National Pink Day is June 23

National Pink Day

Yep that’s right.  Today was National Pink Day.   In honor of the day, I am going to give a list of things that I like in regards to pink.

Balloons.  Obviously since my photo above displays the beauties of color.

Underwear.  I love when my husband wears pink underwear.  He doesn’t read my blog therefore I can joke about that.

The Pink Panther.  I have loved that cat since I was little.  As the tune has now entered my head and will continue to reside there probably until tomorrow.

Pink Panther

Pink diamonds.  Although I don’t own any diamonds of any color let alone the pink fucking kind.

These lips are pretty photoshopped awesome.  I wish my lips could be that plump, pretty and sparkly….not really.

Lips Sparkly Pink Plump Domesticated Momster

I love October and the fact that it’s breast cancer awareness month and there is just something so coochie wiggling uplifting watching grown athletic men wear a bit of pink here and there to represent!Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pink Image

Pink flavored jelly beans.  Yummy explosion of flavor in my mouth!

pink jelly bean image

This girl rocks right here!  And is always looking good smothered in her husband Corey Hart the color pink.

Pink Rockstar Music

And that’s all I really have for now folks as it is almost 10:30pm my time and I have been at the blogging phenomena all day long working on my logo which is also got hints of pink in it.

Domesticated Momster ©2015 Logo Brand

Do you need a logo designed?  Inquire within.  Have a Happy Hump Day Everyone.  Its Swim A Lap Day tomorrow…maybe I will take my kids swimming for our fun day.  It’s also National Fairy Day so dress up like fairy princesses with your daughters, and It’s National Pralines Day as well.  I will be honest…I am not sure what those are exactly.  Maybe feed them to the fairies?

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