That’s A Wrap ~ November 28, 2015

That's A Wrap Week 2

Did everyone survive the Thanksgiving holiday?  I did by stuffing the turkey with Xanax and consuming large amounts of wine.

However…I forgot to take a single picture of the food that I slaved away in the kitchen all day making.  **wipes her nose with her sleeve**

bitmoji Thanksgiving2015 turkey feast

We woke up to a wonderful white Thanksgiving morning where the snow actually was stuck to the ground and the kids of course scurried around in search of any snow gear that fit.  Their daddy doesn’t like them going out in the cold without being bundled up like the poor boys from “Christmas Story”.  I say let them go out how they want…they will defrost.

Thanksgiving holidays snow kids

My father joined us for Thanksgiving this year and he even stayed at our house instead of a hotel or in his Winnebago.  I made sure I had plenty of Bacardi and coke on hand for him.  This pic was taken after he had a couple of them.

Thanksgiving2015 grandparents fun humor

Earlier in the week I volunteered to help with my mini monster B’s class feast. 23 kids, 8 parents, and a shit ton whole lot of food made for quite the chaotic event but watching my son light up as I walked through his classroom door and telling his teacher that “his mommy is awesome” was all worth it.  Mine would be the one in the red shirt consuming his “turkey figurine made from Oreos” while his plate of food sits untouched an arm length away.

kindergarden feast Thanksgiving2015 turkey food yummy

On Friday afternoon we took the entire Souzaville clan to pick out our 2015 Christmas tree.  We also got it home all in one piece and even decorated it and got the rest of the Christmas decorations up.

Christmas2015 tree decorations

Earlier in the week I had made little beaded tree decorations shaped like candy canes and wreaths with the kids.  (You can find the link on my Everything Christmas Pinterest board)  I guess I am kind of making this into a tradition so that when they are older they can see the ones they have made along the years.  Last year it was globes with their handprints but I don’t think one of them made it to see the light of this year so we may have to redo those.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and remembered all that there is to be thankful for.  I know I have tons to be thankful for each and everyday.

Have a fabulous week!

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8 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap ~ November 28, 2015”

  1. How is it possible that you got snow before I did?! Lol! I am in love with the snow photos! The kiddos look like they’re having a blast! No less fun than riding on your dad’s back, though. 🙂

    We also have a tradition of making a special ornament each year for the tree. My daughter gives them as gifts to family, and I save one for our tree as well. Handmade holiday items make for the best memories! I’m off to check your Pinterest board to see the beaded candy canes and wreaths. I bet they are adorable! xx


    1. Yes I will be getting the paints and stuff out this week to make stuff for the grandparents in hopes I can get them sent off in time for Christmas. I am such a horrible procrastinator. Tomorrow is hubby’s bday and he took the day off so we are going out to celebrate tonight so who knows what condition I will be in tomorrow lol.


  2. lol why would you eat dinner when there’s oreos right there? I think that was a mistake now T, the dessert should have been served after dinners were done here. 😉 Your tree is gorgeous, I can’t wait to put ours up!! We visited Santa & went shopping this weekend so it’s on the list for next weekend yay!! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The teacher actually put the cookies on the table while they were all getting their plates of food but it was so cute watching all of them laugh and eat. We are going to visit Santa on Saturday in the city and a parade and tree lighting…super excited. We are pretty much done with the shopping for the kids …now just time for wrapping 😁.

      Liked by 1 person

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