~19 Crimes Wine~

19 Crimes Wine red

It has been a while since I have shared a post about my latest flavor of wine.  My newest love is an Australian wine brand called 19 Crimes.  Actually I was introduced to this wine quite some time ago but just haven’t got around to blogging about it.  So I figured why not blog about it for #foodpornthursdays.

I used to be a majority white wine drinker.  Like the sweet, full of calories, kind of white wine.  Then when I started reading more about the health benefits of red wine I gradually started to switch.  What I love about 19 Crimes is that it’s a red, with just a hint of sweet and pepper to it. 19 Crimes Wine red It’s like a little warm explosion on your tongue with the hints of shiraz, pinot noir, grenache, cabernet sauvignon and a very intense blackcurrant aroma.

Of course like a lot of red wine it’s best to open the bottle and leave it decant for at least an hour.  I have actually left the bottle open over night and then came back the next evening to almost a completely different bottle of wine.  So tasty!  You can also read my review on the Wine Vinturi Gadget which can help speed up the process.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find it for sale here in my little town unless I want to spend twice the price and buy it at the local wine bar. 19 Crimes Wine reds Therefore when I venture to the city I usually stop and stock up.  On the right is my idea of stocking up.  YES that is 10 bottles of 19 Crimes and 3 bottles of another kind of wine that I had picked up for a friend…I swear those 3 were for my friend.

The history of the wine’s name is from a list of 19 crimes that sent Brits, who were accused of felonies, off to the penal colony in Australia.  In doing this they also hoped to open the door to wine drinking amongst the young male population.  I do have to admit that the look of the bottle is rugged.  You can learn more about the story behind the label here.


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20 thoughts on “~19 Crimes Wine~”

  1. The name is quite cool. Im teetotal myself, but the hubster likes a good red, so I may have to source this ome out for him to try.#foodpornthursdays


  2. Interesting name! I don’t drink wine but found your post interesting. We stock up on food items we cant get locally, or local items when they are on sale to save money long term. It’s a good idea.

    Angela x


  3. Pre-kids, my wife and I used to enjoy a bottle of wine or two, during the week. And like most, we preferred white, followed by rose, then, very occasionally, we would have a bottle of red.

    However, these days, we’re lucky if we get to have a glass of wine, every other week! In fact, after reading your post, I went and checked the labels on our red wine collection. One or two read 2000 & 2001 whilst the others are from the 2005 / 2006 era.

    I’m not quite sure we’d want to drink them now, even if we had the opportunity!

    Thanks for hosting #foodpornthursdays

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      1. Like many, my wife and I don’t believe in drink driving. But as a precaution, we don’t drink anything if we know we have to drive. This also includes getting up early in the morning. It’s just something we don’t do.

        However, one evening, we had both had a drink (a very small shot of cheap, peach schnapps & lemonade), when Joshua suddenly become ill. We managed to get a Doctors, out of hours appointment but had to drive.

        Whilst we were both within the legal limit, I was very unhappy about it but needs must. When we got to the Doctors, Joshua needed to go to the hospital and an ambulance was called.

        My wife went with Joshua, whilst I got in the car. As I pulled out to follow the ambulance, I discovered I had pulled out in front of a police car. By now, although I was driving legal, I was feeling very nervous. Fortunately, the police could see I was with the ambulance and they pulled over. By this time, they had long gone. but it’s not like I didn’t know where they were going!

        The whole experience was one I wouldn’t want to experience again and after that, we cut down on drinking. As a rule, we now don’t drink if the boys are ill, just in case, especially as Joshua has now been taken to hospital twice in an ambulance on unrelated issues.

        I guess the lesson here is that you just don’t know what’s around the corner, especially when you have kids.

        And that’s why we’ve cut down on the wine!

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      2. Totally understandable 😉👍🏼 I really don’t drink to get buzzed unless I’m having a get together or out to paint the town…even then it’s limited as I can’t handle hangovers anymore since having children. I drink wine because I truly enjoy the taste and a glass or two after a long day helps me to relax as I’m a naturally high strung person.


  4. I used to be a white wine drinker too but since I moved to France I’ve tried red & love it, in moderation of course 🙂 Sounds a delicious wine Trista, thanks for sharing x

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    1. The thing I love about wine is that I can have a glass or two and not feel like I am out of control of anything. I am just able to relax which sometimes is a precious need when dealing with 3 toddlers all day. Thanks for popping over to say hello Sarah :o)


  5. I thought I had commented on your lovely wine post already – sorry T! I hope we can share a bottle together some day! And by the way, no one is believing the friend story lol #foodpornthursdays x

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    1. You’re so silly. Shhhh don’t tell anyone. I too hope we can share a bottle or 2 someday. I have so many points built up on my credit card I could probably fly to you for free. It’s just finding someone to stay with the children that’s the hard part. Thanks for being my fellow hostess with the mostess always 😘


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