childhood memories children friends

~Childhood Memory~

Today’s Daily Post writing prompt is entitled : “Childhood Revisitedchildhood memories daily writing prompt

childhood memories children friends

My childhood is bits and pieces stuffed away in my head.  It’s funny that there are some parts we remember and other parts we don’t.

I remember very little about my childhood before the age of 5.  I have been told some stories, but when your parents were divorced before you were even a year old, the stories are told by two different people and are two completely different stories.

I think for me the memories that stick with me most are the times my grandparents and I would travel from our home in Rock Springs, WY to the house in Salt Lake City, UT.  I loved that house.  Not because of the house but because of the little girl and her very large family that lived next door. Her name was Katie and she had like 10 brothers and sisters.

Their house was 4 stories and huge!  And I just remember that I wanted so much to just stay there because there was always so many kids and Katie and I were inseparable. Like as soon as my grandparents bright red old style cadillac would pull into the driveway I couldn’t get out of it fast enough and run to her house.  I was an only child and spent a lot of time by myself.  I longed for siblings my age.

Our favorite thing to do was play hide and seek in her house.  There were so many places to hide.   So many places to play.  And her family always made me feel like I was one of their own.

There was a huge park right next to her house if I remember correctly.  Or maybe it was her yard.  These memories are all around the age of 3-5.

We ended up moving to Las Vegas, NV after I finished kindergarten and my grandparents sold the house in Salt Lake, UT.  I tried to visit Katie one time later in my youth.  My dad had taken me by there to visit but she wasn’t home. She was away visiting somewhere if I remember correctly.  I still think of her from time to time and wonder how her life turned out.  I don’t have a last name.  I remember once while I was in Salt Lake I tried to find the house with no prevail.

But the memories of the fun we had remain imbedded in my head forever.

She was was not only my first real childhood memory but also my first childhood best friend.


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