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The Types Of People You Will Most Likely Encounter At The Gym

I have recently decided that it is time to get serious about my health.  For one, I went to the doctor and I am borderline diabetic.  Diabetes runs in my family and I had gestational with all 3 of my pregnancies so I am high risk for developing it.  I want to try everything in my power not to.

gym people funny humor workout fitness

So lately after dropping the kids off at school, instead of coming back home and plopping in front of the computer to blog, I have been dragging my ass to hitting the gym.  Now I know I have started this regimen time and time before and then somewhere I get lazy side tracked and I quit going.  Not this time.  It’s time for me to wake up and realize that if I want to be here for the milestones of my children’s lives then I need to stick to a health plan.

Now the gym is such a fun place to people watch.  There are so many various types of individuals.

The slacker.  The one who walks on the treadmill at a very slow speed with no incline.  They stare at the television and pretty much are only there to say that they went to the gym.  They usually have on several layers of clothing so that they sweat and actually look like they had a good workout.

gym people humor funny fitness workout

The beefcake.  He’s the one that struts around with barely anything on, flexing his muscles in the mirror, and constantly staring at himself.  Yo dude! stare at yourself when you get home…you look like a damn freak!  And those veins!  And no I don’t need to pay you to train me to look like you…thank you.

people gym workouts fitness humor

The gossip girls.  They are just there literally to stand around and chit chat.  Sure they might walk on the treadmill or hop on a bike but they are always talking about “who did this” and “who said that”.  They also usually always have their make-up on perfectly, their hair looking like they just stepped out of the salon, some huge earrings on, some $300 workout outfit, and they never break a sweat.

people at the gym, workouts,

The pick up artists.  They have somehow gotten the gym confused with the night club.  Yes I realize that maybe someone would like to meet someone that’s healthy and cares about how they look, but don’t make it obvious by trying to talk to every person of the opposite sex in hopes that you will snag a date.

The creeper.  Usually in male form.  Staring at anything with boobs and a vagina.  They stand staring in the windows of the aerobic classes as if they are invisible…but trust me dude, we SEEπŸ‘€ you.  They also always seem to be using every piece of equipment you are using or there every time you turn around.  Try very hard not to make eye contact with them unless it’s to strike a “WTF?” look.

The overachiever.  These are the ones who must use every piece of equipment there is.  Usually sweating all over it and failing to wipe it down after they are done.  They grunt and drop the weights on the floor in order to draw attention to the fact that they are so fabulous at building that physique.  They are usually loud and will talk to anyone within ear distance about how they work out, what they eat, how many calories they burned, etc.

The moms.  They have dropped the kids at school or daycare and show up with sheet rash lines still indented upon their faces.  Usually dressed in whatever yoga pants or sweats that they went to bed in.  They have already had 3 cups of coffee and suddenly realize that they have 2 different shoes on but they don’t care because they are just happy to have time to themselves.

gym people funny humor workout fitness

The trophy wives.  Their kids are grown so they have hours to spend at the gym trying to reverse the hands of time so that their husband doesn’t leave them for the office secretary.  Their bodies don’t have an ounce of flab and their workout clothes fit perfectly.  They look like they just stepped off the set of a Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred” video.

The wanderers.  They are the ones who wander aimlessly looking at each piece of equipment, intimidated that they aren’t quite sure how to use it.  Afraid that they may fail miserably if they attempt to try to get on it.  They then try to look up said equipment on their cell phone and with no prevail start texting their buddies while sitting on the piece of equipment.  The same piece of equipment that you are waiting to use but they don’t notice because now they are engrossed in a phone conversation with whoever is on the other end of the line.

people at the gym workout fitness humor

What I would rather be doing at the gym…

gym people funny humor workout fitness


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46 thoughts on “The Types Of People You Will Most Likely Encounter At The Gym”

  1. Lol.yes great people watching!!!
    I feel I am a mix between a gossip girl and the mom description. I definitely break a sweat when there, thanks to fit bit I know my heart rate and try to stay in a particular range for as long as possible!!!

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  2. I’m in the same boat. Gestational diabetes with both kids. Always “elevated” blood sugar levels… diabetes in family, risk- and I keep gaining weight. I keep trying to diet. 😦 I’ve been getting on my refurbished “spin” bike. Not daily, but a few times.

    AND I watched the very same people at the gym. Hahahah

    I’m the in-betweener. Or and don’t forget about the spa people… they just go for the Jacuzzi or steam room and spend an exorbitant amount of time hanging out in the locker room. Drying hair, grooming, and just being there. I never can figure them out.

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  3. HA! I suppose we would fall in “The Mom” category! Can you believe I’ve never set foot in a gym to workout in my life?! I think I need to change that, even just to experience it once. I’m more of a “work out at home” kind of person. I do need to scope out a gym to see all that you’re talking about!! I love people watching! Oh, and more importantly. GO YOU!! Work it, Trista!!! πŸ™‚ xx

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  4. Haha! Brilliant list πŸ™‚
    Those people who sweat everywhere and don’t wipe down the equipment – ugh! Make me shudder.
    This guy always makes me laugh when I think of types of gym-goers:

    I think I have my own category: Frazzled Mum on a Time Limit – I’m there to get in, work out, and get out within the crΓ¨che hour limit. I have no time for your chit-chatting, gym socialising. I don’t want to sign up to a class. Nor do I want to take part in the latest “challenge”. Just let me get on with my workout, dang it!


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  5. hahaha this is hilarious!!! LOL You are right you can see all of these type of people in the gym. I haven’t joined the gym since I had Sienna but I’m sure I will be one of the mums that just go happy thinking that finally I get sometime free!! Very funny Trista!! Welcome back!! πŸ™‚ xx

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  6. Haha I am a mum/overachiever highbrid :p I look disheveled and unorganised but once I get going I know what i’m doing (or at least thats the illusion I give :p) Thanks for sharing another great post! #KCACOLS

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  7. hahah this is spot on – have definitely seen these types at some point when going to the gym! Good on you for going and keeping it up though!

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday! x


  8. Heee hee that made me chuckle, pre Hubby, pre child I use to go the gym five times a week! Needless to say I am now 3 dress sizes bigger and about 12 years older. One day I will go back. I salute you for having the motivation and I hope you move off the borderline soon xx #babybrainmondays

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  9. I have commented this post already but I wanted to come back and say thanks so much Trista for sharing this at #KCACOLS. Welcome back to this linky and also to blogging!! I hope you had a great and relaxed break!! I love having you here and appreciate your support!! πŸ™‚ xx

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  10. This one of my 2 faves from last week’s #BabyBrainMonday. SO funny. So accurate. I remember the makeup adorned girls from my Paris gym days in the 90’s. I’d sweat like a pig after a strenuous workout and the idea of makeup mixed in with that sweat? Yeeeucch. But then the gossip girls don’t sweat. The creeper; yuk and so true. LMAO at the guys getting the gym mixed up with a nightclub. And the mums after school drop off!
    Great post Hon. Thanks for linking up.


  11. lol this is brilliant! I haven’t gone to the gym in years but your descriptions bring back so many memories. You really nailed it. I laughed at the man using the bike & the lady with the martini glass! Brilliant! x

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