Steak And BJ Day March 14 humor

Steak And BJ Day 2016


Steak And BJ Day March 14 humor

It’s that time of year again so I thought I would share an oldie with a few little updates.

What is this you speak of?  You mean that time of year has come again already?  Seems like just yesterday you…my dear husband…were muttering those same words to me.

steak and BJ day March 14 humor

Seriously who thought of this idea?  Obviously someone with a penis and a lack of iron.


I guess next year I will have to try to remember to put it on my calendar…”hey siri…please remind me that March 14, 2017 is steak and BJ day and that I need to plan a-head….literally”.  Buy wait…I don’t need reminding for I have you my dear husband who starts talking about it months before.


This post has been getting a serious amount of hits the last week but pretty much daily it gets looked at.  Below is just today’s stats and it’s only 8:44am in the US right now

Steak And BJ Day March 14 humor stats domesticated momster

Oh…by the way…March 15th is chocolate cake and massage day for women!  So make sure you put that one on your calendars guys!!!  And don’t mutter the phrase “That’s Valentine’s Day”.  I for one don’t care about Valentine’s Day dear husband.

They even have their very own Facebook Page.

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41 thoughts on “Steak And BJ Day 2016”

  1. Ha ha. I love how this is slowly becoming a proper ‘day’. Can we buy cards yet? Are Hallmark in on it yet?! My husband mentioned it last night and I just laughed and went to sleep 🙂 He’s had spaghetti Bolognese for dinner but if he’s very lucky, maybe he can get half the day fulfilled 😉 He’ll have to put the bins out first though #bigpinklink

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      1. Haha bless him!! I love how men get more excited about this day than any other! My husband doesn’t actually know that it’s today, I think I’ll tell him tomorrow and watch his face drop! 😂😂😂

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  2. Well, my husband is clearly under the same rock as me, and can’t have heard of this either, as I’m sure I’d have had daily reminders!!!!! Although sexist and ridiculous, I do like to have a chuckle at these things!! And those ecards made me laugh out loud!! Clearly a very popular topic judging from your stats!!!!
    Thanks for sharing at #bigpinklink!

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  3. We ate the steak Sunday night and I was recovering from a hen weekend, so hubby missed out this year (and laat year…and the year before I think!) He ‘reminded’ me about it so I ‘reminded’ him that if he doesnt “do” Valentines, I don’t do steak & bj! Maybe next year he’ll remember Valentines and then we’ll see how I feel….#fartglitter

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  4. Hahaha I’m sure this was another one made up by Hallmark or a very good piece of science fiction fantasy. Now where’s my red cape and pneumatic high heel shoes?

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