That’s A Wrap ~ Week 1

That's A Wrap #souzaville weekly wrap up week at a glance

I have decided to do something new.  I have been in a bit of a blogging funk for a couple of weeks now and so in order not to continue in this humdrum of a stage I have decided to start a series entitled “That’s A Wrap” basically highlighting what I have been doing all week.  The things that tickled my fancy, choked me to near death, and various other stuff.

The beginning of the week was pretty smooth sailing with our normal routine of getting all the kids off to school in the mornings.  On Tuesday I took the girls to the park and then off to get slurpees with the beautiful weather.  Then as Wednesday rolled in I got a call from the school saying that my monster B was in the nurse’s office with a “pink” eye.  Lovely I thought as I hung up the phone.  Off to the doctor to confirm that yes indeed he did have pink eye which is a very contagious eye infection.

One doctors visit and a prescription later we are home and having to put drops in the eye every two hours and trying to explain to a 5, 4, and 3-year-old to avoid contact with one another.  **starts laughing**  Because at that point all I could do was laugh and hope that it didn’t spread to anyone else.

This also meant that my poor boy had to miss his school carnival fundraiser that he had been looking forward to since the day they announced it.  **sad mommy face**

Also rolling in with the pink eye was a rainy storm front ☔️which meant 3 toddlers stuck inside and a mommy trying to avoid the brink of insanity. That's A Wrap Salsa Fresh #cleaneating garden First I harvested some fresh veggies from the garden and made fresh salsa.  To say it’s 🔥a little on the spicy side is an understatement, and I swear that the longer it sits in the fridge the hotter it gets.

Then it was time to get the creativity flowing…

I got out every box of every form of art activity there was…including some of the Halloween projects that I had started last year. That's A Wrap art creativity halloween wreath holiday DIY

On the right is the start of a Halloween wreath…I plan to do a DIY post about it…maybe in time for next Halloween.   I had bought all the stuff to make it last year but that’s about as far as I got.

I am also working on a series of canvas monster paintings for the kids rooms.  Below is my first one.  He’s not quite done yet, just a few finishing touches to go.  In the top left corner is the pic in which I painted from.  The artist is  Check out his website he has some really cool art work.

That's A Wrap monsters canvas art painting

I also let the mini monsters get in on some Halloween creations of their own.  Katie at Growing Up Kater Tot had posted a pic on Facebook of a project she was doing with her little one and it sparked the idea for these…

That's A Wrap art creativity halloween fall seasons

This is what one’s kitchen table looks like after a day of myself and 3 toddlers creativity train…

That's A Wrap art crafts toddlers painting creativity

After a long day of arts and crafts, it was then time to settle into our new chairs that daddy picked up at the store along with the movie “Gremlins” a classic that oddly didn’t create nightmares…

That's A Wrap movie night toddlers chairs

Wrapping up the week monster B’s pink eye has almost cleared but we woke up to the lovely monster Z’s eye swollen shut so needless to say…the trying to keep them separated…was a complete fail **left eye starts to twitch**

We had a morning soccer game ⚽️ in 50*F weather.

And now I am watching the clouds roll in and the wind pick up wondering if there is going to be practice for monster M this afternoon.

And teenage monster M has his homecoming dance tonight.

There’s also a lovely bottle of wine…just patiently waiting for my day week to be over.🍷

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18 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap ~ Week 1”

  1. Great series idea! Love the monster poster and the Halloween wreath so far! It always makes me laugh when you have more than one young child and a doctor tells you not to let them touch each other due to infection. Yes, that never works. Hope all the pink eye is now gone! #KCACOLS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s gone in the 5 year old…3 year old is full on…and I keep checking the 4 year old every 20 minutes lol…and I swear my own eyes are starting to itch….I’ve got 3 bottles of germ x in full force and telling the kids everytime I see them touch their faces to go wash their hands ….the wine isn’t going down fast enough 🍷😜


  2. Great new series Trista! I’m looking forward to hearing your weekly round ups. I hope that’s the end of the pink eye! I love the kids chairs for watching the movie! You are awesome doing all of those arts & crafts! Your painting turned out soooo great!! x


  3. Congrats on your new weekly post series!! Love the title theme of “It’s a Wrap-” Super catchy! Pink eye is the worst. 😦 Poor kiddos- I hope it doesn’t pass to the other two and goes away quickly. I’m just loving your craft ideas and photos! Thank you so much for the mention! The kids’ trees came out adorable! Talented bunch you have there, just like mom!! It’d be so fun to read crafty posts that you write. I hope you can finish the wreath and get to blogging a how-to! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I like this new series. It is very entertaining!! And that was a very interesting week. It is so annoying when one of your kids have something contagious because you know that the rest will get it straight away. It is nothing you can do really ;-( Your series of canvas monsters are fantastic. You are very talented!! I wish I can do something like that! It is funny how your house ends up at the end of a day when you have to keep your kids indoors. It is always like if a hurricane has passed through your house right? LOL Anyway, thank you so much for linking up with me at #KCACOLS I really appreciate your support!!! And I hope to see you again next week!! 😉 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Even when the kids go outside my house somehow ends up in ruins. Just part of parenthood. I read a sign once that said “pardon the mess, my kids are busy making memories” and it really made sense. Sometimes you just have to let kids be kids and make messes. Congrats on your new linky and yes I will gladly be back again!


  5. I really like this idea for a blog post, sorry about the pink eye 😦 the craft table looks immense and I love your children’s creations. My go to for the children is baking I’m not so good at the crafts although I do try. Hope the pink eye doesn’t spread x #lovelythings

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Laura :0) I just really haven’t come up with anything to write about lately so I will just blog for now! The pink eye spread to all 3…took them all 3 to the doctor and they are all starting a script and hopefully we will get it cleared up!


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