DC SuperHero Girls DCKids YouTube Channel

DC Super Hero Girls USA Giveaway

DC SuperHero Girls DCKids YouTube Channel

Do you have a girl that loves superheroes???  Well if she is anything like my 4 year old, who refuses to wear anything girlie, unless it’s of the superhero nature, then you will want to take a look at this.

DC Super Hero Girls is nothing short of action-packed girl power and their latest animated series presents a group of dynamic Super Hero friends discovering their unique powers and abilities while creating friendships.  Whether your kids are looking for edgy and fun or strong and fearless, there is a character make-up for everyone.

And to add to the fun DC Super Hero Girls USA is also giving away a $100 Visa Gift Card!!! Just click the link at the bottom to enter!

The DC Super Hero Girls YouTube channel makes it easy for your kids to watch their favorite characters, on-demand, from any device.  Just click the link and don’t forget to subscribe to get all the latest videos!!!

If you are looking for an extended online experience there is also a DC Super Hero Girls Website.  Just click the link to check it out!!!  Here you can meet the characters, view products, watch videos, play games, and create wish lists.

a Rafflecopter giveaway <—-ENTER TO WIN THE $100 VISA GIFT CARD HERE!!!

Good luck to all my readers!!!

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56 thoughts on “DC Super Hero Girls USA Giveaway”

  1. Ohh, wow!! I’m going to have to check these out with my soon to be 4-year-old! We haven’t entered the superhero realm of entertainment yet, and this seems like the perfect time to do so! I love that the animations are a simple YouTube click away. We can watch them anytime, anywhere! Thanks for the opportunity to win a fab prize, Trista! πŸ™‚

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    1. The rafflecopter is all set up through them. I will have to email the girl and see if possibly she could extend it since I do have quite a few UK readers. The cartons and website are a lot of fun for the kiddos though.


  2. Aaah, great competition!! I only have boys though, and we are in the UK…! My boys are entering a huge superhero loving phase (my husband is over the moon about this!!) If you run a similar competition, for boys, open to uk readers, we are in!!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink readers!

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    1. Don’t we all wish there was more cartoons when we were younger??? Saturday mornings just weren’t enough! Thanks for linking up and check out my post today for its a Visa card giveaway for my UK readers πŸ˜‰


  3. Ooh, I much prefer the idea of these characters than princesses. Strong women role models who aren’t just interested in pretty dresses and doing their hair (well, not all the time anyway) are such a refreshing alternative to some of the kids cartoons that are around. Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS and I hope you can pop by again next week x

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  4. Thanks again for the linkup! Nice to have a few superhero girls these days (why are they ALL girls, and not women?)
    About the helmet… My best trick was simple–I used to lock the board or bike up if I caught them on it without a helmet. No argument, just can’t use it for a week. So sad. Walk.
    Have a beautiful week.

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    1. Yes he has been warned πŸ˜‰ I will sale the dang thing if he pulls a stunt like that again. As for superheroes I grew up watching wonder woman and they have a slot at one of the casinos that is wonder woman that I enjoy playing as well. Thanks for linking!


  5. This is so awesome! To really go out and make a show like this specifically geared to girls is amazing! Growing up I love Wonder Woman but she wasn’t a cartoon. As cartoons go, the only real females I looked up to were She-Ra and Cheetara from the Thundercats but they were still kind of kept on the sidelines compared to their male counterparts. I’m really glad they are finally doing something like this for all the strong and fearless girls out there! Coming at you from #momsterlink

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    1. Yes my 4 year old loves superheroes anything. Her entire room is decorated with the comic book canvases and her sheets are super heroes. She wears a Spider-Man jacket to the point I have to wash it after she goes to bed cause that’s the only time it’s off. Thanks for linking up!

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    1. Yes I’ve been posting for them for awhile now. They have cartoons for boys and gird on their YouTube channel. My kids love watching them on their tablets. I was so happy when they let me do a UK giveaway as well since I have so many UK readers. Thanks for linking lovely!

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  6. I haven’t watched this before but I think this could be a great fun for my daughter. She will be soon 6 years old so she will definitely enjoy it! Great giveaway! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. It was nice seeing you back for this week. I would love to see you again on Sunday! πŸ™‚ x

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    1. I always link when I can. My life has gotten a little busy getting my photography and graphic design business going and just normal everyday life. I hadn’t written anything in awhile. I think the one I linked was the USA giveaway but the company allowed me to do a UK giveaway as well so check my site and make sure to enter! Thanks for hostessing lovely!

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  7. My two are into Batman and Superman in a big way!!! I didn’t know there was a superhero girls you tube channel, I will have to check it out. I bet my two would watch it, and if not then I reckon I would love it, still a big kid at heart πŸ™‚ #momsterslink x

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  8. Our daughter loves super heroes. She dresses up as spiderman – and has been refusing to wear any princess dress up dresses. This would be right up her ally! Great giveaway too – I’ll enter it now! Thanks so much for hosting #momsterlink x

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