Throwback Thursday ~ In Search Of A New Mommy

This was a post from January of last year.  I didn’t make any changes to it but I have posted an update at the end of it.

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I have always been quite the outgoing gal.  Always made friends really easily growing up and even in my early adulthood.  Granted, a lot of those friendships were made through my work but easily made just the same.  After I had kids some of those friendships changed because when you are single and have no children you have a tendency to flock with birds of the same feather.  So after my first child was born I joined mommy groups and even started one of my own and from those I made friendships that are still in existence to this day, even though the distance between us now is a six hour drive.

We moved here to the northern hemisphere of Nevada in March of 2014.  I have met a few people but mostly I just hang out with my husband and his friends from work (which are usually all men). I have tried starting a mommy group and several people say they want to get together but never do.  I can be a total hermit sometimes, but I am still willing to make the effort if someone else is willing to meet me half way.

During the summer time I noticed that my across the street neighbor was going to the same soccer practice that I was taking my (at the time 4 yr old) to.  I have only noticed older girls playing in the yard though and never any toddlers.  Then today I noticed that she left at the same time I left to go get 2 of my 3 littles from preschool but I couldn’t tell when I pulled into the parking lot of the preschool exactly what car may be hers or if her child/children even attend preschool there.  Then after I get home I am sitting here in the office typing up this blog and I have the window open to see if I can see her pull into her garage.  I almost feel like a STALKER!  So I ask myself…why don’t I just trot my happy ass across the street and knock on her door and say “howdy neighbor”.  Because that would just be weird…that’s why.friends neighbors mommies momlife  I try to think what my reaction would be if someone were to do that to me but quite honestly I would most likely be happy just to meet another mommy!  Especially if they lived in walking distance!  And if they liked to drink wine in the afternoon well then that would just seal the deal!!!  **motions wine glass at the computer screen**

friends neighbors mommies motherhood momlife

When we moved into our house I payed attention to some of the kids on the street but all are older then my littles.  One of the neighbors stopped by while she was on her way out to say a quick hello and welcome us to the neighborhood.  Her kids are older but she seemed super nice ….plus she drives a jetta….really cool people drive jettas…I know this because I used to drive one. **smiles to herself** Not to mention her and her husband have a ton of dirt toys and just look like they would be fun people.  They even tried to help me chase down my escapee German Shepard one day and if I wasn’t so frazzled at the time I probably would have realized that it would have been a perfect opportunity to stop and possibly strike up a conversation with them.  But I didn’t.  Damn dog.

friends neighbors mommies motherhood SAHM momlife

I know that everything takes time but I have always been an instant gratification type of person.  I am hoping that now that all of my kids have will be in school this fall,  that maybe this will give me the opportunity to meet some other mommies.  And as I wrap up this blog post, my neighbor has yet to have pulled into her garage or I am not very good at stalking and I missed her.  **sighs**

friends neighbors SAHM mommies momlife motherhood

Searching For Mrs. Right,



I still have not had a conversation with my across the street neighbor.  Well unless you count the 30 second one sometime during last spring while picking up our kids from preschool.  I have been told that they are mormon so there goes the whole “let’s drink wine together idea”.  And even though I have decided to quit drinking as a goal for 2016, I know that I will never do anything but wave at her if we happen to be in our yards or leaving our homes at the same time.

The cool couple up the street still remain strangers as well.  The woman works at the coffee shop where I get my coffee a couple mornings a week and we know that we live two houses away from each other but still no communication other than she always remembers my order.

When we were having this house built everyone told us how cool our next door neighbors were.  The same neighbors that told us to “keep it down” one evening when it was just my husband and I in the backyard last summer having a conversation and laughing.  Wow…yeah…lots of fun they seem like.  We didn’t seem to mind when he parked his truck in our driveway one night, after we had first moved into this house, and it sat there for 24 hours before he finally came and got it.  My husband and I have a few scenarios of what could have possibly happened there.

After having our yard done last summer, and we did the entire front of it in desert landscaping, apparently we were referred to as the “rock yard” since most people around here have grass in their front yard.  To me, grass in the front yard is just something more to maintain and a waste water.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have made a few friends since moving here and I do enjoy my husband’s friends that he works with but I just always thought it would nice to have someone that I could just take a short walk and have a glass of wine cup of coffee with while our kids run amuck.

Maybe this year…..


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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

32 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~ In Search Of A New Mommy”

    1. This is true. Especially in this small town that I have moved to. If you didn’t grow up here you are pretty much converted to an introvert. Plus with me being a SAHM and not in the work enviroment it’s impossible to meet people. But I will survive! Blogging saved me in that aspect.

