you can pay and own your domain name.  I suggest doing this so that no one else can claim it.  A lot of bloggers continue on to use a self hosting platform such as Bluehost or Go Daddy.  I have not yet ventured into that but I can’t stress enough to DO YOUR RESEARCH.  For a list of the most commonly used hosts, click here.  If you plan on blogging for a long time and getting serious about it, then I suggest self hosting from the start.  Don’t be afraid to talk to other bloggers to find out who they use and if they are happy with their host.

Make Email, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and any other social media site accounts, using your domain name.  It is much preferable if your domain name is used throughout all your social media for then it is easier for those who are looking for you, to find you.  I can’t stress enough the importance of this.

Choose a logo.  A logo is going to be a part of your blogs identity.  Keeping it simple and related to your brand is best.  There are lots of free images on the internet.  Or if you are familiar with photoshop then you can custom design your own.  There are sites such as PicMonkey and Ribbet that have images and editing features to help with designing media. There is also the option of hiring a graphic designer but this can be expensive for just starting out your blog.  It is important that when people see your logo they can recognize you and your logo can be used throughout all social media.   You can also use something as simple as a picture of yourself.  For a great article explaining the different types of logos click here.

Choose a theme.  A theme is what is used to design your blog page.  Wordpress has many themes to choose from.  They have themes for blogs specializing in categories such as Photography or Travel.  There are plenty of free ones to choose or if you want to step it up there are lots of themes that can be purchased. I would suggest using a free theme to start out. I changed my theme several times before finding one I liked.

Write your first post.  Think about what you want to write about.  Topics that you are knowledgable about and produce it in a way that will keep the reader interested from start until finish.  Start with a catchy title.  Use images or memes throughout your post…don’t be boring.  If you proof read it and find yourself yawning then most likely so will your readers. Keep most of your blog posts between 300 and 800 words.  Informative but not so long that your reader begins to wander off, fall asleep, or never want to return to your blog again.

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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

54 thoughts on “Blogging Tips With Domesticated Momster Part 1”

  1. When I had my other blog, and made a whole different group of pals ( more local to me) -the OC bloggers all stated the norm was not to go past 160 words in a post. (it was an effort to avoid being too wordy as most of us commonly make that mistake)

    Unless it was an unusual long-read. But most daily posts, shouldn’t exceed 160 words. Some between 160-300… but Never over 300 words. (no one will read the entire thing)- unless you are an amazing, witty, writer- but most of the time, people will still just skim. Or just read the first 2 paragraphs.

    Something to think about… such as breaking posts up into pieces.

    I don’t always follow that rule (and haven’t lately)… but I try to remember to keep that in mind. I have done the smaller posts and link onto to others. (like a part 1, part 2, kind of thing)

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      1. Tweeting is 140 right? I didn’t say I could do that- just those were the things I was seeing from time-to-time from other bloggers. 🙂 I think that has gone by the way side…but I do agree with trying not to exceed 300 words. Anything longer, and most people are going to “skim” through it, if at all… People are too lazy, too busy, or trying to go through a lot of blogs. I think people are said to only read the first 160 words? But lately, I’ve been going way over that. (knowing that most people will either read the beginning only or end to comment) – I guess getting to the point as quickly as possible… is best, whether it be 250 words or 300? 🙂

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      2. Tweeting is 140 characters which is very little especially if there are a lot of people tagged in the post. I have really slacked on my actual blog posting lately due to being busy with the link ups ….but now that I have them figured out and what to do it has given me some time to actually write. Now I just need to catch up on reading too 🙂

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      3. Oh, good! I was looking at your site the other day and I was having difficulty responding, because it was mainly “Link-up, linky things” and it was not easy to maneuver through and find an actual posting. That’s why I scrolled down to this one. (that’s right 140 characters that includes spaces and dashes and periods, etc.) 🙂 I just posted I think 160 words.

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    1. Me too. I have truly met some wonderful people through blogging. And in so many ways it has given me a part of my life back that was lost in raising kids. Thanks so much for popping over and saying hello.


  2. I agree with Flop that being too wordy is bad, but I think anything up to 600 words is OK. I don’t want people skimming but I also want to say something with some substance. I think more important than word count is breaking up your paragraphs often and using pics to break up the post

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    1. Yes I think pics and media is a great way to keep a reader reading on. I have done both short and long posts. In the beginning I thought I had to write ridiculously long posts. Then when I started reading blogs I realized that short and too the point is way better. Or breaking stuff up into parts.


  3. Super tips. I pinned it to my Blogging Tips board. I recently rebranded because my Mommy Blog of 3+ years was called Boogers Are Yucky and even my own family thought it was absurd of me to post recipes on a blog called Boogers. So, yeah, a creative name, but I would add that unless you’re 100% certain you are going to stick to a topic, don’t let the name pigeonhole you.

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    1. It’s a whole world in itself! But I have to admit that it has saved me and given a part of “me” back that was lost to “being a mommy” and being out of the work force for over 5 years now. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


  4. Hi, Thanks for the tips.

    Once I have hit my target number of posts, I intend to change my WordPress Theme. But whilst I am looking around, I keep ready advice about ‘needing a child theme’.

    I know it has something to do with not losing any changes when updating your site, but do I to ask for one, alter it myself or ask somebody to change it for me?

    Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Thanks for hosting #wineandboobs


    1. Changing your theme on wordpress is super easy. Just go to customize and at the top with have your theme you are using or to change. You can look at the themes and preview them with your blog before making a decision. 🙂


  5. Thanks for the tips!! I am thinking about upgrading my WordPress account. I only use the free one now, but I think I would like to customise it a bit more now. Haven’t made my mind up completely yet though. #wineandboobs

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    1. I am always a compulsive shopper…therefore I purchased my domain the very first day lol. Then I did pretty much nothing with my blog from October to about the end of February when I decided to get really serious about it. Now I am an addict. Thanks for popping over from #wineandboobs

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  6. This is very helpful. I’ve only been blogging for 4 weeks now and I have been lucky enough to find a lot of help from fellow bloggers. There are good tips out there. I decided to purchase my own domain since the start too as it was one of the tips I read and I thought it was really important. I will get into practice the tip about the length of the post as I also realised that people get more engaged with short posts than long ones. Adding photos is also good, makes it easy for the reader. Thank you for sharing your tips, the more the merrier! #wineandboobs


  7. Good tips momster! It took me two finally years to finally get to a banner I liked for my blog. I hadn´t even thought of a logo but you make a good point. I should start thinking about that. I´m almost ready to go on to Personal Domain! Its exciting and scary at the same time. Learning about blogging is an ongoing adventure don´t you think-?

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  8. A lot of good advice/tips!
    I do think WordPress is a better looking format than Blogger and if people can do it, self-hosted is the way to go, it gives you so much control over your sites look and what you post, etc. I love messing about with the code, but I don’t know exactly what I’m doing and read loads of tutorials and back everything up incase I mess up 🙂
    I’ve got rid of a few social media accounts as I had too many and things like Google+ I just never used (or understood). I don’t blog for money, more for pleasure and it’s cathartic, so overall I’m not too bothered about having thousands of followers. It all depends on why you blog I suppose. I never think about ‘word counts’ either 🙂

    You’re right though it is a continual learning process, that’s half the fun! 😉

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    1. I’ve had a few friends wanting to know what they do to get started so that’s really where the piece stems front. I think as a blogger you learn what works for you. I would love to make money with my blog or just anyway that I could still be supermom and contribute to the household income.


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