~That’s A Wrap Week 2~

That's A Wrap Week 2

This week I believe has been busier then the last.  The spawn of the pink eye, that we thought we had under control, reared its ugly head 😷 again Thursday morning.  Another trip to the doctor with all toddlers in tow and a different eye drop prescription and hopefully we will get it all under control.  I feel like I have washed sheets everyday!  Oh wait CAUSE I HAVE!  Not to mention that makes 4 school days that have been missed because of this nasty contagion.

I also had some internet issues this week that caused a delay in my Thursday launch of #momsterslink. Not only that but whatever was in the techno air also caused a tweak in my brain.  I made several mistakes this week including typing a link to my Facebook page wrong in a thread, listing my hostess post for #momsterslink incorrectly, and calling a fellow blogger THE WRONG NAME!  Sorry Clare@MudpieFridays  She has a fabulous blog…please be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

The weather has been wonderful but strange here lately.  We had some rain followed with warm sunny 80*F days.  The garden is still producing lots of tomatoes and a various assortment of peppers.  The basil has attracted a swarm of bees that are pesky little f**kers buzzers but I just leave them alone as I know they are important for the environment.  I am also allergic, so I truly must leave them alone.  But because we still have an enormous amount of goodies coming out of the garden I have been trying to come up with stuff to eat using the garden fresh veggies in everything.

That's A Wrap Week 2

Also did you know that you can pick tomatoes from the vine while they are green, place them in a cardboard box, close the lid, and they will ripen!  It really works!  And they taste delicious!

My son had his homecoming dance last Saturday night.  Him and his girlfriend Bessie looked adorable of course. That's A Wrap Week 2 I must say that I thought her dress was very tasteful compared to some of the dresses I saw strewn across various social medias that moms let their 15-year-old girls wear.  Call me old-fashioned but at that age…any age really…sometimes it’s better to leave a little to the imagination.

The hubsters and I had a fab evening out to dinner with some friends from his work.  We went to our local restaurant called “The Martin”.That's A Wrap Week 2  It has such a history there and I will surely be blogging about it someday.  They serve everything basque style and it’s so delicious that I even love the cow tongue….yes you read that right…cow tongue.

I wrapped up the week with a “me” day in the city.  I had my year-long ongoing adventure of a sleeve tattoo worked on.  It’s so close to being done and I am loving how it is coming together.That's A Wrap Week 2 tattoos batteborn tattoo shop Tim Burton  If you are ever in Reno, Nevada and looking to get some tattoo work done I highly recommend Archie at Battleborn Tattoo.  He’s been the owner there now 11+ years and has done work on both my husband and myself.

I also got my hair touched-up so nothing new to picture with that.  And to end the day I enjoyed some “all-you-can-eat” sushi from the Sushi Pier. That's A Wrap Week 2 sushi pier I was entertained my a mother and daughter team sitting next to me who were enjoying sake bombs and trying to get our sushi chef to smile.  They failed miserably.  But I had a good laugh with them in their efforts.

I then came home to the children already in bed and I nestled into mine and watched the movie “Insidious 3” which I had started to watch the night before but fell asleep.  I love scary movies and I must admit this one had me a bit spooked.  Here’s the trailer if you dare….

Have a fabulous week my friends!

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17 thoughts on “~That’s A Wrap Week 2~”

  1. I hope the kiddos feel better soon! Lilly has been sick this past week as well and I can relate to the daily bedsheets washing being a pain 😑 I’m currently ottomh with her asleep in my lap because she wakes up and cries every time I try to put her down! I’ve been sitting like this for the past hour or 2 so there’s that 😁

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    1. Mine all feel fine …all hyper as hell…just running around with eyes that are red and irritated. What a good mommy you are…I don’t think I could handle anyone on me for that long…when they were little babies yes but now that they are toddlers it’s “here, come lay next to me and I’ll stroke your hair” lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a week!!! I hope the plague is gone this time!! I can’t imagine washing sheets everyday 😁 what a nightmare. Your tattoo is really coming along great! No way I’m watching that trailer – I don’t know how you watch those movies!! Ahh! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. the Momster is endlessly entertaining and full of been-there-done-that’s for “old” Mom to reminisce. (where is spell check when I need it?) and why are they making me sign in again to follow…and they don’t like my email address. anyway…hope everyone gets over their illnesses soon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm it might have been the changing of my theme but I’m not quite positive. I’ve had a whacky techno week so it could be anything. Thanks for taking the time to stop and comment though…I always love your comments 😉


  4. You’ve been a busy bee, just like those garden invaders you have! Your foods look amazing, and I still wish we could eat and craft together. One day! I had no idea that you could ripen a green tomato in a closed box- neat-o! Hoping the pink eye epidemic ends soon so you can get off the laundry train- ugh! Scary movies aren’t for me, so I’ll be skipping out on the trailer watching! xx #AnythingGoes

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  5. Sounds like you have a pretty rough week! Hope the kids’ eyes are a bit better! Loving the sleeve 🙂 Lovely pic of your son and his girlfriend, you are right, her dress is lovely and very tasteful
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I seriously felt like an old lady talking about a dress being appropriate but I have seen some real “whoa wtf are you wearing” dresses on social media since homecoming season started. Thanks for hostessing Debbie 😘


  6. When it rains it pours! Wow, it looks like you had some week! I do love what you’ve done with all your fresh veg…I always struggle to use the veggies up before they go rotten…the joys of everything being ripe at the same time. And your tattoo is gorgeous! Swung by from #anythinggoes

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  7. If it makes you feel better I liked the new time for Momsterlink much better. Hope the kids get better soon. Good for your boy’s girl on her dress. I can’t believe how these girls dress nowadays. I must be too old. Love the tat


    1. I have thought about switching it to Friday’s because it’s so much for me to launch it and foodpornthursdays back to back…maybe I’ll take a vote this week 😉 ….I almost feel better feeling old at raising kids sometimes…not old but wise 😉 We have to be one step ahead of our kids always.


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