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  1. I find it really difficult to make friends in the village where I live. As my kids are grown now, I have lost my one potential avenue for meeting other people. I have friends obviously ( or maybe its not obvious) but my and thier lack of driving skills make it difficult to meet up often.
    I agree that Mormons wouldnt make good drinking friends 😉
    #momsterlink Xx

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  2. I think I told you this before but I have been in the same boat since I moved to Massachusetts 13 years ago. I meet a few cool people here and there but people here are so busy (or self-involved, I haven’t figured out which) that it is hard. I also thought it would get easier once the kids started school but I’ve only made two other mommy friends and I hardly get to see them because they are very busy. Only one of them I have been able to go out for coffee with and I loved it! Now that I’m thinking about it, I need to give her a call and find out when she’s available for another coffee date! If we were closer I would totally come hang out with you and walk and drink coffee or wine, I’m down for either. LOL. I hope you find a new mommy friend soon! #momsterlink

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    1. I have made a couple of friends. One I would consider to be a good friend. We work out together and get together from time to time for drinks. She has a new boyfriend though which I totally understand and respect. I was there a few times lol. My son’s birthday party is Saturday and one of the mommies who is bringing her daughter just moved here and I had a nice conversation with her this morning so hopefully after meeting in person on Saturday we shall see what happens. I am not someone who needs someone to hang out with every day but it is nice to have girl chatter from time to time. I just find it so strange that I talk to so many people through blogging that are all over the world and I have only said 30 seconds worth of words to the woman across the street. Life is just so weird.

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      1. Birthday parties can sometimes be the best place to meet other moms and possibly hit it off with at least one. I’m not much of a social butterfly in real life. I can be very social but I have to be in the mood and not busy. However, being surrounded by all males, including the animals, sometimes I crave a little girl time. That’s the one thing I miss about Baltimore. All of my female friends are down there and I sometimes miss hanging out with them, especially when I’m wanting to just get away from all of the testosterone for a couple of hours. 😝

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      2. I am not a girlie girl so I really don’t get along with those types on women. I am not into fashion much…only do my hair if I am actually going somewhere important lol I don’t even know how to french braid my youngest daughters hair and luckily my other daughter is a tomboy and wanted her hair cut off. But I still like having a connection with other women…they are just usually more “tomboyish” like myself. lol

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      3. I’m in between the girly girl and the tomboy. I don’t do my makeup much either because I don’t go too many places that important. My outlines these days usually consist of the grocery store, school function, or the laundry mat. Lol! The only thing I know how to do hair wise is straighten my hair. I like fashion but I have my own style. I’m not into the runway bull crap. Now that I think about it, most of my female friends is the same way. I guess like you said, two birds of a feather and all that:)

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  3. Oh too bad the neighbor you were stalking didn’t turn out to be fun! I wish I lived across the street, we’d have a great time! Are you really quitting drinking in 2016? Does that include wine?! I love how you bring the old posts back to life! #momsterlink x

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    1. It started out with the hubby and I deciding that we were going to quit drinking and get in shape. Saving it for special occasions that we both had to agree on. Then he kept teasing me that there was no way I was ever going to be able to give up wine…challenge accepted. So yes I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since New Year’s Eve. I literally lingered in the wine section of the grocery store the other day for like 15 minutes. I just love the taste of a good wine…I don’t even drink it to get drunk but to relax. But nope…I am determined to win this challenge. But I did tell him that special occasions will still be allowed so let’s cheer for them Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl! lol Thanks for coming back and linking up with me dear friend. So happy to be back.

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      1. Of course, I wouldn’t miss Momsterlink! I think a clean house is an occasion too lol seriously though that’s great & good luck with the challenge! x

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  4. Oh I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I know what you mean about having a friend across the road!! It seems like a great idea although for some reason sometimes I’m worry that having someone too close will invade a little bit my privacy. Thanks God so far I haven’t had that problem. I like my next door neighbour (we actually share a small hall and our flats have doors in front of each other) so we bump into each other a lot. The thing is that I was good friend of the mum but she separated the guy and left the country to come back to her original country Colombia. She took the only child they had together and since then it is not the same. I say hi to the guy but I don’t speak with him as I used to with her. I liked her a lot and we used to have long chats and it was great because we never felt that we invaded our privacy. Now that she is gone I don’t have that anymore!! 😦 Anyway, I hope you can find a new mommy friend soon!! 😉 xx

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    1. I have made a couple of really good friends and I do love hanging out with hubby’s friends from work. Would just be nice to have someone close within walking distance that we could just take a walk, let the kids play while we cackle. The two girls here that I consider good friends both work. I would really like to meet another SAHM. I know it will happen in time. I find that the older you get the more introverted you become. As kids you just found someone on the playground that looked interesting and was like “hey let’s play” and then you were best friends. As adults it takes awhile. Too bad about your neighbor moving away and now it’s awkward with the hubby left behind. I never know what to do in those types of situations, when people split and you were friends with both. Just plain awkward.

