Life As I Know It Is About To Change

On Monday, my life as I have known it for over 5 years now, is going to change.  All three of my toddlers will be going to school.  My 5-year-old starts kindergarten and the 4 and 3-year-old girls actually started preschool last Monday.  I really don’t know what I am going to do with myself from 8-11:30 without one of my 3 mini-monsters in my presence.

Let me think about that….

I could…

Come back home and go back to sleep.  But that just seems like a waste of such a valuable few hours.  Not to mention that once I am up…I am up.

My Life As I Know It Is Going To Changes #changes #motherhood #humor

Take a shower and get ready in a timely manner.  With 3 toddlers I am lucky to even get a shower let alone have the chance to shave my legs (and various other parts), put real make-up on (instead of just some sloppy brazed mascara), DO MY HAIR (I recently cut my hair that was past the middle of my back, to now the nape of my neck).  This was to avoid the “hair piled in a messy bun” look that I was starting to trademark use EVERYDAY.

Life As I Know It Is About To Change #shower #shaving #motherhood

Blog.  This is a given.  I will be able to complete a thought without being interrupted 300 times.  That’s 100 times per child and no I am not kidding.  Between them and the horribly slow internet, I am surprised I am able to get any blogging done at all.

Watch TV.  Nah, I’d really rather blog.  Although I have found that I do enjoy my morning cup of Joe while watching some “Good Morning America”.  And usually this isn’t possible because of course the minis want to watch the 50th re-run of “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”.  It’s truly sad that I have watched so many of their shows that I now just sing the tunes even when the television isn’t even on.

Workout.  This is already on my list.  Monday starts my body transformation.  Juicing and exercise which I will be blogging all about my disasters failures bitching about progress and sharing my results with you.  If you missed the first part of my “herb uses” you can read about it here.

Life As I Know It Is About To Change #exercise #workout #motherhood #humor

Sit in silence and read.  I have a book that I literally started last year on a family vacation and I am still in the process of reading it.  Probably because most of what I read these days is blogs.  But maybe without all the interruptions I will actually have time to read a book and the blogs.

Make a phone-call.  Have you ever tried to talk on the phone with 3 toddlers?  I actually had a lady put me on hold one day because the sounds of my minis in the background noise, was too noisy for her.  No kidding.

Go to the bathroom without anyone knocking on the door.  If you are a parent, there is no explanation needed here.  If you aren’t a parent, there is still no explanation needed.

Now there will be days that my husband will be off…

**rethinks writing anything about what will be happening there**

Life As I Know It Is About To Change #sex #marriage #motherhood

Needless to say I just want to enjoy this time that I have never experienced in over 5 years.  Since moving into this house…I have never had any time to myself in the house.  There was one day my husband attempted to take the kids to the park to give me a break…only he came home 15 minutes later because it started to pour rain.  I think I cried a little.

I am sure the first day I will be confused and a little sad…..oh who am I kidding!

Life As I Know It Is About To Change #motherhood #humor #excitement

Counting The Minutes,


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49 thoughts on “Life As I Know It Is About To Change”

  1. I love it! If I ever realize all three kids are asleep at the same time (which may possibly happen on occasion sometimes between 2 and 3 a.m.), I’m practically giddy and don’t know what to do with my freedom!!!
    I’m sure on day #1 I’d eat chocolate. WITHOUT sharing!!!

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  2. oh, I can’t wait for my kiddies to go back to school! This summer they both went to their summer programs and I had three glorious hours that I used for blogging. August was their month off though and between all the rain and other stuff, well, I just can’t wait for school to start on Wednesday! Woohoo!! Have fun! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I don’t even know what being at home by myself is like…it has been over 5 years for me and I have completely forgotten what it’s like to be alone since the grocery store doesn’t count because there are other people there. Silence. I think the first day I will just listen to silence. thanks for reading and commenting Michelle.

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  3. This is huge Trista!! You are going to miss them but it will be awesome! Peeing & blogging in peace are two huge ones. Love your other ideas but who are you kidding – you will be blogging away! Best of luck to the kiddies back at school next week x

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  4. The other day, I dropped my daughter at my parents’ house, and I actually watched an entire movie at home BY MYSELF!!!!!!!! It was amazing!! Peeing in peace on a daily basis sounds Heavenly…lol! Thinking of you during this bittersweet time. Having “you” time is going to be great, You’re going to rock your new lifestyle (health) change. ❤ xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Katie. I have realized that in order to achieve being the best mom I can be my health needs to be in tip top shape. I’m not getting any younger and I want to be around to see my kids become adults 😉 I am looking forward to tomorrow….it’s the next chapter :0)


  5. OH this is such a delightful post! I remember when my youngest finally went to afternoon pre-k, all those same feelings! You can do whatever you want. You can do all those things. Fantastic! Congrats on your new chapter! 🙂

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  6. How exciting – I used to dream for days when the house was completely silent and all I could hear was the peaceful breathing of my dogs (always by my side) slumbering away. Of course, now the boys are 17 and 19 they are off doing their own thing, so I am all by myself a great deal. And for the most part – I am okay with that – my dogs are still right by my side.
    Just a little warning – those 3.5 hours will fly by and then when you are sitting in the car riders lane waiting to pick up the kids you will think about all the stuff you didn’t do that you wanted to.
    I need to start on a body transformation too. I went to buy clothes yesterday for a function I had to go to last night (shorts and t-shirts with holes in them – not allowed) and I got a 3-way view of myself – Not pretty!!!!

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    1. Never trust the lighting in those dressing rooms. That’s why I never try anything on …I just get it, bring it home, and if I don’t like it then take it back. I know the hours are going to fly but at least 2/4 kids will be gone all day so it will just be me and my 2 girls the second half of the day ;o) and I’m in no hurry for them to grow up too fast.

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  7. As much as I moan about my kids it will be a sad sad day when that are both in school. Although with all the pointers you have written down it does sound rather appealing and im sure I’d get used to it eventually 😉 Except the working out part. That bit’s not for me at all but the rest of it sounds right up my street!


    1. It was hard the first day…I won’t lie…I was a bit confused with what my role was without the voice of 3 little people…but each day has gotten better and today I thoroughly enjoyed the time with just my husband and I. Thanks for the comment Janine…appreciate it.

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  8. Ahh I am a spoiled mummy and my oldest still goes to daycare twice a week (didn’t want to upset her schedule for when I go back to work…and mummy just likes the break – guilty?) so it’s just me and the baby at home. I love my toddler but any time I just have one child (either child) it’s like 100 times easier! And it’s actually possible to take a shower, etc! hehehe thanks for linkg #famjamlinky


    1. Never feel guilty about wanting a break. Mommy timeouts make a better mommy. The first day I was completely lost but now I am just loving “my time” even if for only a few hours. Thank you so much for hosting! Will be over later to do my commenting.;o)

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