Throwback Thursday ~ A Day In The Life Of Domesticated Momster

This was part of a writing challenge I did last year around this time.  It’s interesting to see how my Sunday’s haven’t changed much.  So I have done a little update of what my weekday is like at the bottom.

A Day With Domesticated Momster

My Day In Detail…

It’s Sunday.  Long gone are the days of sleeping until noon while battling a hangover that’s  wanting to take over my entire body and smelling like whatever establishment I occupied until  the wee hours of the morning of the night before.  Waking up in a type of fog that not even coffee or a dose of 5 hr energy could lift.  My mouth tasting like I had eaten a dead possum laying in the middle of the road on the way home. And continuing my day curled up on the couch with pillow and blanket in close proximity all while watching a marathon of “Lifetime” movies.   Yes this was me…before motherhood…before my husband…now my Sunday’s are much more practical and meaningful….hahaha who am I kidding…Sundays are “pajama” days!  It’s funny that this part of the writing challenge would fall on the least busy day of the week for me.

On this particular Sunday…


7:40am…heard hubby come home from working all night.  Mumbled something along the lines of ‘hi…how was your night?”.  Noticed Little Z was awake and ready for her breakfast.  (I love when only one at a time wakes up…makes the chaos much more controllable…especially while I am trying to get my first dose of caffeine digested.)  Made her breakfast and turned on her choice of cartoon.

8:00am…Snuck into the office for my morning “internet” routine.  I love the internet first thing in the morning.  Some people like reading a paper…I like looking through the world wide web for whatever tickles my fancy  awakens my mind.

8:20am…I hear the tapping of two more toddlers feet shuffling along the wooden floor.  They are rubbing their eyes and muttering “I want something to eat mommy”.  You should see Little M’s hair first thing in the morning ….looks like she wrestled with a fuzzy blanket full of balloons and lost.

images-4Got their breakfast served and positioned them at the table  while they quietly watched whatever cartoon was presenting itself on the TV.  Yes I know that “society” says I shouldn’t let my kids watch tv while sitting at the table eating but quite frankly I don’t care what “society” says because they aren’t raising my 3 toddlers.  I am.  **thought for a whole other blog post**

8:45am…They all finish up with breakfast and wander into the living room, with “security” blankets in tow and find their comfortable places on the couch.  Mind you…I have had to tell them to shhhh and be quiet, because daddy is sleeping, about half a dozen times already.  I have no clue how he sleeps through 5 kids on a Sunday.

9:00am…Still surfing the internet

9:20am…gather up Little B Man’s dirty clothes that didn’t quite make it into the hamper…”supermom on caffeine” is now starting to present herself and has started her first load of laundry for the day.  (I would like to know how the “Duggars” mom stays on top of her “19 Kids And Counting“‘s laundry pile…I know she has several washers and dryers but it’s still a lot of dirty clothes to tackle.)  Putting them in the washer and dryer is the easy part…folding and putting away takes lots of patience and effort…especially if you are trying to be “super laundry girl” who doesn’t leave them in a heap on top of the dryer or constantly restarting  the “steam and fluff” setting to avoid having to fold them while still getting the wrinkles out.


11:15am…In two hours I have shushed the kids at least a dozen more times.  I have made a snack consisting of 3 different kinds of fruits.  (That’s the problem with them all having minds of their own now…they all 3 always want something different…last night we had to draw straws to see who got to pick the “time to settle down” flick of the the evening)

12:00pm…Lunchtime for the littles consisting of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches from a few nights ago.  By this time of day I am starting to get a little “toddler” crazy.  They are all fully awake and bouncing off the walls and I swear it’s worse when my husband is on night shift and trying to sleep.  It’s like their little radars are beeping to remind them to be loud and obnoxious and see how many times mommy can lose her shit!


12:31pm…I sit down at the computer to try and finish a thought only to be interrupted by the constant dinging of  the dryer which has gone off not once, not twice, but THREE times now to remind me that it’s time to fold the clothes!  Someone in this house keeps turning on the “wrinkle guard” option so instead of the dryer just turning of  it starts back up every couple minutes until someone tends to the items inside.  It’s a brilliant option developed by dryer manufacturers but for me it’s just a constant reminder that my laziness is wasting electricity.

2:30pm…hubby is awake now and making a mess in the kitchen before he gets ready for work.  I think I might have actually got a couple blinks of a nap in there while the kids were “momentarily” behaving themselves.   Baby Z also dozed off even if it was for only 20 minutes at best.   Keeps the “crabbies” at bay.  Now starts the “afternoon” chaos.   Right now I am watching my husband as he writes on the egg container “HARDBOILED” ….twice….with a sharpie…as I hover over him making sure that the sharpie doesn’t get misplaced and then gets into the hands of my 3 year old toddler…the same toddler who has decorated the walls, doors, beds, and just about anything else with a surface…in which I have scrubbed off on more then one occasion.  (By the way…the “washable/wipeable” crayons really do just that…they are every mother, with a decorative toddler’s, dream coloring utensils.)

images-6 images-7

2:50pm…time to get ready for the gym…the kids are all well aware that daddy is awake now and are all in full on scream patrol!  Mommy needs a break.  Off to the gym I go…must keep up with my “trophy wife” status.  **literally laughs out loud**


4:45pm…home from the gym…had a great workout due to the fact that the gym was pretty much empty.  I like when the gym is vacant…not only do I get to use every piece of workout equipment that I want without having to wait but I also don’t feel stupid trying something new.  Inevitably every time I get the courage to try out a new gym apparatus I fail miserably and usually end up hurting myself, more out of embarrassment rather then pain.

