Prehistoric Gardens ~ Gold Beach, OR

We discovered Prehistoric Gardens by accident while driving up the coast on our summer vacation this year.  It sits 17 miles north of Gold Beach, OR and is an absolute must stop if you have anyone in the car who loves dinosaurs!

All the dinosaurs are life size and the walking path leads you through a beautiful prehistoric/rainforest garden.  It’s been nestled along highway 101 since 1955.  The self guided tour, with a map, took us about an hour to complete and it’s easily stroller and wheelchair accessible.

Prehistoric Gardens Gold Beach OR vacation travel dinosaur exhibitEvery exhibit has a little sign with information about that particular dinosaur.  It even sounds out the proper pronunciation which was a good thing because some of those names I couldn’t pronounce if I tried.

There are 23 dinosaur exhibits total.  You aren’t allowed behind the fenced area which kind of made it hard with the kids wanting to “pet” all the dinosaurs but I can understand why they do it that way.  The history of the place took a lot of time and dedication to make.

Admission was $12 for adults and $8 for kids 3-12.  Seniors get a discount at $10 and children 2 and under are free.  I did find this to be a little pricey considering there were 6 of us and it took less than an hour, but I am sure that it takes a lot of money to maintain and pay for such a precious piece of land nestled near the coast.  Dogs are also allowed as long as they are on a leash and of course be courteous and clean up after them.  I hate when I see dog owners who let their dogs poo wherever and then don’t clean it up.Prehistoric Gardens Gold Beach OR vacation travel dinosaur exhibit

I also have to comment on how clean the restrooms were here.  I have 2 girls and anytime I come across a clean restroom it is a plus!  There is also a little gift shop with souvenirs to purchase at the end of the tour.

It was a great time spent and of course great exercise after being cooped up in the car for a while.

If you would like to check out their website click here.

For their Facebook page click here.

Prehistoric Gardens Gold Beach OR vacation travel dinosaur exhibit

Prehistoric Gardens Gold Beach OR vacation travel dinosaur exhibit

Prehistoric Gardens Gold Beach OR vacation travel dinosaur exhibit So if you ever find yourself traveling along highway 101 in southern Oregon, make sure you stop and check this place out!  Hopefully your children will cooperate more than mine did for taking a picture.

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38 thoughts on “Prehistoric Gardens ~ Gold Beach, OR”

  1. That is so cool! Over the summer I also found a mountain by accident. The mountain is hard to miss of course but I wasn’t looking for any hiking trails but I was looking for something to do with my boys so when I found some trails and that it led to a locally famous mountain nearby, it was an awesome find! Great post! Thanks for sharing! Visiting from #momsterlink

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    1. We plan to vacation on the coast again next year. Only not compacted in the camper next time. The kids wanted to go to the beach everyday so we decided next year we would just rent a place right on the beach :o) Good finds are always a plus! Thanks so much for linking!

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  2. Ah this sounds great! And it sounds like a beautiful spot too. I do like it when there are things like this near or on major roads…it beats a soggy sandwich at a service station and a run around the carpark. Stopping by from #momsterslink and this week hoping my comment problem is fixed!

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    1. I always have problems commenting on blogger for I am wordpress…totally understand. And yes we were so glad to have stumbled upon this place and to let the trolls…I mean kids…out of the car. Thanks so much for linking!


  3. Looks really nice and well taken care of. I like the fact that they allow doggy friends, too! Admission prices seem reasonable, but I agree that for a larger family it would be a lot for an hour long tour. Looks like the kiddies had Dino-mite time! (I couldn’t help myself) 🙂 Thanks for hosting #momsterslink!

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  4. My son loves dinosaurs and would absolutely love this. Shame it’s half a world away 🙂 We are getting a dinosaur land opening up at one of our theme parks next year though so if he’s still into dinosaurs then, I will definitely be taking him along to that 🙂

    Visiting from#Momsterslink. Thank for hosting 🙂

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