~National Curmudgeons Day~

National Curmudgeon Day grumpy crabby

I had to actually look up what curmudgeon meant.

Noun: a bad-tempered or surly person.
synonyms: grumbler · complainer · moaner · curmudgeon · grump ·
sourpuss · whiner · sorehead · crab

And today is dedicated to all of us curmudgeons!

Now one of my goals this year is not to be so grumpy and let me tell you…it’s been a difficult task to keep to.  Let’s face it…motherhood, marriage, cutting out junk food, no wine, aches from working out, and the dead of winter can make anyone waspish cantankerous bearish crotchety snappy grumpy from time to time.

Crotchety…now there’s a word.  I think I will find out where that word originated from.  **looks up origin of crochety**

“Best Answer: The main word to consider here is crotchet. Dating to Middle English, crotchet was used in various related senses to refer to a hook or hook-like instrument. A main figurative sense, recorded since the late sixteenth century, was ‘an odd fancy or whimsical notion; a trivial idea contrary to common opinion’. Example: “The duke had crotchets in him. He would be drunk too; that let me inform you” (Shakespeare, Measure for Measure).

The adjective crotchety, then, means ‘characterized by crotchets; given to odd notions, whims, grouchiness, etc.’.

The thing that needs explaining here is the connection between ‘hook’ and ‘odd fancy; whim’, something that has never been satisfactorily explained. The most likely candidate is that crochet ‘hook’ is used in a sense like ‘twisted’, with the same connotations as that term now has. Another related term having the same semantic pattern is crank ‘an eccentric person; a peculiar whim’, from the main sense ‘bent part of a shaft’. The word bent itself is another, though later, example.”

The adjective crotchety is first found in the early nineteenth century.

How boring…moving on…

National Curmudgeon Day grumpy bad mood

Some say that the day is to be celebrated by never leaving the house.  Those people obviously don’t have kids and errands to run.  Of course there were days when my little monsters were babies that I wouldn’t leave the house shower for days.  Thank goodness those days are long gone.  I am sure my armpits are happy too.

Here’s a list of things that caused me to be a curmudgeon this week.

*The guy who insisted on taking up the treadmill right next to me when there were 8 others to choose from.

*My kids taking 20 minutes to wake up and get out of bed which then made me late getting ready and I left the house without brushing my hair or my teeth!

*My menstrual cycle which was two weeks late and the $10 I spent on a pregnancy test because my period is NEVER late.  My husband is snipped but I have heard stories of women still getting pregnant.

*Denver Broncos haters and all their shit talking.

*My kids writing what resembles hieroglyphics on the side of my dirty SUV…it’s like having an entire bumper sticker that screams “HEY LOOK AT MY MOMMOBILE!”.  I relate when I see other vehicles with the same types of scribbles.

*My husband griping about how many trips I make to the grocery store.  Look dude, we run out of things almost daily and I would just rather do several little trips than one big trip…I am tired of people staring at me with my overflowing cart at the grocery store like I am some kind of alien from the land of kidstune.  Not to mention I loathe loading onto the belt, loading into the cart, loading into the truck, unloading bags from truck to inside the house, and then putting all that shit away!  I’d seriously rather scrape my teeth on the pavement.

National Curmudgeon Day grumpy bad mood

*Our so called new and improved, supposed to be faster, internet that still buffers when I am trying to get my workout on via YouTube.  Nothing like getting all warmed up and sweating only to suddenly have to stop for 10 minutes while it buffers.  By the time it comes back on I have moved onto the couch onto other things.

*I cheated on my healthy track and felt it today at Zumba class.  Just goes to prove that what you put in your body totally effects how you feel.  I had to really push myself and I am feeling a bit curmudgeon.


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39 thoughts on “~National Curmudgeons Day~”

  1. Relax! all of us has grumpy moments like this once in a while if not everyday… I must admit, I’m more grumpy on weekdays when I’m working and I arrived home stressed. #FabFridayPost


  2. “I am tired of people staring at me with my overflowing cart at the grocery store… and then putting all that shit away! I’d seriously rather scrape my teeth on the pavement.”


    I have had people actually get “angry” with me for having a full cart. I’m like, do you have family. Because I have to shop for many things. I realized everyone must be going to the market daily. I kinda to that and kinda not. (tried) I detest the whole shopping thing. Every part of the activity.

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  3. As a Professional Curmudgeon (PC) I would like to register my displeasure with the Political Correctness (PC) people. And what better day to do it than on National Curmudgeon’s Day! I was a PC long before the politically correct crowd staked their claim to PC. But did they ask me if they could have those two letters? NO! Harrumph! (btw, nice post)

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  4. Oooohhh…I can so RELATE! There are days when I just want to hide away and just read a book. There’s nothing better than imagining you are a 16 year old fit and healthy, saving the world. I am now going to add that word in my vocabulary! if I can pronounce it right first.

