Hands Off

Well imagine my surprise  when I woke up this morning to learn that Gwen Stefani’s new song is related to the recent divorce of her and Gavin Rossdale!  WHAT!?!?  I am just learning of this news and it happened in August?!?!

But that’s not what this post is about….

There are allegations, which based on their history I am going to say are true about Gavin Rossdale cheating.  But even that is not what this post is about…

This post is about the woman who came forth and said she was the one he cheated with.  Why didn’t you just say no to him?  You knew he was married.  And you knew his wife was deeply in love with him so why….oh why didn’t you just find your girl power somewhere and say NO!  Even if they weren’t in love with each other, or having problems where their marriage was vulnerable…why not just wait to approach him after the marriage has resolved …on paper…signed by both parties? They weren’t even separated…they JUST HAD A BABY LAST YEAR!  And if the truth is that you are their nanny…then really shame on you! You will never be anything but a cliche’. Enjoy that title.

Hands Off cheating relationships marriage

What is with being a home wrecker?

I see it all the time, read about it all the time, girls pursuing married men…knowing they are married and vice versa. Like somewhere, along the way, when someone says ‘I’m married”, the meaning, has flown clean out the window. What is wrong with people? Why cheat? Oh I know why cause you’re fucking insecure that’s why.

If a man or woman tells you that they are married…back the fuck off! Why does someone always want what someone else has…enough to destroy a family over it? Does that make you feel good about yourself in some way? If I was Gwen Stefani I would sue the nanny just to make a point. The nanny knew what the situation was and yet it didn’t stop her from being with him. Let’s face it, some men don’t think with their heads…not men like Gavin Rossdale anyway. Piece of shit. Piece of shit nanny.

15 years of marriage…just gone…because a man thought with his penis instead of using his brain. I hope his fame and fortune fail…I hope karma bites him in the ass just like it did Tiger Woods cause let’s face it…that man hasn’t been on top of the golfing world since he was caught cheating.

Oh and I know women do it too. Probably more than most think they do. Women just hide it better is all. It takes more then someone waving their genitals around for a woman to cheat. Studies show that women usually cheat because of an emotional connection…men cheat cause they can’t keep their dick in their pants. It doesn’t matter how much they love someone…when someone comes along flashing the goods it’s like the penis takes over stupidity sets in.  Now I am not saying all men and women, but some.  The weak ones.

Hands Off cheating marriage relationships

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12 thoughts on “Hands Off”

  1. Something had to be broken way before that if he did cheat(Gwen Stefani case) and he was just too much of a punk (I’m assuming to speak out loud) and from the song, she says he doesn’t know how to love. Anyway there’s never just one moment and if there isn’t enough honest communication in the relationship another pair genitals is the least of their problems. But I do wish there was more respect for marriage when people are brave enough to actually make that plunge.


    1. Yes the biggest downfall of most relationships is that communication begins to fail. I also think her career has constantly progressed while his has been so so (which now I hope fails completely) …just like any marriage there are strains ..it’s all in how you go about working at it.

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      1. If you actually want to work on it. If ego is involved, there is no amount of talking that will work. Being in a long term relationship means thinking us not I, so that is also huge in “normal” people relationships.

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  2. I have no idea about this particular scenario. However, let’s address this whole “nanny” situation for the stars and basically any wealthy person…

    The woman are DUMB if they hire anyone that is basically “fuckable.” Seriously, have grandma stay and take care of kids… or an older nanny that there is NO WAY in hell there’s a chance for hanky-panky. You want someone like Mrs. Doubtfire, or that other Nanny with the thing on her nose or face. No one under 35.. maybe 40 (if they look good) Preferably someone that doesn’t know who you/your husband are, so there’s no “star-struck” crap going on either… no one angling to get pregnant and have a love child, etc.

    I think that same thing happened with Ethan Hawk and Uma Thurman. Ethan is now married to that nanny with 2 kids.

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    1. I agree with you…I would never put temptation right in the middle of my living room. It’s everywhere else bad enough. At the same time both men and woman need to practice better self control …it’s just horrible that people have to be stupid and weak.


  3. Celebrity marriages never seem to last. Women probably throw themselves at Gavin all the time. Not that I’m excusing it – I think cheating is an awful thing to do to someone & it’d destroy their trust – but I’d blame the husband more than the woman he cheated with. He made the promises & should keep them. x

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  4. Ugh– makes me sick!!! I feel terribly for Gwen and just as badly for the baby! With divorce rates as high as they are, this doesn’t surprise me- especially since celebrity marriages seem to never last! Nobody deserves to be cheated on. It’s a heartless action that must be incredibly hard to forgive. 😦

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  5. Women aren’t the only ones who go after married people. Of course you mentioned that. I had a male friend once who tried to take advantage of my troubled marriage but attempting to manipulate me into being with him. He literally wanted me to take my son (I only had the one at the time) and leave my life with my ex behind and move in with him. Clearly he didn’t know me very well but he thought he did. That guy, to this day, is a real piece of work. He had no respect for my marriage, for me, or for my son and the fact that he thought I’d be weak enough to fall for his bullshit just royally pissed me off. Then, when he found out that I was leaving my ex years later, he tried manipulating me again, saying all kinds of weird shit to me. I’ve also had a few men approach me and when I would show them my wedding ring, they said, “What’s that got to do with me?” WTF?? Douche bags! I’m sorry this happened to Gwen. She can do better though and she will. I watch her on The Voice and I think she’s great!

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    1. Oh I know men are notorious for hitting on married women too. My husband and I were out about a month ago and a guy hit on me with my husband right there…and kept persisting! It was absurd! Even after I asked him to please back off! I mean I’m flattered that I still look good enough to be approached but once I say back off then just listen! I’m glad you didn’t give into that piece of shit. People like that are trash!

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      1. Wow! With your husband right there! Damn! That’s some stupidity right there. That’s the kind of shit that bring S out my inner Bitch. For some reason men like that thing that if they’re persistent enough they can win over any woman and that disrespect is what pisses me off the most. Some types of people I will never understand.

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