National Bartender Appreciation Day

 bartending national bartender appreciation day cocktails 
It’s Friday and National Bartender Appreciation Day!  So all you people that are going to be  falling off of  occupying your favorite bar stool and complaining about this or that to the man or woman standing in front of you pouring the goodies…make sure to tell them how much you appreciate them putting up with all your bullshit crap!

 bartending national bartender appreciation day cocktails 
Let’s face it, bartenders are a bit like psychiatrists in the fact that they will sit and listen to what’s going on in your life while also being relatively similar to a pharmacist with a large supply of liquid medication.  Although they don’t get paid quite as much so try to remember that when tipping them.

Are you a good tipper of your bartender? And I’m not talking about giving them advice on how to pour your drink.  I’m talking about money, cash, bills, moula, the exchange of your money into your bartenders hands.  Try and remember that most bartenders don’t even make minimum wage to sit there and wet your whistle while lending their ear to your jibberish.

 bartending national bartender appreciation day

This  guy here looks very happy with his bartender.  Although he probably won’t be too happy in the morning when he wakes with his face planted on the floor next to the toilet a screaming headache from the alcohol that is withdrawing from his sytem.

So to all you bar hopping, local watering hole invading, people stealing booze from behind the bar, bashing other people over the head with beer bottles, puking red wine at the “after a night of drinking breakfast extranaganza table, grabbing the lesbian bartender’s boobs ((and you’re a guy)), peeing in the wrong restroom, peeing on the floor of the bar, singing karaoke while being tone deaf, slipping on puke on the dance floor, having to be wheeled out in a wheel chair because you are so drunk,  being 86ed because while making out with a guy he decided to pull his member out and start playing with it without you noticing… yes all you wonderfully drunk patrons…make sure to show your bartender some love today!

Happy National Bartender Appreciation Day!


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20 thoughts on “National Bartender Appreciation Day”

  1. I haven’t been to a bar in a long time but man were those the days! My mom was a bartender when I was little and I remember vaguely how she would listen to other people’s problems. I admire Bartenders for their talents at making drinks they way they do with all the fancy ways they do and taking the orders so fast (really good ones do anyway). That takes serious skill then they listen to everyone bitch and complain about something or other. They have my respect!

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  2. Many years ago I use to serve behind the bar at our local Royal British Legion club. The gentlemen there were elderly ex service men, so we had no such shemanagins. It was a fun job, but I wouldnt want to work in a regular pub. #Anythjnggoes

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  3. I love your national holiday posts, they always make me laugh! You choose great images & such a funny quote for this one lol I bartended in NY & loved it. It’s always nice to be appreciated x

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