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  5. Totally relating to the hubby complaining about the grocery store trips! Eating healthy involves fresh food that has a short expiration date. Better to go more often instead of throw money away when food rots. I find myself at the store at least three times a week. He just doesn’t understand! Lol! 😉

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  6. I can totally relate to this! What an awesome day to celebrate being grumpy! LOL! I take several small trips to the store too for the same reasons. And While I’m complaining…I HATE doing dishes! I HATE cleaning and I HATE putting the laundry away after I’ve spent the whole day washing and drying. Yeah, the machines do most of the work, but I have to lug that shit over to the laundry room and that ain’t fun! Great Post Trista:-) #effitfriday

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks doll! I’m kind of OCD about laundry…I have to wash dry and put away like immediately or I go insane. But the grocery shopping I will literally take top ramen, scrambled some eggs, and put whatever veggies whether frozen or fresh on the side just to avoid the grocery store lol.

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      1. Everyone in my house go through stages of one day they like something and the next time they don’t. So I make what I make and if they don’t eat it then they go to bed hungry and they don’t get a snack the next day. Mean mommy but oh well.

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  7. I am so thankful to you for Google searching “curmudgeons” because I was literally ready to open another tab to do just that, lol. I’m so very sad that I missed National curmedgeons day (which nation, btw?) and will be sure to type it into my calendar. Your reasons for curmudeoning (is that a word?) are very valid, indeed! Especially the pregnancy test thing. I had an IUD between my kids, and I probably spent $300 on pregnancy tests because I never had my period! Instead of enjoying the fact that- hello- I didn’t have a period – I fretting incessantly about the .01% chance that I could be pregnant. Now that’s curmudgeons right there! 😀 #effitfriday

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  8. I can totally relate, I have been particularly grumpy this month. I think back to back sickness bugs and flu has just been the final straw on a gloomy January.
    As for food shopping – pet hate! Xx #effitfriday

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  9. Oh, I never thought about looking on Youtube for exercise clips! Great idea, but I kind of wish I was still oblivious because now I feel a bit obliged to stop making excuses about having no time or money to go to the gym, haha! I like your line about moving onto the couch, I mean other things, when your internet is buffering mid-workout 🙂

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    1. I have spent a lot of time making excuses. Like today for instance I am tired, I celebrated Valentine’s with my hubby yesterday (my mother is coming and he has to work) so therefore I ate pasta, and bread, and drank wine so of course today I feel like a sloth. But tomorrow no excuses! Back to the grind. Back to cleansing and eating healthy…back to the gym, back on focus! If you really want to start working out start small …do 20 minutes. Just turn on the YouTube on Zumba and do 20 minutes…the next week 25…and so on …it will become an addiction after awhile, especially when you start feeling the results and then seeing them. I bought new workout clothes yesterday in a smaller size …I also bought a two size smaller pair of jeans but only one because I still have about 30 pounds to go! Good luck! Get motivated! Get moving!


  10. Great post. That guy on the treadmill when all the others are available would have driven me bonkers!

    I turn into a curmudgeon every day that I have to go to work and something about the place makes me grumpier as the day goes on. Lol.

    Thanks for linking up to the #FabFridayPost.

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    1. The other ones I hate are the women who cake on the perfume to come to the gym. And when they get on a treadmill next to me and I am breathing harder than usual and my nostril are burning from their scent I have to get off and move. Just can’t handle it. Thanks for hostessing lovely!

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  11. I’m glad you provided the definitions as I was ready to google search lol I love those two from the muppets. You have a good list of complaints there I think we can all relate to them. There is no way to win at grocery shopping. If I do a weekly shop the trolley is overfull & won’t all fit on the conveyor belt – it’s a nuisance. Little shops are good but I get fed up of going to the store. I hope online shopping comes to you soon – it’s the best! x

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  12. I do love your posts celebrating all these weird and wonderful days 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about shopping, I hate it with a passion!
    Thanks for linking up to #effitfriday

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  13. lol! You had me at the cat picture! I can not stop laughing! Yes, my kid take about 20 minutes to wake up and get out of bed the other day too! I was SO crossed with him! There was no more nice Mummy in the house! I feel your pain. lol! Thanks for linking up with us #FabFridayPost

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    1. It’s seems to be the regular routine these days for Mondays. It’s like a weekend hangover for the kids. I let them stay up as late as they want usually on Friday night but not too late on Saturday night so that by Sunday night we are ready for early bed time. Unless of course they are just all not getting along on Friday or Saturday night then I send them to bed when I am tired of listening to them fighting. Even if it’s still light outside lol. Kids….gotta love em! Thanks for hostessing.

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  14. Comudeon is a fabulous word. I would like to share my grumbles of the week with you in celebration of this day, but im currently doing @cuddlefairy’s no complaint day, so I will have to save them all for another day.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

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