5 Uses For Various Herbs ~ Part 1

Uses For Herbs

Starting Monday I am going to get out my juicer, scrub dust it off, and get back into the habit of getting on track again.  It’s been a hot and busy summer and that’s about the only excuse I have as to why I have sat on my lazy ass not been staying on track.

In the weeks to come for #foodpornthursdays I am going to be sharing uses for various herbs in juicing, in alphabetical order,  and their health benefits.  I will also be testing them out in various juices and smoothies.  So please make sure to check back each week for an herbal update…

*Alfalfa ~ Can be planted as a perennial and easily grows in most parts of North America.  Can also be found as sprouted seeds in most supermarkets.

alfalfa sprouts juicing herbs

Alfalfa can be used as a great resource of nutrition and helps promote strong teeth, bones, and connective tissue.  It also contains large amounts of chlorophyll which can heal wounds and even generate new skin growth. It can be used whole or dried in juicing and smoothies.  And as we all know, it tastes fabulous on sandwiches!

*Basil ~ Grows with large green leaves and sometimes topped with a stalk shape of flowers, which all can be used.  It helps in soothing digestion and stimulates the adrenal gland.  You can get it in fresh or dried form. I planted some in the early summer and it has absolutely taken over half of one of my garden boxes. I put it in just about everything these days. Can be used in it’s entire form for juicing, smoothies and even cooking.

Basil Juicing Herb

*Catnip ~ also known as the cat’s meow marijuana weed pot favorite comes with upright branched stems of leaves and white flowers in a tube-like shape.

Catnip Herb Juicing Smoothies Colic sedative

It can be used to lower fevers and is often taken before bedtime to aid with sleep.  Therefore I wouldn’t use it in a morning juice when looking for energy.  Catnip can also be used for diarrhea, upset stomach, and even colic.  It can be grown but usually it’s found in dried form in health stores.

Catnip can be used in the form of a tea to help with ailments such as menstrual cramps, indigestion, nervous conditions, hives, and even the common cold.

Cinnamon Herbs Juicing

*Cinnamon ~ Most commonly known to be sprinkled on top of our lattes from the local coffee shop, cinnamon comes from the inner bark of a laurel-like tree.  It can be found in stick or powdered form in most supermarkets.  It has been known to aid in digestion and irritable bowel syndrome.  Also can help relieve upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea.  Recent studies have shown it to aid in the help of lowering cholesterol and even blood sugar.

Cumin Herb Juicing

*Cumin ~ An inflorescence of small pink or white flowers, with prickly oval seeds, which also derives from the parsley family.  It is most commonly used in Spanish, Mexican, and Indian cuisine and the aroma is very distinctive. Cumin helps aid with digestion, an antispasmodic and has even been known to increase milk supply in breastfeeding mothers.  It can also be used in a glass of water to gargle with if you have laryngitis.  It comes either in a seed or powdered form in most grocery stores.

Please note:  I am not an herb specialist, physician, doctor, or nutritionist.  This is information I gathered to share with you, and anything you ingest can have possible side effects or a personal reaction to it.

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    1. If you have a health food store like a “Whole Foods” thats what we have here in the US …they have a lot of the stuff. I live in a really small town where we don’t have anything but a Wal-mart and a tiny grocery store. Hmmm maybe that could be the business adventure I have been wanting to start. A health food and herbs place.


    1. Well I can assure that basil grows fabulously….like I literally just stuck a couple little plants in my garden box and it has taken over half the box. Thanks so much for linking up and stay tuned for my juicing of herbs series!


  1. Really good idea for a post and lots of good info! I use herbs and spices quite a bit and it’s surprising some of the healthy benefits. I use turmeric a lot, it’s great for reducing inflammations, I even used it when my dog got an abscess and it sorted it out. I would much rather use more natural remedies than instantly turning to ‘drugs’.

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  2. I use Basil on just about everything. I knew about almost all of these except the catnip. I definitely didn’t know about the catnip. I have some for my cats. LOL! I learned something new today! Thank you! Visiting from #foodpornthursdays

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  3. This is great! I had no idea cumin was part of the parsley family. It’s funny, because I love it powdered in cooking but I can’t stand the seeds in breads and stuff like that. I used to love alfalfa but totally forgot about it – thanks for reminding me! And thank you for hosting #foodpornthursdays

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  4. CATNIP?! LOL you crack me up! Love that your readers are going to experiment on their husbands. Could be some crazy catnip parties happening now! Love your post, your sense of humour & your fabulous friendship #foodpornthursdays x

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  5. Not sure I’ll be eating catnip any time soon, lol! 🙂 (You’re hilarious!!!)

    I like this idea for a post! Until I started eating healthy about a year and a half ago, I knew nothing about herbs. I’m still learning what herbs taste good with certain foods and their health benefits. Your series is going to be helpful! 🙂 xx

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  6. I love herbs in cooking and to treat illnesses. Would love to do a course in naturopathy. I take vitex agnus castus for PMT and its amazing! I also took fenugreek when I was breastfeeding to increase milk production and it really works! Will subscribe to your blog now! x

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