That’s A Wrap ~ 2015

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I still can’t bring myself to accept that another year has come and gone.  It seems like just yesterday I was making the decision whether to do something with this blog or shut it down and that was back in March.  My most viewed piece that month was “I Met Him On The Internet” with 296 views.  It’s the story behind how I met my husband.

My best month this year was July with 3,456 views for the month.  The top viewed post was “What Do Bloggers Actually Do?“.  A funny piece that only we as bloggers would understand that brought in 272 views.

But my winning post for the year goes to the letter I wrote to Whirlpool Corporation after my $1500 washer took a crap at only 14 months old.  It was entitled “One Pissed Off Customer” and received 467 views, 324 of them were in one day on June 3rd.  It also got me blocked from their Twitter.  Yes people, a major billion dollar corporation BLOCKED little ol’ me from their Twitter.  But in the end they paid for my washer to get fixed and it wasn’t under warranty.

I uploaded 984 pictures.  I like being visual obviously.

My top 5 commenters were Rockin Random Mom, Cuddle Fairy, Growing Up Kater Tot, Random Musings, and Flop Til You Drop.  So I would like to thank Michelle, Becky, Katie, Debbie, and Sandi for taking time out of their days to leave me such awesome comments!

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to not only all the bloggers who share my crazy thoughts and mayhem across all their social networks but also to my friends (especially Lynn, Shaina, Tammy, and Stacy) YOU ALL ROCK!  Sharing my stuff puts a huge smile on my face 😆!

My top reference guide for leading people to my blog came from Facebook with 2,222.  Followed by Twitter with 1,726.  Search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo at 1,437.  And the top country in which my views came from was right here in the good ol USA with 14,795 followed by the UK with 5,675.

And at the time I am writing this post there has been 26,952 peeks at my blog and I now have a following of 8,459 peeps.

So what lies ahead for me for 2016?

Bringing back #momsterslink

Monday Music Mantras where I will be sharing what music I have been listening to.

Daily Post Writing Prompts.  I feel the need to challenge my writing skills a bit.  And it’s a great way for networking.

Wednesday Workout Updates 2016 is the year I am getting in shape with no excuses!!!  I will keep you updated every Wednesday and possibly even challenge you with some exercises to try.  Also if  you got a FitBit for Christmas or already have one please add me, for my friends and I are always doing the daily and weekly challenges.

Throwback Thursdays where I will choose a post from the past, revamp it a bit, and post it.

Bringing Back Friday’s Top 5.  But instead of blogs, I will be choosing blog posts instead.

Quotes Of The Week

My Fabulous National Holiday Posts

That’s A Wrap Weekly Updates About What’s Going On In Souzaville

And I am also going to start featuring guest posts.  Therefore if you are interested in writing one for me, please let me know at

I am wishing you all a safe, fun, and full of happiness new year! ❤️to you all!


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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

18 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap ~ 2015”

    1. I feel like if I make a plan I will try to stick to it. I have even started a daily plan of what to do each day…gym, house, kids, blog, etc. It makes it so much easier when it’s on paper to follow. Thanks for popping over!


  1. Thanks for the mention, you’re welcome about the comments. I love reading your blog, you always make me laugh. I loved the Whirlpool saga – they must think you’re very influential to ban you from their Twitter! Have a great 2016 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I made quite the stink. Like literally every person who would post a comment on their twitter with a complaint I would tweet them and tag whirlpool in the tweet with my blog post 😈…yet I never got a phone call or anything…the company here that fixes them just came and fixed it and said whirlpool was paying for it lol. Sometimes we little people have to be real assholes to be heard. Now if only I could solve the world peace problem via a blog post and twitter 😉 Thanks for popping over and commenting Debbie…I know you are a busy lady.


  2. Well done Miss Trista – what a fab year you had! LOL to the Whirlpool post, I’m glad it brought lots of views – so many people could relate to how you felt. I’m honoured to be a top commenter – your blog is so great T, I’m excited to read your posts this year! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, and *hello* from Australia! Thank you for sharing your year with us but I must say being blocked from Twitter by Whirlpool would have been the highlight! I had to giggle a little because I would have been so proud heehee…I look forward to getting to know you and your blog better this year. Sounds like an exciting year ahead. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I was quite shocked myself when they blocked me but I really did make a big stink about that dang washer. They just don’t build things to last anymore and it costs families way too much money. I have kids to put to college, I don’t want to be having to buy a new washer every year. I look forward to reading more of your blog as well. I love your sense of humor. Thanks so much for hosting!

      Liked by 1 person

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