~Trees Of Mystery Adventure~

trees mystery vacation California redwoods adventure family

This place is AMAZING!  It’s inexpensive(around $50 for the 6 of us), beautiful, and a great little hike for all members of the family.  My 3 year old did it with no problem.   It’s nestled in the Redwoods National Forest in California about 10 miles south of Crescent City.  The name is Trees Of Mystery and you can click the link to get more information about the place.

When you pull into the parking lot the first thing you see is the huge Paul Bunyan and Babe his blue ox.

trees mystery California Northern Coast Redwoods Paul Bunyon  trees mystery blue ox babe redwoods adventure California coast

Paul Bunyan speaks to you and makes jokes.  We never did locate where the person was watching from…they are very good at hiding it.  The kids of course thought it was really this large statue talking to them and got a total kick out of it.

Once inside it’s a trail just full of redwoods and the beauty of nature.  They have little signs with descriptions of certain trees and even a sky tram that takes you above the trees and up to the top of a wonderful lookout.

Here is a picture of 2 of the 4 kids on the boot of Paul Bunyan and my husband trying to get up there with no success.

trees mystery redwoods California coast adventuretrees mystery California Coast Adventure Redwoods

trees mystery adventure redwoods California coast family vacation

trees mystery adventure redwoods California coast family vacation

trees mystery adventure redwoods California coast vacation family

Some people have chosen this wonderful place to “tie the knot”

trees mystery adventure California redwoods forest family vacation weddings

trees mystery California family vacation redwoods

There is a section with all these little wooden plaques listing all the couples who have given their life away gotten married here.  Love this idea!

trees mystery weddings redwood forest adventure vacation California

This is the “Brotherhood Tree” If you click the link it shows a video on how they measured the tree.  It’s huge!  And I love what the sign represents.

trees mystery adventure family vacation California redwood forest

trees mystery redwoods forest California adventure family vacation

Once you have come to this part of the trail you have the option to ride the sky tram.  Of course everyone wanted to do this.  Except for a gentleman who said he didn’t trust anything that didn’t have screws to connect it to the cable.  My kids didn’t skip a beat and were all thrilled to get in the little cable car.

trees mystery sky tram adventures California family vacation redwoods forest

trees mystery adventure California family vacation humor sky tram redwoods forest

trees mystery sky tram adventure redwoods forest family vacation

trees mystery adventure California redwoods forest family vacation sky tram

We went around 10am and it wasn’t busy at all.  But as we were leaving it was starting to get pretty packed.  Therefore, I am glad we went earlier.  It was a beautiful, almost cool morning so it made for good exercise.  The picture of the view above really doesn’t give it justice.  The whole Redwood Forest is just breath taking!

Below are a couple of facts.  These signs are all throughout the hike and it’s very interesting to learn more about the redwood forest and it’s history.

trees mystery California facts redwoods forest family vacation adventure

trees mystery adventure facts redwoods forest California vacation family

If you are ever visiting the Northern California coast, I highly recommend stopping in and having a hike through this place.  We plan to return again someday.

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24 thoughts on “~Trees Of Mystery Adventure~”

  1. I love going to see the Redwood trees. They are truly magnificent! We didn’t ride the cable car though – that looks a little scary. I’m so glad you all enjoyed it! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I did something simular to this in England earlier this year. Loved the cablecars, this place looks a little more fun though, it has more going on. thanks for linking #famjamlinky

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This sounds like an amazing day out. There is so much to explore! That tree is HUGEEEEEE! You’re much braver than me going up the cable car though. It makes my tummy jolt just looking at it, although the views look incredible. I love all the interesting facts you’ve included about the trees too. Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather . xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the wonderful comment and for hosting! The Redwoods are beautiful and am so glad I can say I have been there. The cable car was really nothing as I grew up going skiing quite a bit and chair lifts have nothing to really hold you in.


  4. Oh wow! that looks like an awesome place for a day out with the kids! I love the sky tram and the photos of your husband and kids look great.
    The trees are very cool, my little ones would love to see all the cool formations they can crawl under or climb on. The brother tree is absolutely gigantic and I love what it stands for too.
    Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x


    1. My pictures will never do the feeling of actually being there any justice. It was just breathtaking to see such beauty. Especially since we live in high dessert and just don’t see beauty like that. Thank you for hosting the wonderful #whateverytheweather.


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