~5 More Herbs And Their Uses~


5 More Herbs And Their Uses #juicing #cleaneating #herbs

Dandelion Leaf ~ I have used this for juicing many times but make sure to only use a small amount for it has a very bitter taste.  It aids in liver diseases such as hepatitis and jaundice.  It helps promote kidney health as well.  It is easily found in most supermarkets in the produce section.

5 More Herbs And Their Uses #herbs #juicing #cleaneating

Echinacea ~ This herb is great for boosting your immune system and I usually buy it in a tea bag form at the grocery store.  I have also used it in capsule form when I start to feel my throat getting scratchy.  If grown in a garden, as a perennial, you may use all the parts of the plant for juicing.  Echinacea helps aid with respiratory and urinary infections.  It’s usually found in dry form in some alternative health food stores.

5 More Herbs And Their Uses #juicing #herbs #cleaneating

Garlic ~ Not only for keeping vampires at bay this herb is also used to aid in the inhibition of cancer cells forming.  Garlic also helps reduce (LDL) cholesterol and can even keep the common cold at bay.  I use it in just about everything I cook and if you throw several cloves of it along with some basil, olive oil, and a little fresh juice of a lemon it makes a great pesto.

5 More Herbs And Their Uses #juicing #herbs #cleaneating

It is very easily found in grocery stores and if using it for juicing just throw a clove or two in the juicer as a great antioxidant which helps strengthen the immune system and can aid in the prevention of heart disease.

Ginger ~ I will never forget the first time I tried a bite of fresh ginger…I thought someone had just sprayed a can of Pledge dusting spray in my mouth.  They usually serve it in raw form when eating at a sushi restaurant.  Now, I love the taste of it.  Guess you could say it was an acquired taste.  It’s used in a root form and aids with headaches, upset stomach(especially morning sickness).  It helps the digestive system by increasing the absorption of several nutrients.

5 More Herbs And Their Uses #juicing #herbal #cleaneating

In juicing just peel the outer layer off (unless using organic then feel free to use the peel as well) then chop a couple tiny pieces and throw in the juicer.  If wanting to help with upset stomach grate a good amount into a small pot of water and boil.  Then strain and sip like tea.

Lavender ~ A great herb for juicing in which all parts of the plant can be used.  Lavender is used in many teas as a relaxant but can also help with stress, insomnia, and in some cases even depression.

5 More Herbs And Their Uses #juicing #herbs #cleaneating

It helps with relaxation and in the form of an essential oil, you can put a couple drops on your child’s pillow case to help them with a peaceful sleep.  It is found in most alternative health food stores in dried form.  Can also be grown in a garden from June through the fall depending on temperature of your climate.  It also makes a beautiful coverage for landscaping.

Please note: I am not an herb specialist, physician, witch doctor, or nutritionist. This is information I gathered to share with you, and anything you ingest can have possible side effects or a personal reaction to it.

Happy Juicing,

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39 thoughts on “~5 More Herbs And Their Uses~”

  1. I use garlic and lavender all the time! I just love the smell of lavender. It’s one of my favorite smells. I have little spritzes that I spray on all of the pillows at night. For someone who has a hard time falling asleep at night and suffers from occasional (more often recently) insomnia, it works wonders for me. Thanks so much for sharing! These herbs are awesome!

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      1. Even in meat preparation, garlic-y taste can be amazing. Besides, it keeps cholesterol under control, and boosts immunity 🙂
        Oh! Also, nearly to forgot to tell you, they say that if one eats raw garlic cloves with water early morning (empty stomach), then it also keeps sugar levels under control.

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  2. I love garlic so much, and I’ve started buying massive jars of pickled garlic from a Middle Eastern grocery shop. So delicious just to munch on and add to salads,etc. I also love using massive amounts of garlic in roast dinners (e.g.chicken with 40 cloves of garlic), and agree it’s so good for you. There’s a recipe for garlic clove curry that I’ve been wanting to try for ages, but have been put off because you have to peel the garlic, which is about 100 cloves worth. I love ginger too, and turmeric is supposed to be extremely good for you as well. #foodpornthusday


  3. I like to pick the fresh dandelions from the lawn….before the dogs pee on it of course😀 and I love the little purple spring lawn violets in a salad too😊 yum to pest , ginger and all above…still have to try fresh lavender though😊

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  4. Echinacea is one of my fav’s for the winter if people are sick. I didn’t know you could juice dandelion leaves! You are a wealth of information!! Great list here T!! x

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