Love Who You Are Today

This morning I was listening to my morning Pandora radio as I was huffing and puffing along on the treadmill and I am not sure what the song was that came on but it was basically about being afraid of getting old and looking aged.  That there isn’t beauty in growing old.

Now I will agree that I get upset every time I see a new gray hair appear on my head or a laugh line on my face, especially since I usually have “resting bitch face” going on.  I have always tried to take good care of my skin since becoming a licensed aesthetician over 20 years ago.

 self confidence youth beauty 
 I lather on the sunscreen…sometimes I forget the other parts of my body but I always have it on my face.  I wear hats and sunglasses.  But the truth is that someday…if I am lucky enough to live a long healthy life…I am still going to look…old.

I can remember at a very early age having an issue about my body image.  I was a tall girl.  Taller than the majority of my friends and back then I didn’t appreciate it at all.  I wanted to be short.  I hated being the tall drink of water that entered a room.

Then around 8th grade my boobs started developing.  I remember being in the locker room and watching girls stuff tissue into their bras and all I could think was “why the fuck are you doing that?”  Cause I was over here trying to smash mine into a 2 sizes too small bra, then a sports bra, and then the biggest t-shirt or sweatshirt I could find.  I even tried duct taping them to my body once.  Yes no joke … But feel free to laugh because it hurt like hell taking it off.  Not the brightest moment of my teenage years.

I look at pictures of me now from when I was in high school and think to myself…wow you dumb girl…why didn’t you love yourself more…you had the body of a Victoria Secret’s model for fucks sake!


Ok I might be exaggerating a bit but just saying.   But as the years went on I was just never satisfied with the way my body was.  And now when I see pictures of myself from previous years I think…how come I didn’t think I was skinny enough or pretty enough?How come the majority of women are never satisfied with what they look like?  

I guess what I am trying to say is this…enjoy who you are…love yourself today…tomorrow you will be older…next year you might have gained a few pounds…have more gray hair…more laugh lines.  Especially you young teenage girls that I see on social media everyday complaining about how ugly and fat you are.  SHUT THE FUCK UP and love yourself because you will never be that age, in that moment, ever again.

I have more confidence now in my 40’s than I did in my teens and as ridiculous as that may sound…it’s true!   I no longer try to smash my boobs down and actually these days won’t buy a shirt that isn’t a v-neck.  I go to the gym not because I feel fat but because I want to feel healthier and have more energy.  Ok yeah, and I like to rock my jeans  feel better in my clothing.  I’d also like to take some boudoir pictures while my body still has elasticity to it. I encourage every woman to take some.  Put them in a keepsake box, make a calendar for your husband …hell do some hot pictures WITH your husband or boyfriend!  *By the way I am a photographer and would love to do a session of a couple…just putting that out there **grins**

 youth beauty confidence couples  
So ladies I say embrace the age you are and I believe there is beauty in every age and like I said before, if you are lucky enough to make it to old age embrace it because not everyone is lucky enough to get the chance.signature5


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38 thoughts on “Love Who You Are Today”

  1. Very well said! This is very very true! Sad, but true… I find myself doing the very same thing, getting sad over how I look now and regretting not loving my body more when I was younger.. I’ll probably look back at my present self from the future and wonder why I didn’t love myself more! Vicious cycle..

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  2. I was the short girl who developed boobs in the fifth grade and always wanted to be taller because of it. I didn’t just develop the boobs though. My hips, thighs, and butt widened considerably and I remember being teased about it. Now that I’m older though, I think along the same lines as you. I have a teenage niece who is beautiful but she has a father and stepmother who is constantly berating her and the social media doesn’t help so I’m always telling her the opposite of what those naysayers tell her. It took me a long ass time to get comfortable in my skin and I won’t let my niece have those same body image issues. Between me and my sister (her mother), I hope she is listening. It does seem that as we get older though, we women get more confidant about ourselves. Maybe it’s the life experiences or that we finally get to a point when we say “fuck it!”

