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That’s A Wrap ~ Jan 23, 2016

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I seriously just don’t know where the weeks are going.  It seems like one day it’s Monday and the next it’s Friday.

This past Sunday was a huge day in the Souzaville household as the Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and are one step closer to being in the super bowl.  It was a very stressful game to say the least since the Broncos didn’t get their shit act together until the last 5 minutes of the game.

And for anyone who is sitting there thinking something along the lines of “well the Steelers didn’t have all their star players playing”.  Just keep them thoughts to yourself.  A win is a win and I can’t help it if their players are constantly getting injured.  Their quarterback is also half our quarterback’s age.

I also don’t want to hear anything about what we are up against on Sunday.  It’s bad enough that my husband has insisted on listening to all the sports networks talk about it all week on the tv. Denver Broncos football game image good vibes fans Yes I am fully aware we are the underdogs.  But I also never give up hope on my Broncos.  **positive Broncos vibes**


About mid-week the crud of all cruds hit the little monsters of the household.  Started off with coughing then sore throats.  One daughter was running a fever off and on.  I took 2 of the 3 to the doctor as the 3rd said he was feeling well enough that he wanted to go to school. The doctor wrote me scripts for both the girls but told me to only get them filled if they started acting like the girl in The Exorcist  their symptoms got worse.  The next morning my 4 year old little monster M woke up barely able to swallow and upon looking in the back of her throat with a flashlight…..what should appear but big huge white pockets of nastiness.  Script one filled.

Thursday night little monster B man was fine all day, went to wrestling practice, came home and just before bed started throwing up.  Wasn’t running a fever but had a hard time getting to sleep as he couldn’t quit coughing which then would cause him to throw up again.  Little monster Z girl is so far only presenting a cough with no other symptoms.  I kept all of them home on Friday in hopes that we could nick this crud it the arse by Monday.  Bad part about sick kiddos is finding things to keep them entertained while stuck in the house.  Yesterday they pretty much just wanted to lay around and watch movies because all weren’t feeling good.  Today because they are a bit better, things are getting a little restless around here.  But I will prevail!

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My most commented and liked piece of humor was…

motherhood mommy losing her shit kids

This statement sums up why I am a certified Domesticated Momster.  Hope all of you had a great week!


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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

5 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap ~ Jan 23, 2016”

    1. That was me a few nights ago. My daughter was messing with the girls’ hair brush and I told her to please go put it back in the bathroom. Well about 3 hours later after bath time and time to brush hair guess what was missing? To say I flipped out is an understatement. It was already the witching hour and then we went passed bedtime searching for the damn brush. I felt like paddling her arse with it when I ffinally found it but I refrained. But not without a good cross of my mouth. Love those little assholes but man sometimes they can really rattle my last half of a nerve I have left.

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