I will be taking a timeout this week.  Today I am recovering,or at least trying to, from the mass amount of celebrating before, during, and after the Super Bowl.  In case you didn’t hear my team won!  

But prior to that, this happened…

The guy who’s smiling (for now) in the picture is a friend of ours who thought it would be HILARIOUS to tape a Carolina Panthers flag to our garage in the middle of the night.  

Upon a phone call from my husband calling and waking me up to take it down ((now make a mental picture of me…in my hello kitty shorts pajamas, with Uggs, and in a temp of about 10*F at 7am removing this duct taped flag from the garage)).  There was a guy who happened to be jogging by at that very moment…I can only imagine what he was thinking.

But then instead of just taking it and putting it in the trash I decided to grab a can of gasoline and light it on fire! Yes at 7am still in my pajamas and Uggs.

If our neighbors didn’t think we were crazy before … I’m sure they do now.

My husband and I are currently plotting our revenge.

My mother is coming to pay a visit this week as well so of course I will be cleaning and disinfecting the house of all the germs that have been lurking.  And well I don’t want to be rude and be on the computer blogging while she is here.

Therefore I won’t be participating in any Linkys this week, I will be running #momsterslink but will most likely be behind from last weeks and this weeks but no worries cause I never leave a post unloved!

I will also be running the #activitytrackerchallenge this week just snap a pic of your daily progress and tweet me on Twitter @DomesticMomster.  It’s running Feb 8-14 and I will announce the winner in a blog post on my Wed the 17th “Workout Wednesday’s” post.  I will also be posting who is in the lead each day so you know how much you need to get your ass moving ;). 

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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

12 thoughts on “~Timeout~”

  1. Enjoy your visit! That flag incident was so funny although I know how mad you were. But in hindsight sounds like a laugh. And your team win so that’s the best revenge of all! 😊 I’ll be over for momsterlink. 😘x

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