~Heather And Girls Photo Shoot~

Recently I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with my friend Heather and her two girls.  I love photography and only wish I had a chance to do more of it (besides the gazillion pictures I take of my own kids).  I have taught myself to work quite well with photoshop and the in’s and out’s of my camera.

These were shot at sunset using a Canon 60D camera and edited with photoshop.

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photoshop #Canon60D

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photoshop

Heather And Girls Photo shoot #photography #photoshop #canon

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photograhy #photos #photoshop #memories

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photos #memories #photoediting

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photos #memories #photoediting #photoshop

Heather And Girls Photo Shoot #photography #photoshop #photoediting #photos #memories

If you would like to see more of my photography please visit here.

What is your go to photo editing program?  What kind of camera do you use?

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12 thoughts on “~Heather And Girls Photo Shoot~”

  1. I’m currently trying to learn Lightroom. I don’t need all photoshop has to offer, and since I’m not tech savvy at all, I figured I should go the simpler route. I’m always impressed by people who have mastered photoshop though!

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    1. I taught myself everything I know. I did take a class one time but I already knew about most of the stuff taught. I use Lightroom as well just a little but Photoshop is my main. You might like photoshop elements too…it’s like a tinier version of Photoshop.


  2. Those are really good Trista! If I lived closer, I would totally love for you to take pictures of me and my boys. Great job! You never know, you keep showing these maybe someone will eventually start paying you to do some professional work. That would be awesome! Thanks for sharing

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