5:00pm…WTF is for dinner?  **opens refrigerator in hopes that the light in her head turns on**  Oh look at that…lots of leftovers…problem solved.

6:00pm…Let the countdown to bedtime begin.  First off…bathing the dirty little monsters.  There is something about these last 2 hours before bedtime where a force bigger then all of us takes over…let’s say my full Momster mode comes out.  All of us are tired and cranky and just wanting the day to be over.  They seem to fight over every toy, tattle about every little moment and mommy’s patience meter is completely tapped out!


6:45pm…I realize that I didn’t get the load of girls clothes in the dryer folded…DAMMIT!  Here they stand soaking wet wrapped in towels while I try and gather up anything resembling pajamas…leggings and a t-shirt?  Works for me.  **listens to them whine several times about these NOT being pajamas**

7:40pm…That’s a wrap people…12 hours… in a day of the life… of yours truly.


The average weekday for me goes something like this…..

6:30am  Alarm goes off and I roll over to reach for my phone wishing that it’s possibly a false alarm going off.  After trying to tap snooze a half dozen times with no prevail, I scroll through my notifications with one eye open and tend to a little bit of social media.

6:50am  Brew a LARGE cup of caffeine.   I get the mini monsters up.  2 of the 3 are good about waking.  The other is like her mommy and really prefers that school start somewhere around noon.  We are not rise and shiners.

mornings hate getting up early rise and shine 

For the next hour is rush to get everyone ready to get out the door and to school.  I must say “go brush your teeth” at least a dozen times.  There’s also always a mad search for missing shoes, gloves, hats, etc. because of course they are never where they belong.
7:50am Drop teenager off at high school…which is literally less than a mile down the street.  Yeah spoiled I know.

7:55am  Drop the girls of at preschool.

8:00am  Drop mini monster B man off at the elementary school.

8:15am MOMMY TIME which translates to gym time!  I also usually make a trip to the store if needed, or clean out the Yukon, or run whatever errands need to be run at this time.  It’s very important to get as much done as possible when I don’t have 3 little people to drag with me.

10:00am Back home and usually start a load of laundry and sit down to get some blogging done.  Time goes by fast during this time.  Before I know it it’s…

11:30am  And time to pick up the girls.

12:00pm We are back home and fixing lunch.  Of course they never want the same thing for lunch.  That would make life easy right?

From then until time to pick up little monster B man I usually blog, organize, do laundry, and repeat.  I have been trying to keep a schedule of blogging for so much time and then spending same amount of time doing something else.  That way I am not wasting all my time sitting in front of the computer.  So far this year it is working out horribly pretty well.

3:00pm Pick up mini monster B man.

From 3pm on is usually chaos.  It’s getting home, organizing homework, reading, preparing dinner and if there’s sports to get to well then it’s move faster, make dinner faster, forget the homework until after the sports.  And if I want to make the evening Zumba classes then I really have to get my ass in gear  plan faster. #mommylife

8:00pm Kids bedtime.  Sometimes it’s 7:30 depending on what kind of mood mommy is in or furthermore what kind of mood the mini monsters are in.

bedtime kids toddlers

8:15 mommy bath or shower time.  This used to be the time that I would pour me that large glass of wine to enjoy with my bath, shower, tv, blogging, whatever.

Little more blogging or watching some television.  I rarely watch television these days though.  There’s just other things I would honestly rather be doing.

11:00pm I usually try to go to bed but it doesn’t always happen.  If I get submerged engrossed in doing something, then it can be another hour or so before I am actually in bed asleep…with one eye open.




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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

40 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~ A Day In The Life Of Domesticated Momster”

  1. Wow you’re days are hectic!! It’s hard work being a mummy, all of the school runs and house work and bits inbetween. I often find myself moaning that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done! Thanks for hosting #momsterslink

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  2. Haha! I can relate to a lot of this. LOTS of similarities with my days. My days at school (teacher) and days at home with 2 under 4 contrast greatly but it’s a hard call which is tougher. I think I am more tired on the at home with the bubbas days. There definitely aren’t enough hours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I seriously need a clone of me to get the stuff done that I don’t like doing…like cleaning…I hate cleaning but it does keep me moving. Kudos to you for teaching…I have zero patience with that. Luckily my child who has homework catches on to what he’s supposed to do quickly. My 4 year old however is going to take some time teaching…she’s just not as quick of a learner as her brother and the 3 year old is showing signs of pretty quick so far. Thanks for linking!

