~Favorite Quote #21~

Favorite Quote #21 #quotes #inspirational

The older I get the more I realize that it’s not material possessions that mean the most.  It’s the ♥ love ♥ that you surround yourself in.  

The ♥ love ♥ that you give others.

 It’s watching the milestones of my children and my life transforming before my eyes.

 It’s the beauty of a crisp, cool, fall morning and being thankful that I’m alive and able to enjoy it.

 It’s being thankful for what you have and not always about what you want.  

It’s recognizing how lucky I am  that I am loved, I am safe, and I am free.

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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

27 thoughts on “~Favorite Quote #21~”

  1. I remember being told the story of Hellen Keller at Junior school. While I couldn’t tell you any quotes, I do remember being told the story of her and her achievements. It surely makes you appreciate the simple things in life, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing #candidcuddles

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  2. As a college assignment, I developed an entire middle school level unit of study on Helen Keller. She really was an amazing and inspiring woman. The quote you feature in this post is beautiful, and the words you chose to express your gratefulness are so very real. You’re a special person with a beautiful outlook on life, lovely Trista! xx #candidcuddles

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    1. You’re so nice to say such wonderful things Katie and such a valuable person I have met :0) I love watching little pieces of you and learning more about you even if it is only through social media I feel like I’ve known you a long time :0)


  3. Popping over from #candidcuddles =) I couldn’t agree more! I started getting rid of things and doing more/spending more time with the ones I love. Those memories are priceless.

    Come share your crafts, DIY’s, recipes & up-cycles at #2usestuesday (Mon PM to Fri PM) & your pinnable images at #Pinbellish (Fri AM to Tues AM) over at Sarah Celebrates if you don’t already!

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  4. Love, love, love this. I agree, the older I get I realize more and more what’s really important, and it’s the one’s you love. That they are happy, safe and all of us are free!!! Great quote.

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  5. Ahhh Trista – this quote is amazing & I love what you have written below it. Ironically I talk about autumn in my quote too, they are quite similar. Well, great minds & all i shouldn’t be surprised 😉 Thanks so much for linking up with #candidcuddles every week T! xx

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