~Don’t F*ck With Me When It Comes To My Broncos~

Denver Broncos football

As most of you may or may not know…I am a HUGE Denver Broncos football fan!  I have been since about the 8th grade.

There have been a few relationships in my life that the guy I was with swore he was going to change me to a fan of his team.  Yeah that never happened.  As a matter of fact I was in a long term relationship with a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and in the 2006 playoff game for a spot in the Super Bowl…our friends were afraid to come to our house in fear of what would happen if the Broncos lost.  Which they did.  I spent the rest of the day in the kitchen cooking and cleaning to avoid killing talking to anyone. I also made my boyfriend sleep on the couch that night and didn’t speak to him for a few days.

There is a part of me that feels that was the start of the downfall of our relationship.

Luckily my husband now, was a Broncos friend when we met.  He was also raising two Broncos fans and now we have had 3 children together who are also being raised to be obsessed infatuated crazy psychotic smitten Broncos fans.

In 2013 we lost our first playoff round to the Ravens and I remember posting on my Facebook that no one had better say a fucking freaking word unless they were in our division or a Ravens fan (those are the only people who have the right to talk shit and even then I would tread lightly).  I deleted a lot of people that day.

 Denver Broncos football season haters humor 
The point I am getting at is that there are so many haters that aren’t even in our division that like to talk a bunch of shit.  And usually it’s people’s who’s teams SUCK and have for years.

And let me just mention the “so-called friends” on my Facebook who thinks its in some way OK to come over to my timeline and talk shit.  Nope not ok.

Last Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was an all out stress fest in my house.  And what should happen by me posting the following…

 Denver Broncos football facebook  
First there was a Steelers fan, whose on my friends list but she’s really more of an acquaintance.  She NEVER comments or likes anything I post but then wants to come and put her two cents in on my feed. Even AFTER I posted this…

 Denver Broncos football facebook 
That’s me, clearly dropping the mic…not talking a bunch of shit about how the Broncos won and she still WOULDN’T just let it go and have a nice tall glass of STFU!

I was so stewed that night I had to hit the gym just to blow off steam…and refrain from drinking a shot or 3 of Tequila and then letting the shit talking start to rip!

Like just leave me be on my high and go whaaa to your Steeler friends.

So for those of you on my personal Facebook page that have witnessed first hand the vulgar responses during the football season….sorry…not sorry.

football swearing cussing funny humor

Oh and the worst people are fair-weather fans or band wagoners.  You know the ones that like the current team that won the Super Bowl.  Or they were once this teams fan but then dated someone or let someone convince them to like a different team.  WTF?  A fan is someone who stands by their team through the good, the bad, and the ugly!  You don’t change your team!!!  That shit drives me cray cray crazy!

And here’s another public service announcement,  if you don’t know a thing about football then don’t talk shit to me about my Broncos.  Do us both a favor and just keep your mouth shut.

And to the haters of the Denver Broncos…

Denver Broncos haters football


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10 thoughts on “~Don’t F*ck With Me When It Comes To My Broncos~”

  1. I don’t know the first thing about American football, that’s the game with the helmets isn’t it…

    I kind of still support a little team called West Ham Utd or at least I don’t support any other team. they play what Americans call soccer There is a film called Fever Pitch starring Colin Firth you might partially identify with. Its soccer at the fanatics end.

    Nice post, fair warning.

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  2. Oh Lord, Trista! Yep, I’ve seen your posts but had no idea that people were actually talking shit to you. I’m a Ravens fan living in Patriots nation so I hear all sorts of shit about my Ravens. However, I don’t follow Football as much as I used to. I really only watch the Super Bowl and even then, sometimes I won’t if the two teams playing really suck! Most of the time I don’t even know when The Ravens are playing because every time I go to check its always two other teams, usually the Patriots (I can’t stand Tom Brady, ugh!) I may not be a Broncos fan but I’ll have your back against the haters:-) #effitfriday

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    1. I have found that most people aren’t big Patriots fans…probably due to the fact they were caught cheating. I particularly hate how much ….can’t think of the proper term so just going to say you know what sucking of Tom Brady and his performance. I’d like to hear what his wife has to say about his performance. I talk like such a guy sometimes. Oh well it’s the tomboy in me that will never leave. 💌Trista

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  3. I don’t know much about American Football so you can rest assured I won’t be talking crap about your team lol. I know what you mean though, I see the same thing regularly on Facebook about football (soccer in the US) and you’re right – it’s always the fans of the teams who never even come close to winning anything talking smack about the teams at the top. Jealous much lol 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #effitfriday

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    1. I think that some people just don’t realize how serious I take football season. And my Denver Broncos. Like I have two passions in my life…my family and the Denver Broncos and if you mess with either of them my horns come out. lol but not really laughing. ;>} thanks for hostessing!


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