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  3. So true!! I think every girl feels hideous as a teen & then looks back & thinks that they would kill for the figure they had!! I’m more confident in my 30s then ever before but a lot of the reason I exercise is for health to be around as long as possible for my kids. My priorities re fitness have really changed! 😊

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  4. Oh I totally agree. I often look back at pics of myself 10 years ago and think “wow, I was so slim and pretty. WTF happened”. And then I remember that I hated my body back then just as much as I do now. Basically, these are the good old days lol. I’m never going to look better than I do right now. (Actually when put like that it’s a little depressing lol).

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    1. I do the same thing…I’ve been working out and eating right and doing my best and then Thanksgiving day hit and now I’m feeling sluggish and tired …I have been lying here for an hour trying to convince myself it’s time to get up and get my ass to the gym.

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  5. This Trista. All of this!! I totally didn’t appreciate my teenage body. I stuffed my twenties body full of things that were no good for it and while I do the same to my thirties body I now exercise because otherwise how am I going to keep up with two energetic little boys?? #kcacols

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  6. I love this post! So true – we never appreciate what we have as teenagers. I was slim with long red hair but all I ever felt was ugly and ashamed – now I feel far more confident and comfortable in my own skin. Currently pregnant I do have the worry of how I’ll get my figure back but I won’t be succumbing to the pressure from the media demanding I’m back in a bikini within 4 weeks of birth! I totally agree with you – be proud of what you’ve got xxx #KCACOLS

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    1. You have earned whatever your body goes through during pregnancy. Embrace it! If you choose to work out after do it to be healthy not skinny! Too much emphasis on body image and it just needs to stop. Thank you for popping over and taking the time to read and comment πŸ’ŒTrista

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  7. Hi there. I love your post. You are so spot on with this. Like with a lot of things these days. This is absolutely true for anyone really! Love the skin you’re in, live your life to the fullest and don’t ever listen to the magazines, newspapers, etc who want to tell what you should aspire to look & feel like! #KCACOLS
    By the way thanks a lot for your visit & comment over @ my blog!

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  8. I agree with you here. I saw a quote on facebook the other day (yes one I didnt actually dislike!!) that said I wish I was as large as I was the first time I thought I was fat. That pretty much sums me up. I had the boobs and the tiny waist but all I saw were my thunder thighs.
    I am more accepting of myself now, even though I am definately fat and the reason why is because I have a wonderful husband who compliments me every day.

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  9. The amount of times I think back to my pre-pregnancy body and remember how I hated it, now what I wouldn’t give to go back to pre-stretchmarked/ saggy skin me – but then again I am a lot healthier now than i was then so there are lots of things to love about myself now! Thanks for sharing, it’s nice to be reminded πŸ™‚ #AnythingGoes

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  10. Great advice Trista! I think the same thing about myself. I was so critical of the way I looked & now, looking back I wish I had that body again! It’s good to gain confidence as we mature lol It’s great to have you back on the blog hun! Love the positivity xx

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    1. Thank you friend. It’s nice having a break from the linky…but it shall return. Hopefully with some new people I am meeting in my “just blogging basics” time. It was kind of cool though today…we went out to lunch to eat and someone came up and said they loved Domesticated Momster. Made me realize people do actually read it. 😌

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  11. I agree with you, i used to spend a lot of time in the mirror moaning that something didn’t look right when really looking back i should have just enjoyed myself although i think it is easier said then done as i can now look back with wiser thoughts. I hate the idea of getting old and try to to dwell on it but instead be thankful for my health and my family. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

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    1. I really try hard not to put emphasis on negativity about my body…especially raising 2 girls … I want them to always love who they are…as mothers we all want that for our children and it really does start with how we act about it in front of them.


  12. I completely agree with you, we should just enjoy ourselves and forget about the imperfections as we are wasting so much time doing that instead of just embrace it and be happy. I know it is more easy to say it than do it but I should be trying my best to practice this as it is not good to feel down about it. I know I will never look like how I was when I was younger especially after having 2 girls. And I think you are right in saying that we should give the good example to our girls. Thanks for sharing such a great post at #KCACOLS. I love it and I love having you here too!!! πŸ™‚ xx
    P.S: I couldn’t find the #KCACOLS badge for this week 😦


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