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Dear Mr. Winter

I know that less than 6 months ago I was complaining that I was sick of sweating and ready for the cold weather to arrive.  I absolutely hate being hot.  One can always put more stuff on to get warm…running around naked still doesn’t cool one off…nor would I like to see some people naked.

naked people whoa funny humor
Enough said?
This is our second winter in the northern hemisphere.  We came from a place where the swimming pool was a daily activity for like 9 months of the year.

Last year it snowed but only stuck once and melted within a couple of days.  This year I don’t think there has been a day that I have looked outside and there hasn’t been some form of what resembles snow lurking around. snow neighborhood winter 2016 For the last week my yard has been a solid white blanket.  And yes I think it’s beautiful and I am not complaining about it because it would take years of this kind of weather to replace what the drought has taken away.

The photo to the left is a picture I took from my front yard yesterday.  I really need to take one when the road is also covered and not a single car without 4WD would dare to take on that hill.  You can’t tell by the picture but that hill is steep and brutal when freshly blanketed with snow or ice.

What I am complaining about is the toll it takes on my little monsters.  I want to take them out to go sledding but just when I think it’s the right time suddenly I start to hear the horrible deep coughs and the sneezes that that blow out boogers resembling something like this…

snot kids colds runny noses funny humor
“So Snot Funny”
I want to take them out and do a photo shoot but I just know that I will be editing out the snot and chapped red lips that resemble that of a clowns…no I am not joking.  And yes I buy them chapstick…it usually ends up in the wash, lost in the car, or used all in one day by my 3 year old.  I am quite certain she eats it.

Now I am sure it’s not just old man winter to blame for my kids constant battle of the common cold.  There are germs lurking everywhere.

Let’s take last night for instance, and the disgusting fool who was sitting near us in the bleachers at the wrestling tournament with his can of “chew spit”.  As we were leaving and I gathered up my kids’ stuff I noticed something wet on my daughters coat.  Yep, you guessed it…the guys can of “chew spit” had spilled ON MY DAUGHTER’S JACKET!  The thought of it is seriously making me gag.  And had he have still been around when I discovered it…the mommy psycho from hell would have come out in me.bad mommy parenting motherhood

But he was gone…leaving his trail of spilled “chew spit” in his revolting, repulsive, gross, ghastly path.

So what did this mother do?  Well she hunted his ass down, of course, and ran him over with her SUV placing his spit can beside him as a reminder to all “chew can spitters” TO THROW THEIR CONTAINERS AWAY!  **One can only dream**  Actually I came home and put the jacket in the washer on the hottest cleaning cycle…twice.

I am somewhat of a germaphobe so when I see my daughter licking the handrail at said high school gymnasium, that probably hasn’t been touched with any sort of disinfectant since being placed there, I slightly come unglued and wonder if she was switched at birth at the hospital.

The sun is shining today and it’s a perfect day to get some great snots shots of my kids in the snow…so for now I am going to stick with that plan because who knows when the next opportunity should arise to do so.  I mean what’s the worst that could happen…pneumonia?

Cheerios and Boogers,


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33 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Winter”

  1. Wow! That beach photo is disturbing. Upon seeing it, and then upon realizing it wasn’t the the main course at a luau, but rather a person sunbathing, my hand uncontrollably reached for a pencil to gouge out my eyes. Like Peter Sellers’ hand in Dr. Strangleove, always trying to strangle him. Too late! Forever etched in the retinas. I need the neuralizer from Men In Black to erase that one!

    And now, a message from the Glenda Goodwitch, silver lining camp. The vernal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is March 19 at 10:30 PM MST. Not that I’ll be awake to watch, but that’s when it happens. That’s just 43 days. Count ’em! And the rat bastards slipped an extra day in on us this year!

    Also, according to reports, none of the roughly 372 “groundhogs” saw their shadows this year. And no, I did not gouge all their eyes out to insure an early spring! However, I did wake up a few mornings with a pencil in my hand. Just sayin’. Could be a coincidence.

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    1. I really don’t mind the snow but yes I’m ready for sunshine, running through the sprinklers with my kids, watching our garden grow, camping, summer vacations, fishing, and flip flops. Plus I get to buy new summer clothes with my weight loss kick! 👍🏼 Much to look forward to.