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  5. Gosh, it’d be nice if at least one of your neighbors made for a good coffee/chat buddy! That’s really weird how your one neighbor parked his truck in your driveway for 24 hours without even asking! I hope he had a good reason because that’s pretty rude! I like how you gave us an update on an older post– great update to an already interesting read! I wish I lived across the street! We’d be cooking and crafting together all the time! #momsterslink#

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  6. I’m guessing making new friends in a new neighbourhood is just one of those things that takes time.

    Maybe you could get a delivery job within your area? I found since a started working for Pizza hut, plus a few months with MyHermes, I got to talk to a few more people that live local to me, including the head teacher of the school the boys attend!

    As for your neighbour parking on your drive, there could be two reasons for this.He’s either a very confused person or he needs to read the post I have left on your linky!

    It will be interesting to see how you get on this year and I look forward to your update next January!

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    1. Yes we were thinking it was more along the reason that follows your post. It was just very upsetting to me that it wasn’t even 10pm yet and he was telling us to keep it down. He obviously wasn’t sleeping because he was outside…so why did we need to whisper. Needless to say on my husband’s next days off we had some friends over and fired up the fire pit in the back yard and made much more noise. He might have came and knocked on the door, who knows, but never heard from him again. There are a lot of miners that work around here which means shift work and we usually try to respect that…it was just the way in which he told us to keep it down. It was kind of rude.


    1. Oh what a fabulous offer that I might have to take you up on someday. My husband and I haven’t had a vacation with just the two of us since we met. The kids are getting older now and all potty trained and becoming more and more independent so maybe one of these summers I will take my mother up on her offer for us to bring them to her and drop them off 🙂 Thank you for linking up and I appreciate your lovely comments 🙂


    1. I have recently started doing Zumba and am hoping that maybe some friendships will develop out of that. I live in such a small town that I run into people that I meet all the time…it’s just everyone is always so busy keeping to themselves.


    1. I have never been one that needs a ton of friends around me. Just a few really good ones is fine with me and as of right now I do have a couple really good ones here…would just be nice to have an awesome neighbor friend 😉


  7. I find making new friends as an adult really quite hard! As a child it was as simple as asking, “Will you be my friend?” and yet these days its awkward Hellos and chats on the driveway and wondering how to get from that point to coffee and cake. I have made lots of new friends in the last couple of years through the children, through playgroups and school, which has been nice. Other than that, we have lived in this house for two years now and I have no friends whatsoever on this street, or the surrounding streets!!
    Thanks for hosting! #momsterslink

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    1. I have a couple really good friends here but they work so it’s limited times that we can get together and then of course because they work their time off is extremely busy which I totally understand. I would just like to meet just one really good SAHM that I could get together with a few times a week. Just haven’t found one I click with yet is all.

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  8. Making friends is hard to do. I remember years ago when we had a hurricane and no one had power we were all outside and everyone was awesome for a week. We shared food and phones and cooked and sang and (gasp) talked to one another. Then power came back and we all went inside and rarely saw each other again.

    I am lucky that I have been able to reconnect with a friend I had shortly after high school like 5 or okay 15+ years ago and she happens to live in the same town and have a little boy close to my daughter’s age and is very understanding of some of my daughter’s not so social behaviors. But the friendships are rare and finding mommy fiends is for some reason harder.

    I bet Zumba will end up being a great place to meet mommy friends.

    I don’t see Zumba in my future so for now, I am grateful for the blogosphere and the connections made with other moms.

    Great post! Awesome idea to do a throwback with a follow-up. Thank you again for hosting #momsterslink

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    1. It’s also hard as I am 42 years old and so a lot of the mommies around here with kids my age, are so much younger than me. A lot of them barely out of high school. Some not married and out partying a lot. I have nothing in common with that anymore. So yes, like you, I am thankful for the blogosphere to have mommy interaction and know that I am not in this mommyhood all alone. Thanks for linking up…looking forward to your read.💌Trista


  9. Oh, you’re luckier than me. I have always found it hard to make new friends. I have had to force myself to attend many meetings/classes just so I’ll can meet new people. It can be emotionally exhausting and I feel like I am stalking as well…I am constantly guessing how old? How many kids? Kids around my kids’ age? Does she like the same things as I do? Would she think I am weird?? Sometimes the distance is better so that she can’t hear me yell at the kids or spot me in my pyjamas in my front yard. Good luck with the search this year!

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