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  3. I love your quote! Priceless! LOL! My days are easier on me as my kids are older and can make their own food that doesn’t involve the use of the stove. My kids never want the same thing for any meal too and I just realized today that if I want to get back into my workout routine, I need to do that BEFORE I blog because I’ve been finding myself on the computer way too long and not getting anything done. You have the right idea. Workout as soon as the kids are off at school. Excellent! #momsterlink


    1. Yes I find if I just go straight there after dropping the kids off it works much better and then on the days that I go in the evenings also it’s because I have a partner and she can only work out in the evenings. I’ve actually enjoyed the working out twice a day and I’m really starting to see results! Thanks for linking up!💌Trista

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m planning on bringing my teenager to the gym in the afternoons right after he gets out of school to get him on the treadmill and bike because his school and Doctor say that he is over weight and it’s because he doesn’t do anything. So that is another motivation for me as well

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I do workouts at home sometimes on YouTube and my kids get up and do them with me. It’s great to get them motivated. I never talk about feeling fat I just tell them I like feeling healthy. I never want my girls to hear the word fat come out of my mouth.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I am so impressed by how much exercise you do! I love this peep through th window of your life. Totally agree about the washable pens. My sofas have been saved many a time by the fact washable means washable. Oh my, and the bloody tumble drier. I am constantly clicking the ‘refresh’ button because I’ve just completely forgotten about it but we’ve recently go a new one that beeps and have, more recently, just disabled the beep setting! Thanks for hosting #momsterlink


  5. Wow, even your “lazy” day is busy! I don’t know how you find time to blog on top of all that. I feel stressed out just reading it lol 🙂 I think that glass of wine is a must! Thanks for hosting #momsterslink

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow you are one busy lady. I wish I could say my days were that filled, but nope, with just Mr AD and the cat to look after (and being a house bound type of mental) I often find myself wishing the hou4s would go faster xx #momsterlink


  7. Brilliant, lol! Mornings sure do change after having kids! The days are so hectic, it’s crazy when you see it all written out like that. How do moms get all of that done in one day? LOL re the bacon & sex. And I LOVE finding leftovers in the fridge – happy days! #momsterlink x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah …actually thinking about putting my youngest in all day preschool next year as the other two will be in school all day and possibly returning to work. I miss being in a work environment. Thanks for linking up Jeremy💌Trista


  8. How different our life’s are with children! routines change, social lives change, bank balances diminish!

    Whilst I’ve never judged people, I can’t understand the daily chaos that went with having kids, until we had our own.

    Despite what some people say, things do get better as they get older. Thanks for hosting #momsterslink

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do still have a tendency to laugh at my friends who only have one kid and complain about having the time to get anything done lol. Don’t know if it’s classified as judging but I just giggle to myself. I did however used to judge a friend on the stuff I’d find in her couch cushions (she had kids, I didn’t at the time)….I now completely take back any and all of that judging! 💌Trista


  9. I in no way judge you for TV and breakfast at the table! I’d love to read a post with your take on that. I used to limit the amount of TV my daughter watched when she was very young. All those online articles had me paranoid! (I know I had First Time Mom Sydrome). But then I realized that most of those anti-TV articles are backed by evidence and studies done in which children aren’t given any other stimulation in their day. These are kids whose parents ignore them on the daily and let the TV do the babysitting. So, of course these children are going to have academic and social issues! There’s a balance to be had. I could go on and on…lol! You’re a wonderful mommy, and like I’ve said before, I give you so many props for raising a flock of kiddos! xx


  10. I enjoyed reading that! My uncle has four kids: Two twin boys, Now aged about eight, and two girls, Aged about 10 and 11. when they were younger the boys were a nightmare whenever they came to visit. they were fond of repeatedly turning lights on and off and slamming doors, And anything that wasn’t tied down Mysteriously disappeared. so I kind of feel your pain!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes kids destroy everything. There are some days that I don’t even know why we went through all the trouble to have a brand new house built just so the kids could destroy parts of it. But such is life. I plan to go to their homes when I’m old and out of my mind and draw on their walls. Paybacks rule! Thanks for popping over to take a read and comment.


    1. I’ve been in a serious “I need to get rid of stuff” kind of mood. I bought a labeler and the entire clear bin section of Wal-Mart and I have just been going to town. I am determined that I will get this house in order…one drawer at a time! Thanks for linking up💌Trista


  11. Oh wow Trista, you really have a busy day!! It is really a no stop for you!! It is just amazing how our lives change so much when we have kids right? I feel sometimes that there isn’t a minute to breath anymore! If you know what I mean!! Lol I have 2 kids and feel overwhelmed imagine you that have more than that!! You are just amazing! Thanks for hosting lovely! And sorry for the late commenting! Had bad week with Sienna not feeling very well! X

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Ha ha Trista this made me laugh, how did you get a chance to document it? I struggle to get anything done at the weekends as its always something needed. You should like you have so much more patience than me (bad mummy). Thank you for hosting #momsterslink xx

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