~National Tequila Day~

tequila cocktails booze patron sauza quervo

Today is not only Friday but it is also National Tequila Day!!!

My personal favorite is Patron.  Yes it’s pricey but it’s smooth and doesn’t leave you with that dreaded hangover.

It’s best chilled and you don’t need the “training wheels” with it. (salt and lime)

Here is some Tequila Wisdom…

*Tequila has a very relaxing quality.  One shot can relax a person enough to fall asleep and sleep even better.  A few shots and you don’t even need a bed to sleep in.

tequila booze cocktails

*It has been used as a pain remedy.  Place a couple dabs on a sore tooth…drink half the bottle and you can pull that dreadful tooth out without feeling a thing!

*It can be used as an aphrodisiac.  I am pretty sure that is how my second child was conceived.

*Lowers cholesterol and your inhibitions to make good sane choices.

tequila funny cocktails booze

*You can add it to cooking for some great flavor.  **puts a little in the sauce…pours a little in her cup**

*Know what else it’s really good in?  Maaargaaariiitas!

#HappyFriday, Bottoms Up!

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14 thoughts on “~National Tequila Day~”

  1. Hmmm. I am not the biggest fan of Tequila, but I can still do shots with it……very occasionally. I have had some bad memories with Tequila (who hasn’t). So I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. #effitfriday

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