~August Is National Romance Awareness Month~

August National Romance Month Couples Marriage Realationships Love I don’t know about you but I have been married over 6 years now and the romance flew the coop a long. Time. Ago!  Don’t get me wrong…my husband still buys me flowers every 6 months once in a while and we do still have date nights but there’s no “romancing the stone cold love affair” around here. The dating phase is always such a glorious one.  Getting to know the person and all those fluttering butterflies that make your stomach feel like you’ve ridden the best amusement park ride there is without puking.  There’s not a moment in the day that goes by that you don’t think about having sex with seeing that one perfect person. And when you do the clothes are off in less than 5 minutes! August Romance Awareness Month Married with children sometimes has a tendency to blow that fuse right out!  Poof gone!  Must find trickier ways to be romantic…one being actually staying awake! So luckily there are times like August for “National Romance Awareness Month”.  Attention couples…are you listening?  Apparently studies show that couples who try new activities together stay together.  They have a better connection with one another which then could lead to the possibility of hotter sex!  Notice I said possibility.  Really?  Do these people who execute the results of these studies actually study married couples with children? August Romance Awareness Month Marriage Relationships It’s hard to find the time to be romantic when you have children interrupting every moment of your waking hours.  And inevitably when there is a great moment in which they are entertained and preoccupied….you suddenly realize…you haven’t showered and well that takes priority over sex.  So does the fact that you don’t want your partner to “smell” you. Now luckily for my husband,  I have never been one of those women who really cares much about romance.  I like the occasional gift of “surprise” flowers and my husband is good about sending me little notes via social media and I am just fine with that.  I don’t need lavish presents or vacations and well let’s face it,  with 4 kids at home…there’s other more important things to pay for.  Like clothes and food.  Therefore I don’t fall into the 78% of people who think romance is of great importance in a relationship.  I am quite certain neither does my husband. August National Romance Awarness Month I am also not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, because quite frankly there shouldn’t need to be a holiday that says “I Love You”.  It should be something you know and say to one another every day.  And here it is with the first week of August gone and you want to know how many romantic things I have done for my husband or vice versa?  Nada.  Unless you count the fact that he dropped his bacon on the floor at breakfast the other morning and I gave him a piece of mine.  Now that’s romance people! With Love Always, Domesticated Momster Signature

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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

31 thoughts on “~August Is National Romance Awareness Month~”

  1. Haha! I love it! When I was younger I was very much into the romance stuff. Since becoming a mom though, I learned to hate it. The first three years of my marriage, my ex would do the same thing for Valentine’s day. Dinner, movie, hotel in that order. It got boring! Apparently, I like spontaneity. A fact about myself I didn’t know before. I also learned that I despise Valentine’s Day! I feel the same as you. If you need a holiday to remind you to tell your lover that you love them, there is a problem. I also am not into flowers or anything lavish. Get some wine and chocolates and I’m good. Oh, wait! I can get the myself! LOL! Romance stopped being my thing a long time ago. If you hadn’t written this, I would still have no idea Romance had a whole damn month, Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I’m glad I’m not the only woman out there NOT jumping on the romance train.

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    1. I will never forget when my husband and I first started dating and he was always making an effort to cuddle with me. Finally I told him I am just not the cuddle type. It’s too hot and too uncomfortable. Needless to say I am pretty sure that was the day he decided I was marriage material lol. Glad you enjoyed the post and yeah I want a National Wine Month!

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  2. I’m not a romantic, but The Mister is. Valentine’s Day, blarg.
    Our anniversary is this month.
    I’m tired.
    He’s tired.
    He’ll take two days off and we’ll ditch our kids overnight and make the most of it, but I think romance is wherever you find it on the daily. It’s the small stuff. I think you and I are in complete agreement here. 🙂

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  3. Ahhhh Trista I am so with you on this! No time for romance (or even a five minute bang) amid the drudery of every day life! Fortunately my hubby also agrees that sharing bacon is the height of a romantic gesture 😉

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  4. Hmm, romance.. whats that again?? Also, now I know its romance awareness month, maybe its time to re-aquaint myself and hubby with the concept – thanks for the post

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  5. I am a romantic for doing something special with one another not only through flowers and cards. I’ve been married since 2007 and yes romance does “go out the door” sort a speak, but what truly makes us hot for each other is when we go out of our way to do something nice for each other. For example, I like surprising him with a comic book or a packed lunch and he gets the oil changed on my car without me having to ask. 🙂 Oh and a little humor always helps keep the connection. Thanks for sharing your post Momster! see you at the Tribe.

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  6. Yup! Romance said “bye-bye” a looong time ago! And like you, I’m completely okay with it! I’m not the romantic type, and I think spending loads of money on fancy dinners and frivolous gifts is a waste. I’m completely happy with the nice little things my husband and I do for each other. Stopping over from #AnythingGoes xx 🙂

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    1. Yes! I think nice things should be said and did everyday…not just special occasions. Those can be for an expensive dinner. I think the only time we go out for an expensive dinner is for our anniversary. Thanks for popping over!


  7. Romance is dead in our house. Romance here is getting up and leaving the room to fart or even just warning the other person that it is coming. Bahahahahaha – however we have recently been trying the six seconds of kissing strategy to ignite the fires and when we stick to it, it actually works. But when I get to Wednesday and I am tired and cranky and swatting his affection away like a fly – things don’t go so well. Thems the breaks I suppose – we have been married for 14 year and together for 20! You get less for murder. Mel xx

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    1. LMAO! I think about the only thing the two of us don’t do is leave the door open while pooping…but…my husband will open the door to talk to me while he’s pooping! So gross! I’ll have to try the 6 minutes of kissing…making out is usually what’s sparks our fire too! Congrats on 20 years with the same penis! Kudos, cheers and everything else in between!


    1. I was going to only give him half but I was feeling very generous that day. He took me out to breakfast and away from the kids for a little bit which this mommy needs from time to time. He also bought me flowers the day I posted this post…he says he didn’t read it…hmmmm lol


  8. Ahh, romance, unfortunately romance is most often found in books and in films I find. I am not even sure that romance actually exists in real life. It is fantasy and fiction. Thanks for your post.

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    1. I believe couples have moments of romance but nothing like they make some fairytales out to be. Like there is no way my husband would get down on one knee and rest my head in his hand and recite his undying love to me. Nope uh uh…not happening.


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