Cool? Not Cool

Recently my 15 year old monster M came to his father and I suggesting that he wanted a long board.  It’s like a skate board but with a longer board and usually pointed at one or both ends.

long board teenagers parenting accident

Now let’s just say that my 15 year old, like most typical teenage boys his age, often don’t think before attempting to do something they think is “cool”.

Well last weekend he decided to try a leap of faith right down one of the steep hills in which our neighborhood resides.  And when I say steep I mean like somewhere between 90* angle and vertical.   This resulted in a crash landing and let’s just say the pavement won.

When we bought the long board we also bought him a helmet.  But do you think he was wearing it?  NO!  Of course not, cause that would be “uncool”.  Luckily he didn’t hit his head but scraped his body up pretty badly, particularly the palm of his hand which I am quite certain upon observation was missing about 1/8 inch layer of skin.  This would be the same hand that last year he scraped riding a skate board down the same hill.  You think he would have learned his lesson.  Nope, not our boy.

long boarding equipment safety
See this guy?  He appears to be super cool and guess what?  Is also wearing all the right safety gear!

For the past several days he has been applying antibiotic ointment (I must have 10 tubes of that stuff in this house) and wrapping it and keeping it clean.  He has also been seeing the school nurse throughout the day to get it cleaned and wrapped as well.

So today, much to my surprise, I get a phone call from the school nurse.  I was in Zumba class so I didn’t hear it but I do check my phone in between songs just in case there is an emergency.  The number was a school number so I stepped outside to listen to the message.  As I am listening to it my phone starts ringing again and it’s my son’s phone number.

I answer.

It’s the school nurse calling me from my son’s number.  Before I can even get the words out that I had just got done listening to her message, she starts going on the entire spiel again.  For like 5 minutes she is telling me about my son’s hand and that she feels it needs to be checked by a doctor…which she also had put in the message.  So I tell her that I will make an appointment, thanks for calling me, and we hang up.

And I am irritated.

For one, unless his arm has fallen off, or there’s a bone broken, or an actual emergency…there is no reason to call my phone twice.  Yes I realize that it was just a Zumba class but I would have gotten the message when I was done and called the doctor’s office and made an appt.  Which is exactly what I did…when I was done.  He has an appointment today.

What baffles me more is that I am constantly reading on my small towns Facebook pages about the fact that there are kids being bullied and stuff happening at school that no one of authority seems to want to get involved in.  Yet here is my son, with his scraped hand, and suddenly I am called twice.

So now I sit here, wondering if the school nurse thinks we are awful parents because we didn’t take him to the doctor when it first happened.  Or that we haven’t been checking it every night to see how it is doing.  Personally I can’t stand to look at things like that, if I could then I would have been a nurse.  I can handle just about every other bodily fluid but blood….nope.  But he’s also a 15 year old boy who should know if it’s getting better or worse.

 quotes teenagers be yourself cool 
I am also just plain irritated because he really needs to learn to stop and think before he does something he finds to be “cool”.  Even the friend that he was with, who has ridden a long board for quite some time, said he wouldn’t have tried something so stupid.

So could someone please tell me why my son thought it would be such a fab idea?


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32 thoughts on “Cool? Not Cool”

  1. Cause he’s a kid. Remember when you’re young you think you’re invincible until something happens that shows you that you’re not. I’m with you on the nurse thing. Don’t call me twice. I know when to take my child to the doctor or not. Dang!

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  2. Because teenagers are weird like that, LOL! I would have been irritated with the nurse too because calling me twice before I had the chance to call back really annoys me. Give me a chance to get the message then call back.

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  3. Aw bless him (I know you probably didn’t think that) I took an intake of breath when you said about his hand. How horrible! Don’t think too much about the nurse ringing you. I tend to concentrate on medical staff/carers at pre-school too and wonder whether I look bad in their eyes, but I’m sure she didn’t. Perhaps she had to ring you just to make sure that she’d covered her own tracks, incase the situation got worse (such as an infection) and it came back on her and her care was in question. I work in a school and we had a medical incident this week that wasn’t followed up properly and it could have easily come back on the staff of the school if the child’s condition had got any worse. I agree that a message would have done, but she might just have been the type of person that needed to speak to you in person for her own peace of mind. Not taking her side and I completely understand why you were p’d off about it. I hope your sons hand gets better really soon. Thank goodness his injuries weren’t any worse. Good luck xxxx

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    1. Thank you. I appreciate her concern for my son as it could be the opposite and then I would be complaining she shouldn’t have a job. Just rubbed me wrong in that particular moment. He saw the doc yesterday and was prescribed a more intense cream and I bought him new bandages to keep in covered while at school and I’ll be keeping an eye on it. Kids are great at stressing us out!

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  4. Ah, I remember riding a skateboard around with no helmet or shin pads so I completely understand his thought process on that.. Also just got a concussion this winter while snowboarding because I wasn’t wearing a helmet so I really can’t judge him. But I can say that I bought one right after and will always wear one now! I’m sure your son learned his lesson, and is thankful that it was just a scrape. As for the nurse, well, she works in a school and is probably bored… You were probably her excitement for the day 😉
    Hope his hand is healing OK!

