Mondays Music Mantra tunes videoes

Monday’s Music Mantra ~ Jan 25, 2016

Mondays Music Mantra tunes videoes


Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!  I for one had a bit of a rocky start to my morning but I am moving right along now and taking a little time to breathe and listen to some music.

First up is a band that has been around for awhile now.  This particular song dates back to 2009…a year that changed my life forever.

Dinosaur Jr. ~ Feel The Pain

Now I love R.E.M but I happened to catch the rendition of this song by this band on the radio the other day and loved it.  So decided to check out some more of their songs and I am hooked.

Lacuna Coil ~ Losing My Religion  It didn’t have the coding for the video available so just click the link and it will take you to the video.  I promise it won’t disappoint.

This next song came on during my workout this morning and put a little pep in my step.  Sometimes there’s just certain songs that get the endorphins rattled up.  This is one for me.  Plus I happen to love Lady Gaga’s oddness.  It’s put her on the map.  Have you seen her in the most recent season of American Horror Story?

Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce ~ Telephone

Last on my list today is a song that I do believe was the first song my hubby ever said reminded him of me when he would listen to it.  I heard it today and it brought back good memories and a smile.

3 Doors Down ~ I Need You

Have a music mind blowing Monday everyone!




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5 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Mantra ~ Jan 25, 2016”

  1. OMG! I loved the first video. When you said Lacuna Coil, who I listen to, did a remake of R.E.M’s Losing My Religion, I thought, nooooo…But then I heard the song and watched the video and I love it. I love that video. Most of the video games shown in it I have played but when they showed my two favorites, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, I went nuts. Those games excite me. I can’t help it. I’m such a gamer geek. LOL! I have heard Lady Gaga’s song on the radio. It is catchy. She’s a little over the top for my tastes but her music is good at least. I did watch the first episode of The American Horror Story: Hotel and I just couldn’t watch it after that. Kudos to them for being bold enough to be that freaky but it was a little much for me. Having Three Doors Down on your list is always a plus. Another great song!

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    1. I love when a band has a male and female singer and their harmony is booming! I too have been addicted to my fair share of games. I am pretty sure the Sims caused a lot of problems in my first marriage lol. I was like seriously OBSESSED. Now I spend any free time I have pretty much blogging. I can’t believe you only watched one episode of American Horror Story. It is a show that takes it to the limit but thats what I really like about it. There’s a lot of freaky shows I like. Guess I am just a little freaky lol. 💌Trista


      1. I found myself obsessed with the Sims also for awhile. Lol! It’s weird because some freaky shows I can watch while others I just don’t click with. All of the other seasons of American Horror Story I loved but this season I just wasn’t feeling it.

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      2. I haven’t finished the season. Mostly because I just don’t have time to watch tv and when I do find the time it’s usually so late at night that I am trying to tape my eyelids open. I have tried to finish watching the same movie now for a week. I watch about 10 minutes and then fall asleep and it seems really good. It’s called “Pay The Ghost” with Nicholas Cage. Maybe tonight. lol

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