Throwback Thursday ~ One Pissed Off Customer

I wrote this post and then plastered it everywhere I possibly could.  Enough to get me blocked from Whirlpool’s Twitter account.  

In the end they paid for my washer to be fixed and are well aware that I will never buy another Whirlpool product ever again.  

Not even if they invented a dryer that folds the clothes itself.
Dear Whirlpool,

On May 31, 2015 the Whirlpool Duet Steam washer that I paid close to $1500 for (with stand) a little over a year ago,  stopped working.  It had a load of towels in it that were soaked when I opened the door.  So I tried the drain and spin option on the washer and the door locked and then remained locked with a code flashing on the time display.

After my husband and I getting out the owners manual and googling whatever info we could it was late, we were tired, and the washer would have to be dealt with the following day.

On June 1, 2015 I put in a call to your service department.  It took me about 10 minutes going through all the prompts of press or say this for that and so on.  I am a mom with 4 kids.  It’s hard to spend 5 minutes on the phone with a family member let alone 10 minutes trying to get through your prompts and waiting for a person to get on the line.

After verifying all the information with the gentleman on the phone I then had to give the phone to my husband so that the man could then walk my husband through the steps to get the washing machine door unlocked so that we could get the serial and model numbers off the inside of the door.  This took about another 10 minutes.

Then the gentlemen put us on hold while he called the appliance place located here in our small little town to set up a service call.  Only he didn’t set anything up….instead he just told us that they would be calling us.  The rest of the day went by….no call.  The next morning…still no call.  So then my husband called them only to be informed that they couldn’t be here until June 17,2015 and here it was only June 2,2015.  So please explain to me how a family of 6 people are now supposed to go without a washing machine (which runs pretty much every day) for almost 3 weeks?!?!

I would also like for you to explain to me how a washer that is only 14 months old suddenly had a burnt up motor?  (Yes my husband figured that much of it out on his own)  All of my appliances in this house are Whirlpool and I have now had problems with the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the stove top, and the washing machine.  Luckily the problems with all the others fell under the one year, manufacture warranty.  But wow…for as much as I paid for all those appliances you would think that they would be a better product.   As each of these appliances goes out I will be replacing them with KENMORE.  A brand that I had in my previous house and not once in 8 years did I have a problem with their washing machine.  I had to leave it in the house because we had to move a long distance and some things had to be left behind. But guess what… it still works because if it didn’t I would have heard from the new owners about it as they have gotten ahold of me for other things.  I still have the Kenmore refridgerator that I bought 10 years ago.  It’s in the garage as a back up fridge and works like a champ!  And as I write this very blog my clothes are being washed in my new Kenmore Elite Washer that I drove 4 hours round trip to pick up and who assured me that they will send a repairman from Reno in a reasonably timely manner if I should ever need one.

Now I am sure you are probably wondering if I cared for the piece of crap Whirlpool washing machine properly and let me assure you that I babied that machine more then I have ever babied an appliance in my life!  I only used the (he) brand detergent in it and I used the cleaning tablets and cleaning cycle 2-3 times a month.  Only once did the machine have to tell me it was time to use the cleaning tablets.

I don’t understand why a company as big and popular as yourself doesn’t have more ways of getting repairmen to us little people in this little town much faster then almost 3 weeks.  Reno is two hours away….why not send someone from there?  And not on my dime either.  You want to sell your products in Winnemucca, NV then make sure you can back them up!  I never had a return call to verify if we had been taken care of and only after tweeting on twitter did I get a response from you wanting my information that I had already given to you in the 20 minute phone conversation on JUNE 1, 2015!  Are you trying to tell me that it’s that hard for your corporation to find my information?  I also messaged you with my email and phone number but of course no reply.  Therefore I am writing this letter in blog form and will be plugging my story into any public social media outlet I possibly can so that other people will be informed on what brand NOT TO BUY when they are in need of new appliances.

I have decided to include these pictures of my stove that can’t be wiped with anything other then a damp soft rag because anything else scratches it.  These scratches have been there since about a month after we got it because my teenage son, who was trying to clean something off it, used a kitchen sponge.  Do you not realize that we are real people using your appliances?  They should be able to withhold some wear and tear.

PLEASE NOTE TO THOSE IN WINNEMUCCA:  I want to stress that in no way do I hold Philips Home Furnishings in anyway responsible for what is going on between me and Whirlpool.  Philips has always been very good to us and has great customer service.  They have fixed stuff before and even followed up to see how it was doing.  No complaints about them what so ever.  My problem is with Whirlpool Corporation.


One pissed off customer,


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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

36 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~ One Pissed Off Customer”

  1. It’s terrible the crap they sell. The Frigidaire washer we have rusted out after five years. The door always left open to prevent mildew. But again the companies could care less. Everyone sells garage. When the thing dies, the cheapest thing will replace it. Maybe burning it online woukd help send a clear message!