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    1. I’m not as concerned with the elbow and knee pads but the helmet YES! Especially because he’s a beginner. Head injuries can end life as you know it. But yes as teenagers they think they are invincible…I was once there too and didn’t ski with a helmet on. Thanks for popping over!

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  5. Honestly I would of been annoyed about the two calls too, one is suffice. Kids will never learn though will they sounds like my daughter too even though she is a bit younger. I hope his hand heel fast and fingers crossed for safer landings in the future x #KCACOLS

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    1. He didn’t even need to go to the nurses office about it. I think he just did it as an excuse to get out of class. I took him to the doctor and she said to just keep doing the same thing…apply ointment and cover during the day and let it breath at night.


  6. I wouldn’t have taken my daughter to the doctor straight away as like you said it didn’t seem like an emergency. Did the doctor even give you anything for it other or did he just advise you/your son to keep doing what you’re doing? If that had happened I would have just felt like I’d wasted valuable GP time and my appointment could have gone to someone in need…I am very against going to the doctor unless absolutely necessary anyway! I would appreciate the concern but it seems a bit over the top especially when it seems there are stronger matters that need to be dealt with. At the end of the day kids will be kids, they will do stupid things and need to think before they act! We’ve all been there, it’s just a part of growing up 🙂 Happy Sunday! #kcacols

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    1. She prescribed the same ointment that I already have 5 tubes of. I’m sure our insurance company just loves paying for it. One time I went to get it and for some reason the insurance wasn’t on there and it was almost $400 for a little tube! I pay $5 copay…thank goodness. But today I asked him if he’s been putting it in there like she said and doing the bandages like she said and you know what he said, “I keep forgetting”. The boy is almost 16 and about to get a drivers license but can’t remember to take care of a boo boo. And I have 3 more to go through all of this with. **places hand on forehead**

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      1. Oh my gosh that’s so expensive! We have a standard thing here were anything prescribed by a doctor is £8/9 I think – shows how often i go. How can you keep forgetting its on the hand?! Oh dear that’s a real face palm moment. I hope it does heal up soon though! Hopefully the other kids will pick up on the lesson

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  7. I was about to say “well, he won’t do that again!” but clearly that is not the case, as he already has. :/ With the doctor you just can’t win – when you take them you are sometimes left feeling that you were being overcautious, and when you leave it a while before taking them you often get chastised for not taking them in before! I hope his manky hand is one the mend now and that he will put on his ‘cool’ helmet next time!
    x Alice

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  8. Oh no. I’m scared for those teenagers years to come. My eldest daughter is a little bit like that so I’m just worry how will she be at 15!! It is so hard being a parent right? You must have your heart in your mouth all the time worrying if he is ok. I remember when I was a teenager I was in general a good girl but there were some times that I did stupid things too. I’m also the same with the blood. I can’t stand it. I really get nervous. I can handle other illness or falls but blood is just to scary for me too. Let’s hope that now he learned his lesson and that he won’t use the skateboard without his helmet or even better without the whole safety gear. I love that quote. Sometimes we think cool is just trying to show others that we are. The real meaning of being cool is just being yourself. Brilliant!! Hope everything is ok with the Doctor app. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to have you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

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    1. Yes I try to remember I was a teenager once too and no wonder my mother was always worrying. You never truly understand until you have kids of your own why your parent’s were so annoying back in the day. Thanks for hostessing! I have a lot of stuff on my plate this week with my photography and catching up on a lot of blogging but if I get everything caught up I will of course be there!

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  9. I think I’d be most annoyed with her not letting me say thanks I heard your message rather than hear the same thing TWICE. My hand is WINCING in sympathy now, it must have been pretty bad to having be redressed by the nurse. I am with you on the helmet, though I hated it when I was younger and used to take it off! Now I realise what an idiot I was x

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    1. I appreciate her concern. At the time I had written he post I was just fuming and needed an outlet. Once with a message was fine. His father and I had a long talk with him about the fact that he didn’t need to be going to the school nurse unless it was an emergency. I personally think he went to see her to get out of class although I will never get an admission out of that. Thanks for popping over.


  10. Hope he’s on the mend now! I was never a risk taker kid, so I really can’t explain why some do these things over & over! Yes, I would think it is a little odd to call twice in a short space of time unless it’s an emergency. I mean I get that there is a small risk of sepsis from something like that, which can become an extreme emergency very fast. But clearly you were being careful to avoid infection, and she obviously didn’t think it was something like that, otherwise, yes, the correct course of action WOULD be to call the hell out of the parents…after you got the kid into an ambulance! If it’s non urgent enough that a doctor’s appointment can be made, one call and then an appropriate amount of time for the message to be heard & returned would suffice, I’m sure! #KCACOLS

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    1. Yes I have numerous tubes of prescription antibiotic cream in this house because every time one of my kids has something that doesn’t go away within a few days or looks worse I take them to the doctor. And every time I tell the doctor that I already have that cream (it’s about $400 a tube without insurance) which luckily we only pay $5 with insurance. But still every time they prescribe it and tell me it’s something different.


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