Favorite Quote #8

Favorite Quote Alice In Wonderland

This quote describes my insomnia.  I can’t sleep because my mind is racing and I am going through “things to do tomorrow” over and over again.  Along with what I didn’t finish today.  So then I get up and take something to aid my sleep and then I have the craziest of dreams.  Like seriously I wake up thinking I have fallen down a rabbit hole.  And then it’s caffeine to try and wake me up because the sleep aid hasn’t quite wore off yet.  It’s a vicious cycle really.

Sleep Deprived,

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11 thoughts on “Favorite Quote #8”

  1. I was just thinking the other night when were tweeting back and forth… “what is Trista doing up so late?” (It was 10:00 PM here in the eastern part of the US, which meant it was 3:00 AM there.) My hubby suffers from insomnia occasionally, and I’ve seen first hand how difficult it is to deal with. I sure hope that you can get some relief from it soon! Or at least maybe some amazing dreams dealing with excessive wine and chocolate?? Xx Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles, Trista! ❤

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    1. Where at in the easter US are you? I am pacific US which would be 3 hours behind the eastern part of the states. It’s 8:16pm here right now in Nevada. But there are times I am up and on twitter at 3am lol. I do have meds for it but they don’t always work. I have found that the best thing is wine. It relaxes and makes me tired. Thanks for hosting! *muah*


  2. Ugh, sounds rotten. I get quite bad busy brain too. The only thing which works for me is reading until I fall asleep on the book. It does mean that I’m often getting through 2.5 pages a night but I’ll take it 🙂

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    1. I have tried reading too but then I just want to read more and more…especially if it’s a good book. Although lately I seem to read a lot of blogs instead of books. But I am going on a trip soon so maybe catch up on some good books then. Any good suggestions?


      1. Oh, blogs always keep me up :-). At the moment I’m falling asleep to the entire works of Michael Crichton. It’s like reading a block buster movie with occasional bouts of technicality which make me feel smarter 😉

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    1. Thank you Laura. Usually a sleep aid helps but not always. I also have Restless Leg Syndrome. I developed it worse with each pregnancy and it was awful! And problem is when you are pregnant you can’t take anything for it!


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