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  2. I know “The grass is always greener etc” but I am so jealous of the view from your window. You can see snow capped mountains? From your actual house?? I’m in awe. I live in the UK and can mostly see rain and lots of other houses. But yes. Snot. Everywhere. Just permanently. And why do children lick stuff? *shudder*.

    Dawn x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t know and I know we did it when we were kids and survived but there’s worse germs now days!
      The view was the whole reason we picked this lot to put our house on…from the backyard we can sit around the fire pit and see the entire valley…I love it. On 4th of July we don’t miss a single firework. 🙂

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  3. Ahh see your winters are far different to ours here in North West England. We have mainly just had rain, rain and more rain! There was one day of snow but that was it! I’m ready for spring now, when we will have rain, rain and…..erm, more rain, but maybe it wont be quite as cold! Thanks for sharing! #effitfriday

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  4. That snow photo looks brilliant but I’m not sure I could cope with it like that – I do hate the snow! It sucks when your kids are ill too doesn’t it? I hope things get better for you soon. x

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  5. Oh my gosh– that guy is lucky he was long gone before you could get your hands on him. I literally gagged reading about the bleacher incident. So gross!! I don’t handle germs well, either. Double washing and sanitizing definitely a must!!!!!!! Your view is amazingly beautiful! Just love the mountains. Winter with kids is rough. I miss the days of walking out of the house with no jacket. Things are just much easier in general with the warm weather. xx

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    1. Yes I much prefer summer washing than winter. I was all their coats, mittens, and hats twice a week and with all the layers of clothing thru wear on a daily basis the laundry piles up and I hate having to locate socks and shoes! Flip flops are so much easier!


  6. Sorry to sound so erm British but what is a chew spit can? Tobacco chew saliva or sth? Anyway whatever it is I’m not surprised you flipped. Hope your interminable weather terminates! Showed my pics the snow pic. They’ve only ever seen the real thing once!

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    1. Yes it’s a container that people who who tobacco spit in…which is gross but fine as long as they PUT IT IN THE TRASH! I love the snow…kids have just had awful coughs and runny noses so we’ve had a bit of cabin fever. We are ready for spring and sunshine


  7. The picture of the snot sums it up perfectly. I feel the same, it is taking its toll on my kids too. Bring in the sunshine. I will pop back in a few months so I can complain about being too hot, as that is what I do every year – ha ha! X

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    1. Oh yeah I’ll be complaining of the heat come August. But for now yes I’m ready to see trees with leaves and start working on the garden not to mention kids who can go outside without me spending 20 minutes bundling them up and they’re only out there for 5 minutes.

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  8. That is horrible! spit can juice on the jacket!! By March I’ll hate the snow but now I’m still enjoying it. I have often wondered why don’t they make school delayed everyday? It makes life so much easier. Hope everyone feels better soon! Great post

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  9. Do I want to know what chew spit is?? I don’t think I do the mere thought of it is making me gag now. Seriously.

    You’re right – we live in the constant warmth of Dubai and my kids are always sick with colds. I think a lot is from air con or heating inside. And sick kids are the pits!

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    1. Yes it’s tobacco spit in a container! Nasty stuff! And yes the doctor told me to buy humidifiers for all my kids rooms …but of course my husband says it just makes their immune systems stronger to fight it ….ugh!


  10. Eeeewwww, that “chew spit” would be worst nightmare…no hang on, actually being sneezed on in a packed train by the person standing behind me, so close that I can smell her…now that really nearly tipped me over the edge! I much prefer autumn and spring — the best times I reckon…no hang on, isn’t spring hay fever time?? Ahhh…#ManicMonday

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  11. Okay, that beach photo was disturbing! Winter has finally hit Massachusetts and this coming week we are getting arctic weather, which I’m not happy about. I’d rather have the snow, lol! I’m not a Winter person. I hate having to wear three layers of clothes just to take my dog outside to do his business and after last Winter, I really don’t like it but I also love the scenery of Winter just after it snows. It’s really a beautiful sight! I hope you were able to get some great pictures of your kids, in spite of their colds…and ewww, to that guy with the chew spit. I’m not a germaphope but I grew up around people who chewed tobacco all the time and I always thought that was gross! Thanks so much for linking up with #manicmonday You rock!!

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