~National Wonderful Weirdo Day~

National Wonderful Weirdos Day #NationalWonderfulWeirdosDay

Today is a day dedicated to all you weirdos.  The weirdos who don’t shower or bother to get out of your pajamas before invading the supermarket, the weirdos who stare at my brightly colored hair and tattoos and attempt to say something nice but then completely fail.  Or the lady last week that couldn’t stop staring at me. I thought about asking her if she had a camera so I could take a picture for her as a keepsake.

National Wonderful Weirdo Day

Now…I am not exactly normal in any way what. so. ever.  I had 3 kids in 3 years and none of them were twins.  I also met my husband on the internet and was married and knocked up within 5 months of drooling over his good looks while sitting across from him gnawing on my chicken wing and downing a yard of beer.  He was just that irresistible.  Or maybe that was the beer making him look like he was.  Either way…I decided to keep him.

I also like ice in my milk and ranch on my pizza.  I pour clamato juice into my beer and a couple of green olives along with their juice and I find it mighty tasty….no not weird at all.

National Wonderful Weirdo Day

I can’t sleep with anything over my feet…no socks….no blankets and especially NO KIDS!  The winter time …the only reason I wear closed toed shoes is because being all bundled up from head to toe, only to find that the toe part is presenting flip-flops, is rather frowned upon.

Since quitting my medication I can see a lot of my OCD weirdness returning…but hey my sex life has returned as well so fuck the OCD I say!  All of this just means I will be having sex in a spotless house.  Or possibly trying to clean….while I am having sex but who cares…want to know why?  Because today in National Wonderful Weirdo Day and I am going to be as weird as I want to.

National Wonderful Weirdo Day

I also sleep with the tv on and check every single door and window lock before I go to bed.

So tell me….what’s your weirdness…I KNOW YOU GOT SOME IN YA!

Wonderfully Whacky And Weird,

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41 thoughts on “~National Wonderful Weirdo Day~”

    1. I’ve always had OCD and I started mess for PND and noticed that my OCD almost disappeared but luckily I got off my meds with no more depression but the OCD has returned …I’ll take it ;0) I feel so much better after getting off those damn things!

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  1. I’ve never heard of this before, but I like it. One of my very first blog posts was about how I was afraid my little was going to be as weird as me. I think it was called “a little obsessive.” Congrats on getting your nookie mojo back

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    1. Make sure to put on your calendar “National Steak And BJ Day” is March 14! Lol …but seriously it is 😉 Maybe it’s a little weird that I’m telling you that but put it on the calendar and see what your wife says 😆


  2. You can tell your hubby during the sex, when he inquires why there is a sponge in your hand… you can be truthful and tell him you’re multi-tasking or you can pretend role-play and says he’s a dirty-dirty boy. (Noticed how I put dirty in there twice.) I had a grandmother that had to check the light switch to ensure it was off 10x. She would say “That light is off. That light is off. That light is off…” while tapping to ensure the light switch is down and not up. OMG

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  3. Love this haha. My weird, ohhh. Hmmm well I sleep with a fan on all year round! My husband hates it. I also wear flip flops alot in the winter too haha. I also really like mint sauce on any meat (apart from chicken), I guess I’m quite weird haha. Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst and see you again!

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  4. I love this! Everyone has their own little quirks. I’ve got a bit of sleep ocd. I have to lie in a certain way, the cover has to cover me a certain way, the pillow has to be a certain way etc otherwise I can’t fall asleep. Unless I’m drunk, then I can sleep no matter what lol. #famjamlinky

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  5. Lol…. The only part I couldn’t relate to was flip-flops. Who invented these horrid articles of torture ? I can’t stand anything between my toes.
    Have had OCD for many years and depending on how stressed I am, I might open/close the door once or seventeen times. As you so elegantly say, it is what it is and we all have our ways of dealing with it.
    Also, a very prominent Psycho-analyst once told me that people with OCD are unrealised artists. The more you become creative, the less the OCD.
    So yes, to sum up – You may be weird but you’re definitely wonderful !

    ps. Beer in Calamato ?? Seriously !!

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  6. Haha- yes, embrace the weird! I sleep under a duvet in a country where the average temperature is 30+ degrees Celsius all year round. I live in Asia but don’t eat rice. I could go on….

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  7. Yup – you’re a weirdo lol Any interesting person is a little weird. I have some OCD tendencies myself – I too check & often double check doors before bed & before leaving the house. I also put my phone in my bag then have to touch it in my bag to make sure it’s there…crazy stuff! lol Happy weirdo day my friend ;)x #alitlebitofeverything

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    1. Yes I agree that I think we all have something that a little ticky but I have seen those with serious cases of it and thankful mind isn’t that bad. And I embrace my weirdness…I love to be different like a pink skittle in a handful of green ones 😌


  8. I guess weird is the new normal .. I have all of the above mention .. love my AC ON even in winter … my husband used to complaint but after 15 year of marriage I guess he knows this is a loss battle for him … lol
    I love to eat tuna and I love lentils soup and mixing them together is my 5 start dish … my family says that is discussing but I love it and eat it every time I can … lol ..
    love your post thanks for sharing with #Alittlebitofeverything

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  9. Haha! Love it! I go around checking every door and window before going to bed too. I just can’t help it. My weirdness: My obsession with vampires and all things supernatural. Another weirdness of mine: I have an obsessive streak that has also spread to my kids. When we get obsessed about something, it’s all we can think about. I’m in my late 30’s and still play my music as loud as possible while going over the speed limit (seriously, I hate driving slow. It really urks me. LOL) I’m also very picky about my coffee. I could keep going…and going…and going…but I’ll stop! Great post Trista! Thanks for sharing and I love that you know all of these days. That in itself is weird but I love it!

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  10. I think we all have corks. I have one too many probably but my worse one my hubby hates is that I don’t like to share my drinks or food. He is constantly trying to take a bite or drink my starbucks and I would gladly make him his own or buy him one but I dont like sharing. ahahah Selfish I know it really bothers him as much as it bothers me. Too funny. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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  11. Ahh I’m late on commenting but I’m glad I stopped by cause this post is the best!! I mean weirdest!! Ranch on pizza is my fave too.I’m similar to a 12 year old in that I like ketchup on a lot of things!! I will eat fries just so I can have the ketchup on them (aka not craving the fry, craving the ketchup). Thanks for linking #famjamlinky

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