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  2. They blocked you on Twitter? WTF? That’s insane. It’s bad enough that companies can’t be accountable for their products and even give decent customer service then they go and block people who complain, that’s low. I will definitely not be buying anything from them. Thanks for hosting! #momsterslink

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  3. I’ve never owned a whirlpool appliance but now that I read you post about them, I won’t buy from them. I appreciate this because it helps those looking for appliances week out any bad appliances that might give them a problem. I can’t believe they blocked you though? These big corporations really need to be knocked back down to Earth where us real people live. #momsterlink

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    1. That’s how I felt. Like I didn’t matter but I sure was going to make myself matter. I actually feel pretty proud about the fact I got blocked from their Twitter. Just before they blocked me they had added me. In the end I feel I won and now have a back up washer sitting in my garage as I went and bought a Kenmore :))

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  4. Oh I remember this when it was happening! I can’t believe they blocked you. If they had offered decent service then it wouldn’t have come to that! Glad you finally got your money back. Thanks for hosting #momsterslink

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    1. It was a real pain but I wanted them to know I wasn’t going to just sit back and not say a word. There was no reason that $1500 washer should have quit working after 14 months. And consumers shouldn’t have to purchase warranties! Companies should stand behind their product for at least 5 years at that price


  5. I am not sure when you wrote the original post, but what a bummer! I have not owned a Whirlpool appliance in years. I love Kenmore and Maytag but I know many who hate Maytag. I have had the same washer and dryer for 12 years now. Thanks for the info and glad you got some closure on this.

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    1. I went on their Twitter feed and found every person with a complaint and would tweet that person with my post and tag whirlpool in the tweet :)) they sent me a tweet saying they couldn’t help me without my information which I replied they already had and gave them my name. Funny thing is they never called me…the company here that sold me the whirlpool appliance called me and said whirlpool had contacted them and told them to fix the washer and send them the bill.


  6. BOOM! I read this when I was searching for a new washer as few months back, and couldn’t help but laugh because Whirlpool got what they deserved. If they’re not going to give you quality customer service, then people deserve to know it could happen to them, too! 15 days to wait for a repairman?! They have the option of partnering with a local appliance repair service to your area. That may solve some issues!

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    1. I went and bought a Kenmore and afterwards the repair shop here contacted me to let me know they could lend me a washer. This was after I plastered my post over every local Facebook page their was. It’s ok, in the end I feel I won and now I have a back up washer.


  7. Amen! You know I support you in this post 100%. Whirlpool is such a difficult company to deal with. I had trouble with my dishwasher & it was the most frustrating customer service experience. Then the new one died after a year anyway. I still remember you getting blocked from their twitter – lol #momsterlink x

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    That’s terrible.

    We have an old Kenmore washer/dryer – basic line- plain no frills- purchased at Best Buy years ago (like 14 years) and those things are still going… and are constantly running.

    We purchased a GE oven, and that seems to be fine. However, I find the “stainless steel” on any item, is a PAIN to clean, and will scratch easily. In fact, I found this faux stainless steel “wall paper” like product that we placed on the cover of our dishwasher that wipes down /cleans more EASILY. I just can’t believe it! 🙂

    Good luck with everything and hope it’s resolved very soon!

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    1. This happened almost a year ago. I was doing a throwback Thursday. They did end up paying for it but I had already went out and bought a Kenmore which is what I wanted in the first place but my husband didn’t listen. The fixed washer now sits in the garage as a back up.

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  9. I would have been angry too! Poor customer service + paying a whole lot of $$ for essential appliances…grrrrr…..But good on you for being persistent! Never incur the wrath of a mother who needs those appliances NOW for her family!!!!

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  10. Oh wow I would have been so angry too! I love a good complaint letter, and why not? When you pay good money for something you expect it to work!!! Especially the dryer, come on….that’s our lifeline!! Thanks for hosting! #momsterslink

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      1. Haha I meant to say washer, it’s us who is dealing with a lack of dryer after they’ve recalled them due to an electrical fault! We’ve got to wait 8 weeks before an engineer will come out to fix it. Me and several hundred thousand in the UK apparantly. 😬xx

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  11. They cram more and more electronics and cheap parts into these appliances and prices keep rising. If the manufacturers are that confident about their products something like the washer should be at least 5 year warranty. Come one, you spend that kind of money and they can’t guarantee it past a year. That’s the manufacturers laughing at us knowing probably 1-2 years money will flow in for repairs till you give up and then spend more money buying new one.

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    1. It’s seriously a headache. Things that are made today are made like crap. My first home I purchased in 1996 still had the stove in it from when it was built it 1965. AND IT STILL WORKED! The whirlpool stove I bought 2 years ago is already showing signs of not working right so is the dishwasher and the microwave. Nothing is made to last…these corporations do everything to put more money in their pockets and leave the consumers pissed off. It’s a disgrace. I made such a stink that they did end up paying the $350 to fix it but I’ll never buy another whirlpool product for as long as I live.


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