When Is Candy Too Much Candy?

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Yes I know it’s the holidays and everyone is buying and making holiday goodies (except me of course).  I still have a bag of Halloween candy sitting in the safe in which I plan to throw away ….tomorrow!  (I say that everyday but for some reason it’s still in there)

It seems like lately, everytime I pick my kids up from school they have some kind of candy or even bags FULL of candy! Why?!?!?!

Why must we send the kids home with bags of candy that I then just have to turn into asshole mean mommy and take them away and dispense at my discretion?  Yes I am that kind of mom and before you go thinking I’m mean or start judging me, let me just tell you that my kids, after having sugar, are like tweakers jumping out of the bushes at Wal-Mart….hyper and scary!

kids candy hyper eating habits nutrition

And let’s discuss the chocolate milk sold at school.  Before little monster M started school he had chocolate milk maybe twice in his little 5 years of life.  Why give them any other option besides plain milk?  Wouldn’t it save the school system money to have less options?

Oh I already hear the comments in my head of the parents who say “Well that’s the only way my kids will drink their milk”.  As if somehow filling it full of sugar is then helping in the source of calcium they are getting.  I can assure you it’s not.

I realize that our generation grew up doing a lot of “food related” things differently but I also believe that’s why we have such an obesity and other health related problems due to bad eating habits.  I now realize that the pan fried hamburger that my grandmother served me as a kid WASN’T GOOD FOR ME.  But back then we just didn’t know any better.  Now we do.  Unless of course you haven’t read anything about nutrition and somehow live in the dark age.

Now, don’t get me wrong, yes I still give my kids “bad” stuff sometimes…key word here sometimes, but for the most part I try to make sure that they have fish, healthy carbs, and fresh vegatables.  My kids will eat lightly steamed broccoli (without cheese sauce) like it’s potato chips.  And yes there are times that they will turn their noses up at something in which I don’t force them to eat it as long as they have tried it, but there are consequences such as no snacks the next day between lunch and dinner.  Starve your children and they will pretty much eat anything.  **evil laughs**

I know we are busy moms and there are times that mac and cheese from the box **gasps** and Oscar Meyer hot dogs **shrieks** get served and it’s OK.  Just not ALL THE TIME.  Fast food….yep my kids get it as a treat once a week after I pick them up from school….buuuuuut….they will choose apple slices over french fries.  Yep you read that right, my kids are not big fans of french fries….really not fans of potatoes in general.  And when I make a potato dish as a side for dinner, and they don’t like it, I cannot bring myself to force them to eat it.  I mean seriously life would be so much easier for me if I didn’t like potatoes.

Rant over…


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14 thoughts on “When Is Candy Too Much Candy?”

  1. Who ever said it was a democracy at home. Parents rule, that’s it. You’re doing fine. At least you’re not using guilt to finish their plates. My mom used the starving children in Europe as part of her schtick.

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  2. Everything in moderation is my favourite phrase and one I think really applies! Sweets, chocolate milk, fast food etc – all fine if it’s not a regular occurrence. Same goes for fruit really – too much fruit is bad for you! #effitfriday

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  3. Did you write this on behalf of both of us because every single thing you just said is EXACTLY how I feel, and it describes my child perfectly! Why must there be so much candy? First Halloween brings a crap ton; then Christmas followed by Valentine’s Day, and Easter! It’s like a never ending cycle of junk that winds up in the house and makes you feel like the mommy gestapo when you throw it all away. I’m with you– candy and junk food is fine in moderation, But even if my child ate one piece of candy from her stash each day of 2016, she’d still have some left over for 2017. I toss things slowly so that she doesn’t notice the candy bag getting smaller.

    And as for potatoes, my daughter despises them. Maybe it’s a texture thing, but she’d be much happier with apple slices than anything potato. She eats veggies like a champ (loves them raw with hummus). 🙂

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    1. Potatoes must just be a toddler dislike. But my kids will chow down on sushi! And I’m talking about the raw fish pieces and all. They LOVE it! I finally tossed the bag of candy and they are only getting a little bit in their stockings. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! So glad to have built a friendship with you this year!


      1. I can well imagine, coming up to the end of term of my son’s pre school, they were getting a bit relaxed about the snack they were giving him. I wondered why when I got him home he was bouncing off the walls, turned round they were feeding his sugary treats rather than fruit. I insisted they stopped doing it and I look like the bad guy.

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      2. Nutrition is so important. We are so much more informed about it today that as mother’s of course we want what’s best for our children. Now if only we could pass that onto the schools. That would probably require me to join the PTA which I will have to wait to do until my youngest is in school. **shrieks at the thought**

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      3. I went to my son’t Thanksgiving feast for his classroom and it amazed me how many of the kids had never seen a sweet potato! My kids love them! And at halloween I made a veggie dish that was in the shape of a pumpkin using carrots, olives, and broccoli and my son said only him and a couple of the other kids ate from it. I realize that it’s hard to get kids to like certain things but sometimes you have to be creative in the ways of introducing it and introduce it to them when they are young or starving lol.

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