Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 21, 2016

 Betty White quotes Domesticated Momster

I love this lady’s witty humor.  In many ways she reminds me of my late grandmother who always had a sure fire way of making you laugh.  And I don’t think anything ever embarrassed her.

As for this quote it’s true on so many levels.  People are so busy worrying about what everyone else is doing that they lose track of their own crap.  

Sometimes I think it’s easier for people to focus on others to avoid having to deal with themselves.

If your beliefs are different from the person sitting next to you, who cares?  As long as no one is physically hurting anyone else then just go about with your nose in your own business.  

Put yourself a tutu on and twirl your way out” 
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I am a mother of 5, a wife to 1, and a fully certified domesticated momster who likes to blog about motherhood, marriage, and anything else that pops into my crazy head all with a side of sarcasm and a glass of wine.

26 thoughts on “Quote Of The Week ~ Feb 21, 2016”

  1. Truth times 10! It’s not worth your own sanity! If I find myself in the presence of something or someone I don’t like, then it’s time to head on out or distract myself until the coast is clear. (Unless of course the situation requires standing up for myself!) It’s safe to say that there are different things we all don’t like about the world and can’t change, but there’s a line to draw on how much time we should spend letting those things distract us. Your grandmother sounds like she was an awesome lady!!! As for Betty White– love her!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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    1. Yes I too have decided that I don’t have time for negative people in my life. Sure it’s ok to have a bad day…it’s ok to complain about life sometimes, but for the most part if you stop and look at people who really have it bad it puts your problems in a different perspective. My husband always says things work out the way they work out. No point in dwelling on them or losing sleep. So for me this goes for not wasting my time on people who are nothing but misery looking for company. Thanks for popping over lady! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


    1. I’m always weary of people who make themselves out to be perfect. Cause inevitably they are usually the ones with a closet full of skeletons. And are usually the first to point out the faults of others. I realize we are all human and judge people from time to time but some make it almost like an addiction. An addiction to drama. Thanks for popping over and saying hello. I hope to be back on the circuit this week so please do send me an invite to your linky please ๐Ÿ˜˜


  2. What a lovely quote! It’s so true, makes you wonder why some people are so self-righteous and judgemental of others and can’t even mind their own first. I think it comes down to jealousy and having crab mentality as well. By the way, Thanks for linking up with #candidcuddles


    1. I live in a small town and as much as I have become an introvert I still have people who want to be in my business. Like they have to have answers to the unknown. And oh the ones who love to gossip. I watch what I say around those ones. Thanks for co-hostessing lady!


  3. Oh I love Betty White! She’s awesome! She has another quote that I believe she is the one who said it, about vagina’s and balls, lol! I have to go find that one now. I see it the same way you do, unless someone is getting hurt, people need to mind their own business and respect other people’s beliefs. One of the best things about this world is that it is full of people with varying beliefs. Instead of turning that into one of the worst things in this world, people need to either be more open minded about it and try to learn from others or just mind their own business. Great quote Trista! #candidcuddles

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    1. Lol yes her quote you are thinking of I used in my post titled “survival tools for my daughters” it’s says “I don’t know why people say grow some balls, balls are fragile…what they need to say is grow a vagina…those things take a pounding” I was actually going to use it but I try to keep my quotes a little on the DL for respect for Becky. Betty White is hilarious and has quite a few great one liners.

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  4. A classic way for insecure people to feel important: take somebody else down so you feel built up. I’ve also noticed that it tends to be the bandwagon people. They hop on someone’s bandwagon because it’s so much easier than reasoning it out on their own. “Homosexuality is bad because my preacher said so,” and because they want to feel superior. Goodness forbid that they actually read their bible, they might find out that they are supposed to love their neighbors and not judge. Very ugly behavior, and I am ranting…


  5. Ha! This is a great quote, it reminds me of a group of mums at the school gate in my daughter’s primary school, all bored, gossiping about everyone and ironically, each other. I used to avoid them like the plague and was very intimidated. Now, years later I feel sorry for them. I know that one in particular, now has a very fractured relationship with her daughter, so sad. When people want to gossip to me, I tell them how I am struggling to keep up with my own life, that usually stops them ha! X

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  6. Love the quote and Betty White especially in the Proposal! So true though, why do people have to be so judgmental and up in your business we are all allowed to have different opinions that’s why America was started so we could all make our own opinions and have freedoms not beat people down about them. Thanks for sharing #candidcuddles

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  7. couldn’t agree more with this! I love Betty White. She’s so full of wisdom and humor ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I get so annoyed with people who want to control what other people do. Like you said, as long as nobody is getting hurt, what does it matter to you how they live their life?

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    1. I will truly never understand some of the personality traits of the human race. I know we are naturally curious creatures which is fine but if it’s not something you agree with or don’t like then just turn and walk away. Stop reading, stop watching. Judge in private.


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